A Heartwarming Letter From a Lovely Friend

It was last month. I do not remember exactly when, but it was one of the best things that happened to me once. I feel that I have not written posts for ages. I promised that I would be more active, but now I’m pretty busy. I’m working on a lot of projects which I hope that very soon I will share with you.

So let’s get back to the story.
I got up in the morning, drank a glass of water and took my phone. While pressing the switching button, I saw that I have a new letter in the email. Frankly, this letter was the best thing. A great way to wake up. The letter was from Megan. Although we have not never seen, I feel her as a sister. She is one of my true friends. I love her and I respect her very much. I am grateful to her, that she helps me with the blog.
And after I read her letter I become even more grateful.
After reading her kind words, I realized a lot of things.

After exactly 11 days I will celebrate first year since I’m blogger. How quickly time passes. I will never forget who showed me this wonderful world – blogging. I mentioned the name of the girl in earlier posts, some of you probably know who I’m talking about, but these who do not know already it is irrelevant. She is the person that inspired me to start writing and motivates me to not stop. I admire her, the style of her expression, how she dress and what her purposes, but unfortunately we are from different worlds. She is my idol, a role model. I thought it would be better if my idol is not a super celebrity so because I would get attention, for this reason I chose her, but I was wrong. She has goals in her life, she wanted to work something that features fashion, because she really knows what’s fashion, she has amazing friends, and I have no place in her life. For me she has become a celebrity, which I can only admire as before. For her, I’m just a girl who enjoys everything she does.

I thought that after 11 days I will be able to celebrate the joy with her, because thanks to her I am what I am now. Thanks to her I have a really great plans for my future and I have faith that I will do them.

Next week I will celebrate this first year of blogging with people without whom this blog simply would not exist. Megan is just one of those people. She gives everything to help me with the posts I write. She is the only one that admired me, she likes how positive person I am. She is the only one thanked me that I support her. She is the one that always makes me smile, she can fix my mood in seconds.

Thank you Megan for the letter, that a few weeks ago you sent me. A letter full of kind words, which showed me that somewhere on earth there is a person who holds me.

This was only a brief history about the small but really special for me, heartwarming & thoughts provocative letter, which I received. I want to tell you that there is no better feeling than someone saying you are special to him.
I also want to give you a tip: if you know that someone admires you, please turn your attention to him. You must know that even a kind word can warm the heart of anyone for very long. Be nice, appreciate people who are around you. You may not know, but you are certainly special for someone. Show him that he is an important person for you.

And for last, do you remember the first time somebody has written to you just to tell you how much he admired you? Or whom you admire? Tell me in the comments below. I look forward to read your answers.

EXPLANATION: I apologize, because certainly in this post there are grammatical errors – I am from Bulgaria and I do not know English perfectly.


Rossye P. 

3 thoughts on “A Heartwarming Letter From a Lovely Friend

  1. Such a nice, warm and sweet written post. It’s such a precious feeling receiving a handwritten letter from someone dear to you.

    The first time I received a letter/note was from a girl friend way back in school. It wasn’t lengthy or anything, but for me it was special and such a nice feeling re-reading it multiple times. We became nice friends afterwards. 🙂

    I feel you’re filled with positivity just basing on this post, so keep it up!

    http://www.manikmakina.com | That M Blog

    Liked by 1 person

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