How I Live Now & The Lessons I’ve Learned

Hey sweetie! As I promise in today’s post I will continue the story of R. After the past seven years, R. had to choose where to continue her education. With the wide choice of schools with different specialties, she chose to continue to study languages (Spanish and English). Todays post is about the PRESENT. So how you know R. is me and I, therefore, will continue to speak in the first person, singular. Three years already I continue to study intensively Spanish and English. Thanks to my blog I met many English speakers, which helps me to learn more and more things – words, phrases, etc. and I can not be more grateful for that. I think the blog is the best thing that happened to me, because only when I write posts or chat with someone I feel truly happy. In my high school where I study, there are many more girls than boys, which means more problems. You know that we girls, and women as a whole, are difficult to befriend. There are always some intrigue, problems, unsaid things, envy, hypocrisy. When I moved to high school it’s like I started to live again. Again I had to handle with all the insults of my name and my height. Once I got used to the insults I continued forward. I’ve always been an excellent student. Since the early years of school I learned how to quickly learn lessons, and I’ve never had problems with it. My excellent success always made someone to envy me. Many of my classmates hate me because I do not give them my homework. By the way, for those three years, life has shown me many things. I have learned many important lessons that I’m sure will help me in the future. If you ask what I’ve learned, that’s what: 1. Me (+ my family) are my best friends. Over the years I experienced many betrayals, but it never changed me completely. I still trust a lot of people, though suffering from it then. 2. Do not make hasty conclusions. As I said intrigues are perfectly normal and quite common. I learned not make conclusions about people from the words of others. 3. Show your feelings. I realized that there is nothing better than to show my feelings. When I hide everything inside, people around me build bad opinion about how I feel at a given moment. To laugh, to cry, to be angry, when I share my feelings with others I feel amazing. Its like I already told them what’s happened with me and they understand me and support, smile, dance 4. Love! It is easy to say but hard to demonstrate. I’ve learned to share more love with others, although my character because I’m much more closed. I tell my family and my friends that I miss them, that love them; give them compliments. And you know what, when I share love and respect, I feel very good, happy and proud of myself. Do not forget that I receive love and respect from them too. 5. To control myself. I’m still working on my character. I’m still working to be more relaxed in situations where I’m ready to piss off a lot. 6. To listen to the advice people give me. A little difficult for wayward girl like me, but I try to listen and foreign opinion. 7. Not tomorrow, not yesterday. What I keep telling myself is –  Live today! Excessive thinking about my future brought me to the moment when you do not know what to do now. 8. Be yourself! The music you listen to, the clothes you wear, the food you eat, everything has to be on your taste. Do not allow anyone to control you. Do not ever change, for to please someone. 9. Things do happen for a reason. Once something happened, it’s supposed to happen. After each obstacle I grow even more, become stronger and learn to take things easier. 10. Before you say NO to something, why not try it first? What am I doing now? I continue to learn lessons of life. I enjoy everything that happens to me and I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience difficulties, to help me for the future. But mostly do you know what I do? I think how to change my life. Now I’m living a boring life – no variety, my daily life is black and white, no colors which can make me happy. “Do not lose hope!” – is my motto, so I continue to look forward to colors with which I will color my life. And you, lovely, what are the things you’ve learned over the ‘high school years’? Tell me in the comments below!  

4 thoughts on “How I Live Now & The Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. What an honest, heart-warming post. I completely understand where you’re coming from I was teased through school because of my height and also my second name – people can be mean – especially girls, so I also understand where you’re coming from there too. But I’m happy that you have not let it get to you as I have not and learnt to move on from it and do well for yourself. Always be your own bestfriend – you can never be let down then.

    LL |

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