ONE DAY ON FOOT – walks, friends, gossip, and much more!

It was Wednesday. A really nice and sunny day, and there is no indication of rain, which was quite lovely because the weather in Bulgaria can be quite variable. Frankly, I would compare the change of seasons with the change of feelings we experience. When the sun is out, people who like sunny days, feel happy and positive. But if the weather outside is rainy, people like me, will not be so happy. Although, I try to control my feelings and emotions without regard to the people who are around me, the seasons or other factors.

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

I’ve planned to go out and have some girl time with one of my best friends – Emily. Although we spend time together each day in school, we both wanted to go out and walk around the city, to eat something, to buy something and gossip. You know that everyone, even men, love gossiping? Almost as if our gossiping is innate. It appears in every conversation, we always have someone to discuss and condemn. So after many conversations attempting to organise which day we can meet, where and what we will do, we chose one of our few days off during the week – Wednesday.

To be sure that I can spend the whole day with her, I got up early in the morning, drank some tea and I got to work. I cleaned the house, I washed the plates, I fixed the beds, because my grandmother would come to visit me and everything had to be in perfect shape. After finishing the housework, I stood in front of the wardrobe and began to pick out clothes. After considering outfits for ten minutes, I chose the outfit with which to be. You know, I’m not a big fan of FASHION, so I wear what I love (here you can read about ‘We Are Pop Culture’ – recently my favorite collection). Unfortunately, my choice of footwear was not appropriate because I was on foot all day. The shoes I chose were ballet flats with a very thin sole and after 3-4 hours of walking, I felt all of the stones on the asphalt. It’s a scientific lesson – next time choose sneakers!

From morning until evening we walked a lot. We came to a shop full of widgets because Emily had to buy some head accessories because she will be participating in a concert in June (the post will be up soon, thanks to it, you can feel the Bulgarian culture). After, we visited the mall where we ate, gossiped and looked at a jewelry store. You know, after so many laps and looking, I fell completely in love with all kinds of jewelry – rings, necklaces, bracelets. I can not wait to get out again and buy a lot of them. Aaand see what she gave to me! I’m in love with this gold bracelet with elements.

A lovely  gift LWR

At the end of the day, both feeling completely tired, we were ready to head home.. well she was, I was facing one last job. I had to go to the station and take my grandmother, which meant once a bus to catch. Evening approached, the sun was going, and in its place came clouds. It soon after began to rain, and I became soaked. Finally when I thought I’d go home, I had to buy flowers for the celebration of my sister. Great news for my sister, because she finished school and now faces a long break until September. And I? I would hope a few more days of rest, during which I could go out and see friends. So that’s how I spend one day with my lovely friend – on foot, having fun.

And you? How you spend your time with your friends?


Rossye P.

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  1. lovely pictures. Thanks for sending me your link via twitter. love this post would be great if you could check out my latest post too. xxxx

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