Be A Goal Digger – A.

Hey lovely! Hope you are doing great!

As promised, I am returning to my inspirational posts (I hope that my posts are really inspirational + interesting ones). Spending a week in thinking what to post, I choose to tell you one more thing about me + to share with you any of my thoughts.

Do you know Ms. A. a. k. a. Ambition? I’m sure that the answer is YES. She + Mr. Ego + Ms. Perfection are THE HOLLY TRIO that makes people forget to live their wonderful lives, to be happy and to enjoy the PRESENT moment.

Ambition, every one of us had long conversations with her. She leads us to deeper thinking about the future, she makes us to make big plans and to want more and more (something like what Mr. Ego makes) for us.

And, frankly, I often talk with her. Together we consider what will happen to my life in the future, what specialty to choose to study in the University, where to go, which places to visit. All about my future is precisely selected by her and I just have to execute her orders.

Unfortunately she (+ other part of her family – Ego and Perfection) brought me to the moment when I just lost myself. I felt that this isn’t me, because my Ambition Self controlled me. I was just a girl with many dreams to implement and less free time for real living. My Ambition constantly flooded me with new and new ideas, inspired me, gave me a hope and told me that I deserve more and more.

According to her, the achievements of me is not enough. But what else does she want from me? Currently I still studying, I can not go on a journey. Definitely I haven’t the necessary resources to ‘cook’ the blog of my dreams, because I still can not work. Also I continue to learn and improve my English, so my dream to become a speaker-motivator can not come true.

As you can see, all my grandiose dreams and plans for my future can not be realized now, because they are for my FUTURE. I’m thinking about my first job – what position I will take, how I will be raised in the next one, etc. My Ambition Self thinks only about the future, thus I forgot to live. A girl almost seventies thinks about very different things than to have fun, is that normal?

Hey A. please let me enjoy the school years, to enjoy my life. Let me sleep more, you see, I’m tired. Leave me to makeup and dress as I want. Let me eat what I like. Leave me to do what I want to do. Let me make mistakes. Thanks to the mistakes I will grow more as a person. This will improve my skills, I will learn to judge things properly. Do not keep me and help me. I can handle alone. I have to handle alone.

Be with me in the late evening, when I think about how one day I will meet all my ‘Twitter friends’. Be with me when I dream of traveling. Be with me when I work on new projects. Be with me when you see that I sink into gloomy thoughts. Be with me when I need you.

Except my Ambition, be and my motivation, be my friend. Don’t overwhelmed me with thoughts of the future, because I miss to live NOW. I miss joyful moments, hanging out with friends, etc. I miss to see the sunrise, sunset, rain, rainbow, the beauty of the nature. I miss to meet a friend and to gossip. I miss to laugh, to cry, to dance, to sing. I miss to LIVE.

And you, wonderful person, did you ever had a conversation with your Ambition? What are her plans for your future? Tell me in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day!

Rossye P.


7 thoughts on “Be A Goal Digger – A.

  1. I’m always talking with my ambition and she keeps changing her mind haha! But you’re right, we should all start living a bit more in the now and enjoy what’s happening at this moment. Very nice post!


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  2. Very thought provoking! I find that if you are too ambitious you can’t manage to do the little things that you are hoping to achieve. I hope that you are able to live and not have your ambition stop you from doing the little things at the moment! There is always time in the future to think big when you are more free to do so! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Lauren ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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