‘We Are Pop Culture’ inspired by Christina Milian

While planning my upcoming posts I decided to write about something different, something completely new for me.
I decided “Why not something about fashion?”

Recently while browsing around my Instagram I came across a collection inspired by Christina Milian. I really like it!



Something about me:
I’m sure that you don’t know this, but I love fashion. Constantly I’m searching for the latest fashion trends.
As a little girl I adored to watch fashion TV and to look at fashion magazines. I even wanted to be a model or designer, but my life changed and now I have new ideas and dreams to realize.


(Slay Jersey)

But let’s get back to fashion. Christina’s collection is really unique, I would say that her clothes were made just for me!  Everything is to my taste! I would definitely recommend her collection ‘Street Fashion’. The clothes are just unforgettable, they are so unique and they really flatter so many women.


(Christina with the girls rocking ‘We Are Pop Culture’ Collection)

The collection is a little less feminine but the clothes are comfortable, sexy, and chick.
They are perfect for walking around and definitely for a night of dancing.


See some clothes from the collection below:


(Just Get It Sweat Shirt)


(#WCW Baseball Tee) Aww, I really lovee it!


(WCW Cropped Crewneck Sweater) Absolutely my FAVORITE!


(WCW Skully/Beanie-Black)

You can see more about her collection on We Are Pop Culture!

I hope you enjoy reading my first fashion post! Have a lovely week ahead lovelies!


One thought on “‘We Are Pop Culture’ inspired by Christina Milian

  1. I have a fashion side, but I am more into gowns that’s why I love going to Grand March for Prom every year. If you don’t know what it is, it’s just a program that family and friends gather to watch prom goers and their dates walk down to basically show off their dresses and tuxes. It’s like a smaller fashion show. I love it. My mom and I always have our differences with the dresses. 🙂

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