A little flashback.

So … hellooo! It’s been a long time since I’ve published anything new. I’m sorry. But I decided it would be best to give myself a little break and to spend the last two months with my family, and all my school obligations, of course, hehe.

So… Happy New Year! I wish you health, free time for dreaming and forces to make them come true. Be happy and surrounded by positive people. Today I decided to go back in time. In the recent 2015. Believe me, this year just flew. Everything happened very quickly. Even I was left surprised when it became January. I just can’t wrap my head around that fact, you know!? In Bulgaria, this year winter has struck quite late. Even in December we enjoyed the sun and heat. On one hand this is good, the other not. But honestly I do not like snow. I like winter because of family holidays and Christmas and all the presents we receive.

One of my favorite month is December. During this period, typically in the style of one Virgo, I start to analyze what happened, how it happened and why it happened. I am extremely grateful for all of the opportunities, for new meetings, for all lessons, for all late nights spent in conversations with my mom. Just for everything. It was a good year. And to be really honest everything I wished in 2015 happened to me. Well, almost everything. I have two more wishes. And I do not lose hope that they will come true as well as others.

And speaking of desires … this year I also have a ‘wishlist’. And no matter how selfish it is, I want more things related to me. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned, for this reason I want to be more careful. I want to learn to recognize people better. I want to be not so naive and friendly with everyone. I want to learn to think for myself, too. Not only for others but for myself. And when I see that someone doesn’t think and does not care for me, I’ll simply leave. I will not miss them, nor will they miss me too.

I am extremely emotional and I often rush into things. Sometimes I’m not thinking enough about the words that I say, so I hurt my loved ones. For this reason I want to became more calm. To think and listen more than talk. I want to be patient and to act without nerves.
And yes..I think, that’s all. And what about the other things? I will send ‘an express order’ to the Universe. ‘Your thoughts become things’. The only thing you have to do is to pay attention.

P.S. This year I have prepared many new posts. We will talk about friendship, relationships with parents, some interesting tips and tricks, stories from my life, and of course my new passion.

Speak soon 🙂



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