Birthday girl OOTD || What is happening to our teenagers?


Hey sunshines! 🙂
Today is my birthday. I’m officially 16 years old. If I were in America I would have drove a car. But in two years it will happen for me too.

So … today I would like to share some of my thoughts about teenagers nowadays.

First, today’s generation has changed a lot. Teenagers only think about fun, money and coupons. Education is forgotten. Nobody thinks about the future. They only think about the present. It’s really nice to experience teenage moments, but this is too much.

If you ask any teenager what plans he/she has for the future, 8 out of 10 would answer: “Nothing”. Therefore many of them already began to fail. Everybody makes mistakes and for that they will just say sorry. Still some of their actions are unforgivable. Sex, drugs, theft and murder are very common mistakes in the lives of young people nowadays.


Open books, not legs!
Blow minds, not guys!

How correct thinking, but nobody insight into words.


When we’ll start thinking about the important things in life?
Now Mom and Dad take care of us, but next year will we still have them by our side? Then what should we do?


Think first so you won’t be sorry!

I hope you enjoyed this post lovelies! I hope you agree with my thoughts about teenagers nowadays. Have an amazing day!

What you say about my pictures?:)

20 thoughts on “Birthday girl OOTD || What is happening to our teenagers?

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I tried to remind myself but my mind has been flooded with so many other stuff lately, I’m so sorry! I do have to agree with this post. Teenagers don’t know what to do next 10 years, and sadly neither do the ones who have graduated from high school. I’m still in a crossroads. I know that college isn’t something I’m looking to right now, but I literally have nothing else going on either. It’s very complicated.

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  2. So sorry to have missed your birthday. I love this post. A very intelligent and mature offering from a beautiful young lady. You have a wonderful future (and present) in store for you.
    Much Respect

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