My Biggest Mistake and 6 Months Ago ‘Life with Rossye’ Was Born

Hey sweetheart!
First I want to wish you Happy New Year – be healthy through it, smiling, splashing love and warmth to others, be positive and know that YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON who can change your life! If you have plans, labor to fill them!

In today’s post, the first for this year, you will find more of me. It is very difficult to get out of my comfort zone and to reveal my life to others. And for God’s sake, this is my dream.

Today I will tell you about my biggest mistake. This I did last year. More than six months I was just a sinking and to people an unfamiliar girl. A girl who had entered the world of ideas and dreams. A girl looking to make her dreams come true. A girl seeking herself. And finally … I found it!

I found a place to express myself. But unfortunately, I made a big mistake – I didn’t study things well. I was stupid. For the first time I got something and not even interested how things are, what to do, how to act. That thing is my blog. It was just a big dream that became a reality very quickly.

But unfortunately, it did not come as I expected it. It made me sad, discourages me a lot. I felt like a fool, naive and frivolous. Rushing my realization of my dream, made me very unhappy. Many times I did not know what to write, even though I had a lot of ideas. After seeing that it did not come as I expected it I just gave up.
I became very casual, yet sad. Search light, but did not find.

It was a Thursday while dropping an email to Rissa from ElegantRissa I received a twitter notification.

‘Bib, bib, bib’

And… O my Gosh Christina Milian read my post about her collection (you can read my article here) and share it on Twitter and Facebook. Awe… I was feeling so happy and thankful.

Once again assured that the LAW OF ATTRACTION ACT ….
This motivated me to start again with full force to write posts. Christina stopped the war between my heart and my brain. You know? When the mind says – ‘No, you can not, give it up’, but heart opposes with the words ‘CONTINUE! YOU can do anything!‘.
Christina motivates me and I come back full of strength and positivity to make my dreams come true. I continue to follow the positive and learn from the life, of course and from my mistakes.

Today I celebrate 6 months since I laughed ‘Life with Rossye’. It’s pretty incredible. I do feel truly blessed and this is all because of you for which I’ll never be able to thank you enough. Thanks to all who support me. Without you, lovely, I would not continue to fight.

And you, lovely reader, do you have someone who motivate you, do you have dreams which you want to make come true, are you ready for change?

Know that I am always in a meeting, if you have question. You can share everything with me.

Wish you a magical week ahead!


Rossye P.


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