‘Thinking about the past…’

S. woke up in the morning and made herself a large dose of coffee before heading to the balcony and lighting a cigarette. Yes, she smoked. Maybe not because she liked to smoke, but simply because it was fashionable and she wanted to blend in with the crowd … ahh, I could not even understand but it was no secret except to her parents.

While watching the sunrise, S. tried to remember what she had dreamed of that night … Any flashes. Did she remember? After a few hours I would understand.

As she stood before the mirror, choosing her ‘perfect clothes’, I dressed quickly and headed to her flat. Her flat was near to mine, so we spent every morning together. She made a cup of tea for me then we watched a show. We talked, shared a lot of stories, laughed and cried. We were very close friends. But this was all before, in the past.

Now we’re not even talking. We pass like road signs.

But you know, I do not hate her. I have nothing against her.

She changed, as did I. We grew up, we headed in different directions.

However, I am happy for her. I see her side-she is happy. Honestly, I’m as happy as she is. In recent years she has experienced many love thrills and disappointments. There was a period in which her great love child was with her. But it all ended when she realized that she didn’t love him as she once did before. Then she was with a boy who picked the stars from the sky for her, but he was not what she wanted.

Regardless of past experiences, if you want something, it will happen. And this happened. She found the LOVE. The ONE & ONLY, I think.

A year ago or maybe even longer, she told me about a boy – her “summer love”. This “summer love” ostensibly for several months, has become something Big and Real.

Recently when we spoke, she told me that she’s really happy and in love with him. She told me that she felt the butterflies in the stomach.

And now, years later, I see that she shines. She was like a withered flower that finally got water and light. She truly felt in love and to the right person.

And I’m happy and thankful that I was having a friend like her. Because she was really special, she always helped me, she always was with me. I’m sure that if one day we meet again, everything will start again. Our friendship was really strong, but there are always bad people who want to spoil the good relations.

I hope that you liked this short story. Believe me there is much more to tell. Speak soon next time.


Rossye P. 

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