My mother! My hero!

Wha’Gwan sweetie? Oh,my bad you know my new passion – jamaican dialect. In other words ‘what’s going on?’

Today is a very special day for me. My 18th birthday. Ahh… time flies very quickly. Oddly, but I do not feel anything different. I would not say that I’m felling myself like an adult, because I grew up long time ago. But today I do not want to talk about me, my life, what I have learned, and bunch of other details related to me.

Today I want to devote a few lines of words for the most special person in my life. That’s right – my mother!

Here you can read some cheeky random facts about her.Let’s get started – 18 facts about my mommy on my 18 B-day:

1. Blue eyes, light brown hair ( principle her natural color is blonde ) and an incredible smile. She is so beautiful.

2. Sweet, calm and caring person. If there is any problem, she selects the right words to cheer you up.

3. Helps everyone in everything – choice of gifts, recipe for a delicious meal, repairing an appliance, she is always here.

4. A strong woman who knows how to handle in any situation alone.

5. A woman or a man? There is no job that she can not cope – screwdrivers, nails, screws, hammers – if you need to repair or assemble something just call her – she knows how.

6. Workaholic – yeeess. She is simply in love with her job and she gives nearly all her energy which is incredible.

7. She always has an original idea that knows how to make it happen.

8. Goddess in the kitchen. She knows how to please my every desire. Mom’s secret ingredient is called love.

9. She is the funniest person I have ever met. She knows many jokes and banter. She can change her voice and make different faces. Sometimes I wonder why not become a comedian or actress “why mom, why not?”

10. She has a positive attitude towards everything that happens. Positive mind = positive life – as simple as that.

11. Ladies and gentlemen – my personal hairdresser, makeup artist and manicurist. She does all that work with a lot of pleasure.( You can check my Instagram here to see )

12. Fashion stylist. It’s nice to know that your mother loves Fashion TV as much as you do. Also for her it’s important how she looks – clothes, shoes and accessories.

13. A lover of tea, funny movies, long walks, hiking in the mountains, breathing fresh air and that feeling ‘I don’t care’.

14. She is never ever late no matter what, she is always there. (me too hehe).

15. She has claustrophobia which means she doesn’t like elevators and aircrafts.

16. Not everyone likes to clean, right? Well this does not apply for my mom. She is a perfectionist. She aways keeps everything on point, to looks good, smells clean and fresh.

17. She likes to read relevant literature including facts about the man and his thinking. Also listening to music while driving.

18. She is amazing person – my mother, my best friend, my everything!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Now I’m off to celebrate the day. Lots of kisses and hugs.





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