How Long Will You Wait To Come That ‘SOMEONE’?

Hey lovely! After a break I come back to blogging. Today’s weather is gloomy and depressing, but that will not prevent my Monday Inspiration.

While cleaning dust from the furniture this weekend, I heard a song, unfamiliar to me – ‘I love myself’. This song made me wonder whether I love myself, whether I have time for myself, whether I do anything for me, anything to give me pleasure, to make me happy. Have you ever thought about this?

Here’s how an ordinary day, for most people, goes. And some of my days goes like thisas well, somehow:

5 in the morning and the alarm goes on. You quickly stop it for five more minutes of sleep, which seems like just a second, because once again the ‘annoying alarm’ clock reminds you that you must GET UP. Ultimately, no matter how much you do not want to leave the warm bed, you get up and go to the bathroom. You wash your eyes and teeth. Then you go to the kitchen, make breakfast and a big shot of coffee, which you hope will fully awake you. You turn the TV on to hear the morning news. While listening to what’s new, you are wondering what to wear. After a long selection, dressing and looking infront of the mirror, you are finally ready. You had your breakfast and drank the coffee quickly. You stand before the mirror for one last look – perfume, makeup, hairstyle. You’re ready! Now quickly go out, it’s not good to be late for work. 

So maybe, that’s how your morning passes, and at work, in most cases, the only thing on your mind when you get there , is the lunch break. And after you’ve eaten, all you can think about , is when it will be 5pm. in order for you to go home. And what do you do when you get home? Or you do not get home right away, because you will go to fitness / yoga / zumba? Or you will have a date with your loved one? Or you are going to an opening? Or maybe the couch, the TV and the popcorn are expecting you?

It will not be wrong to say that most people’s lives have become so dreary, boring and ordinary that they themselves have become the same. How sad, eh? They have forgotten to live, to have fun, to go out and about, to explore. They have forgotten to love themselves. And maybe I’ve forgot myself too. Nothing exciting happens, nothing that will make us smile. We are always waiting for someone to ask us on a date, someone else to invite us to go out on Friday night, always waiting for someone else to make the first step. And what do we do? We sit at home, most likely, eating something and complaining about what a boring life we are living. Really?

And for how long? When you love somebody you’re trying your best to do everything for them, right? You want them to be happy. You give them gifts, invite them to dinner and things like that. And all of this because you love them. And do you love yourself? If you do, make everything possible so that you and you alone, can feel special and happy. Do not wait for others to do so because such person may never show. So you go for it. Go for it NOW. Go out, have fun, do some sports, travel, rediscover the world that surrounds you. Because you have the brush, the paint and the canvas. You paint, you create, you decide whether to stay home or go out. You come first and have to show that you love yoursef. And after “you fall in love” with yourself, there’s not a chance for someone not to fall in love with you, as well. Once you change your outlook, lifestyle and the people around you, everything will change in the way you demand it. So, love yourself. Be happy for who you are, doesn’t matter if you’re thin or fat, short or tall, rich or poor. You’re you. A unique person, there’s no one like you. As my mom says – you have five fingers on your hand, and neither one of them is similar to the other.

Have a great week ahead!


Life with Rossye

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