‘Beauty Is My Everything’ || Tips and Tricks for Those Who Want To Become Vloggers/YouTubers

Hey sunshine!
I’m still a new blogger. I have a lot to learn about blogging, but for nearly three months blogging I realized that people who write about beauty and fashion are more ‘popular’. The readers like them and their blogs. Will have to be a long time until I write a ‘similar’ post. (I really want to post similar post but I think it’s not yet come the time for this act. I’m not confident.)
So, beauty – majority of bloggers prefer to write about that. I can’t and for this reason I will introduce you to this amazing Beauty YouTuber. Enjoy reading 🙂

My real name is Damaris Santiago. I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY.  I really love eating pizza and I can eat a lot of pizza especially if they are made in NY. There is no other place that makes better pizza in my opinion.
I also loved pandas since I was young, and I kind of have an obsession with them. I just love the cute round eyes. Something intrigues me about them. I just feel like it brings luck into your life. Call me superstitious. I’m also a Daydreamer, I tend to be in my head a lot, always thinking of things and just kind of off in my own world, at times. One of my biggest aspirations in life is to travel around the world. I want to be able to explore Paris, Europe, China etc. Another one of my dreams is to one day have my own Makeup Line. Design my own brushes,  Eyeshadow Palettes , Eyelashes etc. I am currently working towards that dream to one day achieve it. I consider myself a leader a go-getter.

How you started your YouTube Channel?
I started when I moved from NY to Florida, as an outlet to inspire and show others how to apply makeup. It started as a hobby and wanting to do something I love. I saw girls doing the exact same thing online and I was like, “I can do this, too.” I thought it would be a great creative outlet for me. And one day, I turned on the camera and was like, ‘Let’s try it out and I did.” I think I did pretty good for my first video, I swear it felt like I was a natural in front of a camera.


What advise you give people who want to start a YouTube Channel?
My advice is to be yourself and to do it because you love it. When you love it, it’ll take off. Add your own personal story, your own personal touches, and try not to incorporate a lot of what other You-Tubers do. Be unique, and Be Different. Stand out above the crowd.

What is a good makeup trick? 
For dark circles if you want a trick that can make your eyes look wide-awake. “Prepare the under eye area with a hydrating, moisturizing eye cream. This will allow products to go on smoothly. Then after apply a corrector color (preferably salmon) to cover the purple or green tones in the skin, then follow with a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation. Finally, set the under eye area with a pale yellow powder to help it last longer and prevent it from creasing.”

Where are your favorite places to shop?
I love shopping at MAC , Sephora, Ulta, H&M, Aldo, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Bebe if I want a more sophisticated classy look. I cant forget shopping online which is my favorite thing of all! My favorite online site to shop at is HauteLook

What’s your favorite drug store product?
I will say the Revlon Colorstay 24 Hour Foundation from the drug store. That’s my favorite foundation for life! I wear it all the time. To me it’s just as good as high-end foundation. It complements my skin tone so well. You can do one thin layer and it lasts for a long time. Also, the NYC Liquid Eyeliner, it is so inexpensive and is perfect to create a wing.

What is your biggest beauty secret?
My biggest beauty secret, let me see. A good moisturizer — that helps protect your skin and it can help improve your skin. I’m a big skin junkie and I believe that is why I have great skin. Use a moisturizer with sunscreen in it. Use serums at night. Another thing, makeup setting sprays will change your life it will keep the makeup on your face and prevent it from running or coming off.

What 5 tips and tricks or advice do you have for someone interested in becoming a YouTuber?


#1 Important: Do it! The only thing that’s stopping you is “Yourself” I’ve come to realize that nothing can’t stop you “but your own fears” and I think that one should never be afraid of things you want to accomplish in life ! You should always overcome your fears and Go For It!!! Don’t worry about what other people say or think, don’t worry if people hate or dislike your videos. Just continue to do what you love and be passionate about it. BELIEVE in yourself and your dreams” and when you do this the law of attraction always open up doors, you never knew existed! And I think that is the way to go especially when you’re first starting out because you want to be doing it because you love it!

#2 Invest in a good DSLR camera. YouTube has expanded so much these past few years. In order for you to stand above and your videos to get views- your video quality has to be good. Otherwise, it would be harder to grow your channel.

#3 Also, have good lighting- I think natural lighting is the best in my opinion. But I invested in soft boxes and a ring light  because I love filming at night when everyone is sleeping. That is the best thing about investing in lighting you can film anytime.

#4 Don’t have a sloppy background. Have a nice background.  Where your viewers would want to watch, subscribe and come back to view more of your videos. Having a nice background makes it enjoyable for viewers to watch. It could be as simple as a table and a vase.  Last but not least.

#5 Put out good quality content. Plan out your videos and what you are going to film. Make your videos interesting to watch. Also know what you are talking about. Do research and become knowledgeable of what you are talking about.


MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/beautybydamaris1

I hope this can helps you and inspires you lovely!
Tell me what you think in the comments below.


Rossye P.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this blog because of the positiveness and honesty about herself. This definitely makes me want to keep going and working harder towards my goal and youtube career. & Like she wrote “believe in yourself and your dreams” 😊☺️ xO Sazy –

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