Just another day to express your LOVE to someone…

Happy Valentine’s Day sweethearts!
Today is a wonderful day, although it is still winter and quite cold. The sun is shining outside, children playing, birds singing, young lovers walking hand in hand. Men give roses to their wives. Love is in the air. How wonderful, right?

All this tenderness and love inspired me to write something new. Something I do hope you like it. Today is the day of lovers. Today men and women show their love. This year for me that day, and the whole month is dedicated to love. Love that we all have to donate.

Why not February is the month of our friends and family? Why not show how much we love and appreciate all? Let’s do it. I think there should not only be one day in the year when we do. We can do it all year round.

How often do you tell your spouse that you love her? Or your friends and your parents? Or all people and things that we really love?
Why not say it more often? Even today, even now.

Go outside. Costs in a park. Browse what’s around you. I’m sure that everything is beautiful. Say that you love it. Or why not call your parents,and tell them just how much you love them and how much you are missing them. Tell the same to your friends! They are there for a reason and it’s because they like you. Show them how much you love them. Make spontaneous gifts for someone just like that, without reason.
But why not do the same and for someone else – stranger? Why not say hello to the angry neighbor, to your boss, the woman in the shop or stranger on the street? Believe me, I know that your small gesture for them is something really special. This will make them smile. And they in return can make others also feel happy. The more smiling people there are, the happier our lives will be.
Do something small but special. And do not forget that before you love someone else and expect someone to love you, you must first start loving yourself. Why not stand before the mirror and  say ‘I love you’?

You don’t need to give expensive gifts and flowers. One word, one gesture means a lot more and will remember for a long time.

My dear readers, all of you who supported me from the beginning of my adventure – I love you! I am grateful that you have, I am grateful that you support me! I send you all a very positive energy, love, smiles, success.
Dear friends who are always with me-I love you!
Dear family – I love you more than everyone and everything.love

Make your life special, every minute of living it!
Aw I almost forgot, my lovely friend Rissa posted her Valentine’s video, so click the link and get your inspiration for date makeup and dressing


Lost of love,

Rossye P.


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