We live dynamically. Everyday we work hard seeking to get most out of life: we work hard, watch our children, we learn, we clean; every second we do something fill our time. The problem is that we forget about ourselves. As much as we working hard always with a smile on our face during the day, it is not until the evening when we take off the mask that the appearance of happiness is no longer needed.ย  Most of us are so sad, depressed, tired and stressed. For this reason, today I’ll give you a few tips on how to feel happy again.

1. Before we can do anything we need to figure what is making us sad, at what point did our feelings change. Once you find out the cause, for exaple: your workplace; people you associate with; boring routine, the food you eat.


2. Surround yourself with positive people!

The environment you are in is very important. If you hang out with negative people, you will get negative waves of them. Meet new people – positive, of course.

3. Let the positive be everywhere!

Decorate the world around you in way that evokes positive emotions. Use bring paint, decorate with cute cozy items – curtains, vases, bowls of fruit, carpets, cushions, tables, chairs. Do everything according to your style that way what you see will make you feel good. positive

4. One of the best medicines against sadness is MUSIC.

Personally when I feel sad I listen to music. Recommend it to you too! You can listen to a nice soothing song and just relax on the couch. Or drop something more dynamic and get up and dance, so that no one sees. Either way music is sure to bring a smile to your face. music

5. Funny Videos!

Funny videos are definity a good mood booster. For months, I enjoy funny videos that I find on the Internet. There out there you just have to look! Another way to see how good is the life you live.

ย 6. Shines bring like a diamond!

Try out a new hobby! Learn what talent is buried in you and show it tothe world. Try to write a book, paint or try to invent something new. You never know you just might be Albert Einstein in hiding. You just have to believe in yourself!

7. Spend time with friends!

Have some folks over for a karaoke night, there is nothing funnier than listening to amateur singers. Have fun as possible. Cara

My proposal:
-For Girls. If singing is not your favorite activity can organize pajamas night – to eat, drink, and share secrets with your favorites.
-For boys. My suggestion is to go to a bar or to fish in the mountains. Some time with the boys is always a good idea, right?

8. Me time!

Very often we have to stay with ourself – to analyze and plan ahead. But when we talk about sadness you have to do something fun and relaxing. Good suggestions are: meditation, Zumba, Pilates, yoga. Dining at your favorite restaurants.


What is better for girls from a shopping mall? We always need new shoes, jeans or cosmetic, right?
Boys, you can spend some time in the gym, while your girls are in the mall.

And don’t forget to get plenty of sleep! Often our sadness comes by fatigue. Take a hot shower; light some candles, make a herbal tea and I run a movie. After 30 minutes, you will be ready for a long dream that will charge you a lot of energy.

9. Laugh, laugh, laugh!

Lemme show you how quickly to put a BIG smile on your face (see the picture below).how to put a smile?

10. The most important thing!

Remember only you can chenge something in your life! You create your life with your thoughts and feelings! So figure out what’s wrong and fix it!

Are you ready to follow the breath of life and SMILE? I’d love to know what are your tips to deal with the sadness, so tell me in the comments below.
Wish you all a magical week full with smiles.

Rossye P.


  1. What a lovely idea for a post! I found, when I was dealing with my knee injury and have never felt sadder or more depressed, that identifying what I could control about the situation and what I could influence helped me to put things in perspective and instantly feel less sad!

    I really struggled to listen to music when I was in that head space though, as I’m a sucker for sad lyrics!

    Thanks for sharing your link with me on Twitter! I’m glad I visited!

    average adventures

    Liked by 1 person

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