C’est Moi & I’m Back In The Game

It was Saturday. Mom had a little work around the city so my sister and I were in a park. As she swung on the swing, I chat with a friend of mine. We discussed things about the blog. She was interested when I’ll be back again, when I’ll write again. Maybe that was the moment I said – go ahead, you have to do it!

I put my blogging hat on my head and took pen and paper, you know I’m a traditional paper and pen kinda gal hehe. And I wrote this. MOI finally did it! This ‘welcome back’ post is here for you lovely reader and I can’t be more thankful and grateful for this. Finally I feel myself inspired, I feel pleasure from being in contact with you. Finally I am one hundred percent sure what brings me great pleasure.

Last year was a great adventure. Life itself is an adventure, right? Very interesting things happened, I experienced incredible emotions, I met new people, I tried new things. I read somewhere that you first have to lose yourself to find yourself. I think that’s what I did. I lost myself.

Let’s go along. I let my intuition guide me. I gave liberty to the inner man in me to live my life. I’ve changed. Yes! I see it every day. I change. Along the years I altered my tastes, habits, inclinations, desires, my appearance. Every morning I look in the mirror and fall in love with myself more and more. Eyebrows, eyes, smile, that small dimple in my chin (do not even know how it came, but adore it so much). It sounds a little selfish, but you must have to love yourself first, so you can allow others to love you too, right?

What has changed you probably ask? So much things. My whole character and worldview. I no longer trust so easily to people, I do not share the stories and secrets of mine to everyone ( I guard moments for myself and my close friends). All desires and intentions about my future changed too. I know really what I want to study at university. I know what I want to work, where to live, how to handle alone.

In this one year I fell in love even more with English. I want to improve my knowledge, to work hard and travel. Mentally in my head I have already identified quite destinations – United States (New York), Jamaica, France, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium. I want to get to know the culture. France and Jamaica – I am attracted to these countries recently. I like the French language, the architecture of Paris, I want to try their specialties, to see the Eiffel Tower and much more things.

Jamaica – ahh, their dialect, the way they pronounce those words, their manners, reggae music, dancing. This is my passion, this is like gangster type, you know. I feel this in my blood.

I have so many things to tell you and look forward to hear your feedback. I start everything from the beginning, I turned a new white sheet of my ‘life book’. Time to start writing it. Very glad that you will be a part of it too. I’ll talk about my food adventure, training & workouts, makeup and hairstyles, few fashion tips are always welcome and of course about my life – adventures, events, inspirational things, thoughts about this and that. Cuz this is Life with Rossye.

Welcome back!




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