#EXPLORING: Catch Up with Bulgaria’s Beautiful Nature

Hey lovely!

While looking at my unpublished posts, I came across this one. Maybe two months from now, this text was waiting its turn to be published. What am I waiting for, maybe you will ask? Frankly, I was unsure in the grammar, but I also didn’t feel ready to share it, until now. I wanted the post to be perfect. And behold, the big day comes, hehe. I was finally inspired to publish this article, as I read some of the literature of the great Bulgarian writerIvan Vazov. He describes with such mastery how the daily lives of bulgarians have passed, how they have worked and had fun. How they yearned for freedom… All of this reminded me of what an amazing weekend I spent in June with one of my best friends – Emily.

I wish and draw plans about trips for too long. I have a great desire to travel and explore my country. Bulgaria is one of the countries very rich in history. Each area tells about a battle of life and death. Mountain villages, at the time, were a shelter and refuge for young boys, yearning, for freedom.
The village I visited some time ago is also a part of the glorious past of this country.

But let’s start from the beginning. It was Friday, Emily and I could not wait to finish school,so we could spend the weekend together. And when the expected time came, we quickly exited the school, took our prepared luggage and we got into Emily’s father’s car.

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Monument Of Vasil Levski

Life with Rossye

As soon as we left the boundaries of the capital (Sofia), the beauty of nature was revealed to us. The sky was light blue and the grass contrasted with sparkling green. Pretty awesome, yes! We traveled about an hour. During this time I kept looking through the car window and I enjoyed the colors around me. I tried to capture every moment and keep it in mind. Mountains, trees, sunset, birds, sunflowers…. Just beautiful!

Once we arrived, I had the opportunity to admire the beauty of the village too. It was surrounded by the mountain. I do not find words to describe the beauty of this small but so beautiful village. Countless trees, shrubs and flowers. Rivers flowing down rapidly, as if someone was chasing them. Nature had revealed the full majesty around me. How strange I felt! Like I wasn’t in my country, but elsewhere. Indeed, the city life and biased voltage change people too much. How long had I not seen nature, a river, a beautiful sky? A night stacks of stars scattered across the sky. Simply indescribable. All of these wonderful sights are preserved in my mind and I will remember them forever.

Now, while I think of this experience I feel sad. I miss looking up at the bright blue sky with cotton clouds. But mostly, I miss looking at the sky when it was studded with countless stars at night. I felt that I could count them, but I couldn’t. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of our evening walks, but I promise that next time I will not miss to photograph anything.

I had the honor to attend a reception at the library’s concert. This year it celebrated 90 years of existence. Emily along with several girls danced traditional Bulgarian dances. In Bulgaria, each area has different traditional costumes and dances. An important addition to the traditional clothing is participants to be jolly and smiling all the time when they preform their dance.

Life with RossyeLife with Rossye  Emily

Life with Rossye



Here you can see pictures that will help you to feel the bulgarian lifestyle and culture.

In the next post I’ll tell you how I spent an afternoon hiking in Old Mountain. The beauty of the natural is indescribable! I can not wait for the next opportunity to travel and get to know the beauty and history of Bulgaria.

And you, are you ready to share all these upcoming emotions with me? If you have traveled somewhere recently, feel free to share your experience with me!

P.S. Thank you R. for your help – thanks to you this post is finally up!

4 thoughts on “#EXPLORING: Catch Up with Bulgaria’s Beautiful Nature

  1. Ooh I love a post with a quote! Aw it’s so sweet that your little sister finally got her bike! It’s lovely that she wanted something outdoorsy rather than a phone or nintendo or whatever like most kids today, she looks so chuffed! I’m so ready for Autumn now, I love it!


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    1. Awww, lovely Charlotte! Thank you soo much for your sweet comment 🙂 ahh yes, she wanted this bike for so long and now she’s really happy, and I’m happy too. About Autumn? I’m more than ready xx


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