My Future Self Told Me ‘HELLO!’

Hey there!

I had three days off beginning with the 1st of May, during my three days off I relaxed too much, but I had no strength to do anything (Spring fatigue – YES!). But today I woke up and I felt better, so I am ready to share with you something new, here is something that happened to me:

It was a Tuesday and I was coming home from school, shortly before I got off my bus it started raining. I was all soggy and wet but I was smiling! I was so happy! How can someone be happy when it’s pouring rain you may ask?!

Well my friend Megan helped me with ideas for new posts and one of her suggestions was to write something on the topic of – Where do you see yourself in 5 years? And on this rainy day while coming back home, I was inspired. My head was filled with thoughts for this future post; I could not wait to get home and gather all my thoughts and put them into a meaningful text.

I decided to write a post as if to myself but from the “future” what the future me would be doing, had accomplished and was looking forward to. And here is what I said:

Hello R.!

I hope you’re okay. I feel great! But let me tell you what things are like for me now: Would you believe if I said we are already 22? Yes, 22 years old. During these five years of your (my life) life there were some really big changes, but these changes were in your favor. You managed to make real your dream to become a vegan and so far you have not eaten any meat, except on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Great news isn’t it?

You have improved so much in your English and now you speak, read and write beautifully. Also, as soon as you turned eighteen you organized a trip to Australia and America, there you practiced and got to hone your English skills. Just as you wanted, you met a lot of people, got to know different cultures and you took lots of pictures (yes, you got your dream camera) and you wrote hundreds of posts.

Surely now you are eager to know whether you got accepted to study physiotherapy? Well yes! Currently you are studying for your last year and you are even more eager to start practicing everything you learned.

On your dream that has existed for five years to create an ‘inspiring shop’ it is almost ready to become a reality. Currently you are gathering materials, working on projects looking for partners and a place where you will set up shop. (Yeyey!)

Do you realize that everything you heard about love is true? You have real friendships and you find real love. You continue to be so positive and optimistic. Finally you have found true love in yourself and others love you too.

Overall I enjoyed an amazing five years. And you know what is even more incredible? There is still plenty of time for living, entertainment, traveling, late-night swimming in the sea, singing in the shower. There is still plenty of time for fulfillment of dreams.

This is the information from me for now. The only thing I will recommend is to never stop dreaming and to believe in yourself!

Hugs and kisses from me,

Your best friend from the future – R.

How grateful I am that I have read this letter from the future. It’s nice to get information from the future and realize that your dreams will come true. I am proud of myself. Hey A. are you happy about the information from my future self?

And although this is a fantasy, an illusion created by me, I’m sure that one day this will become a reality. I am sure that very soon I will write posts and talk to English speakers without difficulty. I’m sure that I will become a physiotherapist and that I will run my shop. I believe in myself!

So to you lovely reader, where do you see yourself in five years? What would your letter from the future say?
Do not forget to share with me as write a comment below.


Rossye P.

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