It’s Autumn Time!

The autumn – this magical season full of changes. Every thing is beautiful and enchanting yet everything is duying.The leaves are expressing a transformation which contains the change of the colour and falling from the trees. Now the whether is getting colder but the people have different intentions, their behavior it is certainly more admirable. In my opinion this is because of the Christmas Spirit which is forming in the fall months.
Actually the changes aren’t just in the way the nature is changing and the behaviour of the human beings. You can see them all around you!
The wardrobe, the makeup, the diet. We are uniting with the colours of the ambienting environment – red, yellow, brown, and different shades of this colours.


During this season I prefer to dress myself in cozy and comfortable clothes which are in colours suitable for this time of the year. I think this season is giving you a great imagination and creativity to your mind for expressing your way of thinking. The things that you are wearing could be a way.
I personally like the combination of short denim pants with top and boots. I think the ‘rocker style’ is perfect for this season. I think that the autumn style is simply – choose summer and winter clothes and your own outfit is ready.


One of the most important thing is the food. The things that I like the most to eat are green salads, citrus fruits and homemade cuisine (I gotta be prepared for the winter). The fact which can not be put into consideration is that in the colder months we prefer to eat more nutritious food but I suggest to make everything possible not to abandon the healthy living.


The end of October is one of our favorite times of this season. Guess why? You got it right! Helloween!!!
Many people are expecting it with excitement because of the interesting preparation- makeup, costume, and sweets. My lovely friend Rissa has an awesome offer for you. A tutorial on how to make your own spooky makeup for this day. To check it up you need to go to her YT channel (watch the video here). You will be surprised by her awesome skills!



What you think about Rissa’s makeup? If you like it go and check out her channel for more makeup videos.

I hope you enjoy reading my autumn post. I’d love to know what you think about it and also tell me your thoughts about autumn (your favourite outfit, makeup, dish).
I wish you a magical autumn!


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