Happy B-day To Me // ‘Stendhal Syndrome’ – Say Whaaat?!

Happy B-day R. // Life with Rossye

Hey lovely reader!
I just cannot wrap up my head around the fact that I’m 17 years old girl. Yes, lovely today’s my birthday. Isn’t it crazy how fast the time has flown by this year or is that just me? I remember how a few months ago (okaay, year ago) I celebrated my 16th birthday, how I shared my thoughts on young people and preparing to upcoming Autumn season.

And here’s again. Again is September. Again we celebrate the Autumn. And again it’s my birthday. I became 17 years old, which reminds me that soon I’ll be an adult. Next year I’ll be 18 years?!? Can you believe that, cuz I can’t?! Also this remains me that I have just two years of school life in which I have to study hard to become a student in the Uni. The University, the job and piles obligations, all expect me. I grow, I am no longer a child. I can not count on mom, I must be take all in hand and act, because life is before me.

A week ago, S. (a friend of mine) asked me if I know what I want to study at University, he asked me if I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I replied that I had already made my choice. I will study medicine. Yeess, I know it’s hard but I can handle. Besides, I want to continue to write posts, to share with you my lifetime, to get to know other people, to embrace the life!
I was immersed in this incredible world of blogging and do not want to leave it. I will continue to write and share all the moments of my life, whether they’re good or bad ones. But let us leave the future & go back to the present moment.

Surely, you wonder what’s this syndrome. Calmly, I’m fine. I feel perfect, it’s my birthday hehe. I hope you are, too!
And so.
For a long time I was thinking about what to write, what to post today. Whether to share a few personal facts about me? But I already shared a similar post to you, and you can have a sneak peek at it here. Maybe to tell you about the things I love? Food, fashion, cosmetics. What’ll it be?
Eventually, I decided to tell you about one of my passion. A lot of time I was wondering if my passion cares a name. As we all know – “I who seeks, finds” (excuse me, but I am not sure if I translate the phrase correctly) and I found it.

While looking through my Instagram, I came across a picture with a long inscription below. After reading the text, I felt very happy.

And here is the text:
“Have you heard of Stendhal Syndrome? Basically it’s when someone becomes so enraptured by the beauty of a piece of art, or the beauty of their surroundings, that they loose sense of time, hunger, and can even develop a rapid heartbeat… “

Life with Rossye

My passion is a syndrome. However syndrome is an overstatement because it sounds too dramatic, but … Here I am, writing about my syndrome, my passion. So, what is my passion you guess? The sky!

I love watching at the sky. Depending on the season, whether it is day or night, sky reveals its incredible beauty every time. I just can not resist it. We all know that the color of the sky is blue, but not always. The sky is a palette of colors that change constantly. I once asked my grandmother how, the sky turns in pink color sometimes, and she told me that this happens before a strong wind. Wow, the view it’s incredible.
Well, in the morning when the sun rises, the sky changes its color again. And when the sun prepares to set… frankly, this is my favorite view.
My balcony overlooks the west, so I have the great opportunity to enjoy every sunset. The view is indescribable. On blue sky intertwine warm colors, namely shades stacks of yellow, orange, red, green, purple. And maybe other colors that my eye can not distinguish. A breathtaking view that makes my lips to be bent in the shape of a smile.
Sunset pleases me a lot, and after the sun completely hidden from view, stars begin to appear one by one on the already deep blue sky. And so another dose of ecstasy. And so, I’m watching the stars, as well as flying planes.

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

I live near the airport, so I can see planes passing constantly. They take off and land. Again lovely views. So this is my passion. As looking at the sky every night, I calm down and enjoy the beauty of the sky.
Also I love clouds. They are white like a cotton, in various forms that make your imagination run of strong turnover.

Life with Rossye
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Colored sky, twinkling stars, flying planes, clouds, this is art. And this art enjoyed my eyes for years. To be exact for 17 years.
And you? What is your passion? On what view you enjoy? Do you love watching the sky as I do? Tell me in the comments below.

P. S. Please excuse my not-so-grammatically correct post. Hope you understand me.

P.P.S My lovely friend A. posted her 1st vlog. Perfect B-day gift, yees. Follow her experiences on YouTube


Rossye P.


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