A Huge Thank You for The Past Year!

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that one year has passed since I launch my blog. (It was on Saturday – 11.07., but now I had the opportunity to share my joy with you). One year has passed since I write here in the internet space. A year ago I never thought that one day I will do something like this. I am grateful that I am a part of all these people who call themselves ‘bloggers’. Blogging actually is not easy. Yes, I have told it before. But, dear reader, if you read other blogs, have you ever thought about that writing is something unique? All these bloggers from around the world are people who have found the ways to express themselves. And that way is with words. With long or short texts describing their lives, their favorite activities, the food that they love, the movies they watch, favorite makeup products or fashion trends. These posts are list of their personal diary. Is not that unique? They share these lists with their readers. With YOU.

During that year I experienced many things. There were ups and downs, but nevertheless smile never left my face. (How to put a smile on your face? My cheeky tips here). I have done a lot of things I just dreamed that eventually may someday happen. Thanks to Twitter I met many people. I feel all these people like they are part of my family. More or less they support me, although they do not know me in person. Frankly, the blogger community is very friendly to everyone. All bloggers are always ready to help you, to give you advice, you cheer you up or just to tell you HELLO.
And what better than any outsider to think about you?

You know, when I started this amazing adventure I did not even know what to expect. I will never forget when I got my first comment. Also, my first success in social networks. When I started to reveal more about myself, about my thoughts and dreams for the future, all comments grew. They became more, with many kind words containing empathy and support. Simply amazing!
As a dream come true.
I made a few small changes to my blog and I had to make new BLOGLOVIN’ account. For more less than five months, I scoring from more than 250 followers, without doing anything special. And before that I had only a hundred. This was something unique because I know that my blog is not like the others. I have not paid anything for it, I use pictures that are taken with a phone. My blog is not so perfect, but I think my readers appreciate it.

Clean design, HD image quality and fascinating writing – this is something that everyone looks at when examining someone’s blog. However, you should catch the eye, right?

At the earliest opportunity I will upgrade the image of my site to my taste, I’ll buy a professional camera, then the posts will look more professional and interesting to read with good taken photos. Until then I hope that you like the current type. However, the text content is important.

Not how many likes you.
Not how many followers you have. Not how many comments. It is important to get real love and support for what you are doing, right?



I almost forgot to share with you. A week ago I was interviewed for the blog of a wonderful girl – Amy. Frankly, I dreamed of one day being interviewed as I post interviews with other bloggers before. (If you fancy you can read here/here/here/here). And this my dream come true. Here you can read the wonderful discussion of Amy and me. Also very soon you will be able to get to know herself, as reading a post which I ‘cook’ for you. I’ll reveal a little secret – ‘The Way of Positive Thinking….’

EXPLANATION: I apologize, because certainly in this post there are grammatical errors – I am from Bulgaria and I do not know English perfectly.


Rossye P.



12 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You for The Past Year!

  1. Congratulations and Happy Blogerversary, sounds like a great year of blogging. You are certainly right, it is the text that is most important. I think graphics and photos are important too, but you don’t need the expensive camera or anything like that. Your blog is great and I’m glad you are enjoying it. That is the most important thing.
    Congrats, Amanda.

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    1. Aww Becky! I’m so grateful that you came across my blog and drop a comment. Thank you, so much! Yes, we all are unique, hope people know that! Xxx :))
      Sending my positive energy to you.
      Kisses, Rossye P.


  2. Congratulations on your first year of blogging! I just had my first blogging birthday last week and it’s such an amazing feeling!! I really love the way you described blogging as being like a personal diary, I always write my posts as if I am having a conversation with my readers so it is definitely true that every blogger brings something unique and personal to the table.

    I celebrated my blog’s first birthday with a MAC lipstick giveaway:http://www.clarkecouture.co.uk/2015/07/happy-1st-birthday-clarke-couture-my.html

    Toni x

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  3. A big congratulation on achieving a year in blogging and may you have many more successful blogging years to come!

    I’ve only just started mine, and even a few months in and I still can’t believe I’m still here haha..


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