A few days before my B-day + What I received


MOI experienced Saturn hole

Well, not just a few days. I would say a few straight weeks. But what happened? Let me explain. I do not know if you know, but for some time I have been interested in astrology. Along with the signs, I’m trying to figure out more about the planets and how they influence us. Today it’s all about the close relationship between the planets and signs, and no it’s not astronomy. (I’m admitting that astronomy is my other weakness, because God damn who doesn’t want to understand why we are here, what happened, the Big Bang, is there another life in this Cosmos, you know everything about this – I’m so curious hehe).

So, today we will talk about the Saturn hole / crisis. Although its effects last for 40 days before man’s birthday, I felt ‘The big’ difference three weeks ago. Saturn is a symbol of the difficulties in life and responsibilities. This period is critical for the relationships between people, making decisions and any other activities, feeling of dissatisfaction and falling into unpleasant situations. Obviously we are all different and we experience similar cataclysms differently.

And guess what my Saturn hole included?

1. Changes in my diet. One morning I woke up and decided that I would get some ‘fruit and vegetables’ kind of week (veganism). Frankly I am happy, because long ago I wanted to try and see how it will affect me. The result is clear body and skin. I definitely fell in love with these smoothies and baked vegetables. ( You can check my Instagram and see what I ate ) Yum!

However! Two days before the birthday of my sister I began to lose appetite. On Monday I did not eat anything all day. (August 22 – the cub turned 9 years.) Only in the evening we have stepped out to celebrate her birthday with a few friends, then of course I ate, but frankly it wasn’t tasty. So all week – no appetite, just a light dinner to have something in my tummy so my muscles can work. Yes, during the entire period I had enough strength and energy to workout for 1 or 2 hours. Now this week my appetite is already returning, but my motivation and energy to workout leaves me day after day. Ah, what’s happening again?

2. Changes in diet have led to me feeling bad even when I sniff food. Imagine what efforts I gave every morning to prepare something for my sister. Strange! For joy at the moment I have no such problems.

3. Restless sleep. Definitely for two weeks my best friend was Insomnia. It was extremely difficult for me to sleep, I get up super early without the help of an alarm and even in the moments that I wanted to sleep … oh, that just did not happened. People how do you deal with this?

So it was a mix of the period when you’re pregnant and PMS, but longer and more bizzare. Because when you are in your PMS you want to eat pizza, sandwiches, ice cream, chocolate, but I don’t want to eat anything. Even I think I stopped my enormous love with chocolate. I already can live without you Mr. Choco! (Unless this is a result of Saturn hole or retrograde Mercury – who knows?)

As final soothing words – I sleep and eat with no problem. Is this strange period over? I just hope the answer is yes. And you? How did you feel before your birthday? Have you noticed any changes? Let me know in the comments below.



MOI is having fun with her close friends



My mother gave me something unique – pictures and a message in an amazing framework. Also ‘Scholl Express Pedi’ with diamond crystals – something I wanted for a long time.




French designed box with notes, rubber ‘For Really Big Mistakes’, metal box for tea and aromatic sticks from Desi.



Lovely mug from Radina.


Sunnies from my lovely sister.

And a lovely dinner out with friends, eating home-made cheesecake by my mom, drinking wine whilst telling stories from the past…



Et voilà!


Here is themoment to mention the incredible wishes I received from my favorite people.

Thank you all so much!

You rock!






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4 thoughts on “A few days before my B-day + What I received

  1. I can’t say I know much about all the astrology meanings or the planet alignments but that’s quite interesting. You’re obviously very intrigued by it! Keep up with it since the way you explained it does make some sense even to me.
    These are such cute gifts for your birthday! I hope it was absolutely wonderful! (: Handmade cheesecake is the best. That’s the way to celebrate!

    Single Vegas Girl

    Liked by 1 person

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