Monochrome Home Decor & My Dreams For My Future Home

Heya lovely peeps!
As I mentioned in my previous post, I love monochrome designs. No metter if it’s clothing, pens, notebooks, vases, wardrobes, etc. for me it’s important their monochrome design.
Ah, how could I forget to mention to my ‘10 Random Facts About Me’ list my love for pens and cute notebooks?! Yeah, I really lovee them. If you are wondering what to give me, you can always buy a pen or a notebook, and surprise me. But let’s get back to the monochrome designs. In today’s post I will share with you how I want my future home looks like.
My dreams are:
1 – I dream to live in a house near to the big city, but also near to the nature.
2 – I want my home to have enough rooms, so that I can invite guests for dinner party and they can stay for breakfast too
3 – about my room – I want it to be big, with a king bed complete with soft cushions. Also I want it to have windows which let in enough light, nice soft carpet, where I will be able to chill and read a book. It will be really cute if I have small work-table with comfortable chair, here I will prepare my posts, also I will work on new projects. And it’s time for colorful things in my room – vases with flowers, nice curtains, paintings, etc. I want my room to be clear, without much colors, just let details stand out, you understand me?


Just look at these details – this lovely carpet, armchairs, lights, paintings, chairs – all this creates comfort

monochromeThese stairs – in love with them


Colorful flowers, paintings and books give life to the room, no?

bathroomBathroom goals

4 – also I want one large yard full of colorful flowers behind my house. Do you know that today in Bulgaria we celebrate ‘Palm Sunday’? All people named with flower names have Name Day.

palm sunday

By the way, I want the yard to has a small pool, parasols and sun loungers, so I can chill in the summer.

So, these are my dreams. I want to know more about yours, so make sure to tell me in the comments below! 🙂

P.S. Pictures are taken from We heart it (I tried to find the true owners but failed). If some of the photos are yours please tweet me @rossyeptr


Rossye P.

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