Time to dive into the PAST! R.’s experiences

YES, but before I move on, let me tell you one story.

Once upon a time lived a woman. She was beautiful, slender, with blue eyes, black hair and with an incredible sense of humor. She longed to give birth to a daughter. God heard her prayers and on 4th September (Friday 12:30 pm), 1998 was born R.
R. was very calm and smiling child. When it came time to sleep she always asleep without a problem. She loved to clean her room and carefully to put in order her toys.
She grew up in a small town near the notorious Danube. In this town, R. created many friendships, enjoyed many happy moments and learned many things.

It took six – seven years of her carefree childhood, full of joy and games. For R. was time to become a little schoolgirl, to get acquainted with the teaching, to learn to share and to work in a team.
First three years of primary school were wonderful for R. All her classmates and teachers loved her very much. All were very united, shared everything, and played together every break.
During the holidays R.’s classmates and she gathered in a park and played different games. Even students from the upper classes knew her. R. was an excellent student. She quickly learned to read, write and considered. She loved to paint, also she danced a lot.

In 9th year of her life, she had undergone a change. Ever since she can remember herself, she dreamed her mother to give birth to another child, with who R. will play. So, on August 22nd, 2007 was born L. After one year, R. suffered another change, but this was radical – her family moved to live in the capital. In the big city, where everything and everyone were strangers, she felt very lonely.
The only friends (true until today) were her mother and her sister. This move changed her life and thinking. She already had other dreams, another school, other friends, nothing was the same. For four years in school R. still was an excellent student, but through a lot of trouble. Quite often someone mocks her for her name, for her height, for the shape of her body, the clothes she wear and the music she listen. She was different, and different in the big city means strange. Many people do not like her, many people hurt her. As severe were those four years, she lived through in a lot of unforgettable moments. She met with various people, she visited new places, she made a plan for the future, which follows actually.

For four years she grew as a person and learned many things. As you have already understood this little R. is ME.
I underwent many changes in my life. I have experienced very difficult moments. I listened to a lot of abuse. I lost a lot of “friends”, but all for good. I learned to accept any insult and pain with a smile. I learned to be careful with who confide my secrets. I learned to be strong and not to let anyone or anything to break me. I learned that many times you fall, until finally stable stands up. It took another three years in which life continue to show me happiness and unhappiness, but my recent experiences in the upcoming posts.

What I wanted to tell you with this article is that life is NOT easy. We all experiencing many difficulties but the goal is to deal with them. Let’s show the LIFE who is the boss. This is your life, breath it all in, okay?

P. S. This post was about P (my past). In Sunday’s post I will share how I live today, who are the people who support me, etc. All about the PRESENT is coming soon.
Hope you enjoyed this post coz for me it’s really special one.

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