HOW TO: Get out from your comfort zone & blog your thoughts out

Hey lovely!

After a long time spent in fluctuations, I finally decided to share some of my advice about blogging. In this new series of posts, I’ll share what I’ve learned about blogging.

I have learned many of the things thanks to other bloggers. So, more than a year in this wonderful world called ‘blogging’ I learned many things, some of which I still cannot apply. But I’m happy because I didn’t gave up because my English is not perfect.  But let’s start from the beginning … The inspiration offers you two choices – to open the door and begin your adventure or never open. If you take the first decision, then you’re welcome. Already a step forward, but there are still many. For me, the inspiration to run a blog came from another blogger. Really gorgeous women with very big ambitions. But I do not want to talk about her now. I mentioned this fact because a week ago a girl wrote me a message in Instagram. She wrote me that I have inspired her to make her own blog.

Frankly when I read this message, I wanted to fly from happiness. It’s like a dream come true and that I finally inspired someone. For this reason I created this series of posts – as far as I can help her and others who want to run a blog, but don’t know how or maybe they think they can’t. As I mentioned, when you have inspiration, you do not leave it but decide what to write about. You can choose from many options:

If your understanding on how to combine clothes is good, if you know any tricks on how to dress so you can look higher or lower, how to emphasize the good body’s shapes. If really fashion is your passion and you are interested in the latest trends and collections, then you safely can create your fashion blog where you can write about all of this. (#bloggers)

But if makeup is your passion. If you know how to apply makeup, what products to use, how to highlight your eyes or your lips and other similar tricks, then you’re the pearson who can run a beauty blog. (bbloggers)

Of course, if you love to cook, if you know some quick, easy and healthy recipes. If the food is what makes you happy. You’ll be a part of food bloggers community. (fdbloggers)

Or maybe you want to write about your life, about the things that you experienced, the lessons that you’ve learned, then take a pen and paper and start to create your book, as one of the lifestyle bloggers out there, as me. (lbloggers)

Also, if you love and fashion, makeup, food and writing about yourself, do it. Share your thoughts, desires and ideas with your readers. However, they will want to know what kind of person you are, and believe me it will not happen with one ’10 random facts about me’ post. They will need to read more and more, and after each new post they will get to know you more. For that my advice is to get out from your comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. Be original, genuine and mostly yourself. Be aware why you make this blog, about what you want to write, what you expect to achieve with it. Whether the blog will be only hobby or business. I do know that the thing you want to achieve with your blog’s success. The most successful are often those with the most likes, comments and followers. But to achieve all this requires some work. I personally do not belong to these. My success are the people I met through the blog and the lessons learned through it again.

But about how to have a lot of traffic, a lot of likes, followers and comments you will see in the next series. Sure is interesting how I will talk about likes and followers on the condition that I haven’t so many. Well the answer is that I know some tricks, some of which I do not have the opportunity to apply. Next Monday I will talk about the platforms that you can use and social networking accounts.

Have a great week ahead!


Life with Rossye

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