The Healthiest Bread You Ever Ate!

Heyaaa peeps!

If you are looking for an easy way to cook a tasty and healthy bread, be sure that in this post is hidden your dream recipe, hehe. But first, let me apologize to all vegans out there, because this recipe doesn’t suit your teste.

So, are you tired of eating white bread? Yes, I know it’s delicious, especially when your toast is spread with jam or peanut butter. Or you’re a fan of the diversity of black breads, which are becoming more prevalent and are loved by many.
Honestly, I love black bread, especially when there are piles of various seeds – flax seed, poppy seed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and etc. The seeds add amazing flavor of the bread. They are also very useful. If you didn’t know that, now you do. Seeds are an integral part of well-balanced, plant-based diet, or for any diet. From the right kinds of fat to fiber-y goodness, to protein lifts, these amazing seeds provide a nicely capsized power of nutrients to boost muscle growth and provide lost of energy. So isn’t a bad idea to get the lowdown on some seeds?
Cumin seeds – rich in iron, help to colds, ease digestive disorders and are natural anti-septic.
Flax seeds – they are renown for the fiber content, they are high in Omega 3’s, antioxidants, they assist in lowering blood sugar.
Hemp seeds – they offer to us a mega-dose of magnesium, have a nice ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids to Omega 6 fatty acids, which assists in good heart health.
Pumpkin seeds – aww these ones are an Autumn-lover’s dream. They are a source of vitamin E, protein, potassium, which boost the antioxidant content.

I also like black bread with carrots. Yes with grated carrots! I know it sounds strange, but it is soo tasty. You need to try!

Life with Rossye

To prepare the dough for this bread you need only eggs, cottage cheese and oat flakes. Almost, everything is done by eye. But to navigate you, for the dough you need – three eggs, four tablespoons of cottage cheese, and put oat flakes until the mixture resembled to dough. If is necessary add a cup of water. Once the dough is ready let it stand for an hour. You can leave the dough for a whole day in the fridge, nothing will happens to it.

Life with Rossye

After staying for an hour, soak it with water and shape it as you want. Then sprinkle it with sunflower seeds and put it to bake at 220 degrees Celsius. Bake until the bread obtain a nice yellow color, you’ll know when it is ready, I’m sure. You don’t need to be a chef, each would handle with the preparation of such bread.
If you want you can put seeds in the dough, no matter what they will be. Experiment!
And after the bread is ready, it’s time to munch it with a bowl of yogurt, cuz I like it this way.
Hope you enjoy reading this recipe and maybe you will want to prepare it?!
Wish you a great day!

Lots of Love & Positive Vibes,

Rossye P.


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