#DIY: How To Trigger A Smile On Someone’s Face?

I’m a  person who likes to do everything in my own way. Whether I buy clothes or gifts, write lyrics or listen to music, everything has to be to my taste. On Saturday, my best friend Emily had a name day. On the occasion of this holiday I wondering what to give her. Ultimately I chose to buy something but also to do something different, special and made MOI! (Do you know that I love to use that word? MOI – sounds amazing!) Even when I was a little girl, I loved to make handmade gifts.

From two years onwards I have attracted to positive thinking. I believe that with our thoughts, we create our future. (Here you can read what plans we with my Ambition have for my FUTURE.) Therefore I observe my thoughts and if I think negative I replace my negative thoughts with positive ones. I try to smile and to attract positive things to myself. How to put a smile on your face? The answer here!
Recently I made a board on Pinterest where every day I share photos with affirmations. Like that I want to motivate others.
At the conclusion of all positivism and affirmations, I decided my gift to have a part of me.
I called all my inspiration and ideas to come and help me. (Please don’t forget to get involved in the creative process of writing posts, as you give me some ideas – more here.) The result is – a box full of affirmations. I chose to write affirmations of leaves so that she will be able to read every day one and to motivate herself.

To make you such a box you need:

colored cardboard, paper, pencil, glue, scissors, straws and line. Then start the creative process! 🙂

DIY LIfe with Rossye

BOX Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye


Life with Rossye

I share this with you, to inspire you to do something like that. I love things that are handemade. So I decided that a gift made by me, not by MOI! will appeal to Emily. Except that the gift is filled with positive energy. Also it looks quite original and beautiful.
Remember that good things are the little things.
I hope you like the idea. If you have any others ideas such as ‘DIY’, please let me know in the comments below.


Rossye P.


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