Already it’s December.
There remains a few days until Christmas. Are you ready to meet them? Did you choose gifts for family and friends?

I have no patience. First, because I will finally rest (this year the school exhausted me completely; I have no time to write posts or to participate in chats) and second, because I think this is the only time of year when the whole family, relatives and friends are together.

During this time of year we spoil more. I do not know how you celebrate, but we rejoice in Bulgaria much. We gather around the table and eat and drink to your heart’s content. I think this is the worst period for our organism.

Since the end of November, the holidays begin – birthdays, name days, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year and in January was again full of name days. In short – celebrated long… On the one hand this is great, but on the other – healthy lifestyles reduced. On the table is full of goodies that tempt. Uploading of 5-8 kg is normal after nearly two months of celebration.

Today I will share a few things about what and how to eat.
All know that fruits and vegetables are completely optional. Especially in this season when there is heavy and high-fat meal, should snack on something lighter.
Furthermore, they provide the necessary vitamins to us – this time of year is also known diseases in the wild.

Eat citrus fruits!
The key to a healthy body and a nice body are citrus fruits. They are rich in vitamin C, which are very necessary. Stock your fridge with kiwis, oranges, grapefruits, blueberries, pomegranates.


For vitamin D eat more of salmon, tuna,eggs and soy milk. Also indulge in all unprocessed food: potatoes, bananas, chili peppers, garlic, lentils, beans, molasses, etc.
For vitamin B: spinach, lentils, beans, cereals, pumpkin seeds, etc.

As you can see all the necessary vitamins our body is contained in the delicious and healthy foods. Furthermore, these vitamins keep our body healthy and strong so it can fight viruses that attack us.

We talked about the benefits of vitamins, now is the time to say how should it look to plate – how food should be distributed on it. The photo below shows you where you stand and what amount.


Once you know how to distribute the food is time to tell you that you really do not have time to Christmas. Surely there are people who are still struggling with their weight and want to look good for the holidays. For this purpose, it is advisable for the remaining two weeks to eat light foods (fruits, vegetables, small appetizers).
Try to eat salads, chicken, cheese less and everything without oil, salt and bread. All foods rich in the above mentioned vitamins.

Prepare your body for the difficult season. Do not allow to upload a lot of weight. Understand: we eat to survive, not live to eat.
Do not let Homer Simpson from The Simpsons to be instilled in you. Control yourself!


But if hunger presses you hard, treat yourself with one or two pieces of 100% dark chocolate. Everyone needs a small amount of sweetness.


I hope you liked my post. Hope I helped and remember to take a daily dose of vitamins, also – Train and remember to drink plenty of fluids!
Keep in shape!!!

Rossye P. 


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