Saturday Strolling Around The City #OOTD || Meet BG YouTubers

Hey lovely one! I really wanted to do something as a recap of the fashion trends this summer but these days all my inspiration and motivation to write went on a vacation hehe… Anyway I always have plan B.

Last Saturday was a busy day filled with many emotions, walks, talks, photos … Somewhere a month ago Annie and I planned to go to the event organized for Bulgarian YouTubers. I told myself that this is a perfect opportunity to socialize, meet new people and inspire myself.
The event aimed to bring together many people who share videos on various topics. Starting from lifestyle, trips, vlogs, through tricks, life hacks, funny stuff and reaching to all this so popular beauty videos.

To be honest and fair with you, I will divide the description of the event in two parts:

1. Visual picture in my head.

Considering that I’ve seen other events of other bloggers and vloggers, I began to imagine what this event could be. I expected a large hall where there will be tables filled with food and some drinks, seating, music posters. Separate tables and chairs for celebrities. Cameras. Good attitude. Any speech by any vlogger – what inspired him, why does he do it and what keeps him going?

2. Reality.

Let me start from the beginning, boarding the subway … By any chance Annie and I were in the same subway, but we found out about that later. We agreed that we need an hour before the event to have time to talk and took pictures. Walking along the street Vitosha, the sun caressing us with its warm rays, the people were happy, all enjoyed the good weather.

Snap here, snap there …



Hobo by Gesia Firenze | Boots by CAFeNOIR | Dress by H&M | Raincoat by Reserved

By the way I changed my outfit minutes before leaving home, but thanks to my mom I think it was pretty cool and classy. But boots with heels were not a good idea because I spent about three or four hours on foot …

It is time to find the building and meet our ‘stars’ …

WOW ….

And here all my present collapsed in a million pieces. Yes, in the description of the event they said that the place is on the ground floor, but they could do more about it to look like an actual event. There were fences and security, which I think was superfluous. Literally as you enter in front of you the only thing you could see was a crowd of screaming teenagers. Annie and I were in shock.

So hubbub, no patience.

I had the feeling I’m on a concert of Beyoncé or Rihanna ( maybe then I’d shout ). The situation was even more tense by the fact that we stood in line, waiting to get to the ‘celebrities’. After about 40 minutes, struggling with impatient people around us, came our turn (yey I guess or nah). Luckily on the entrance where they handed out posters, there was a smiling girl. As soon as we go through, another girl came and asked us for a photo. (A good start). Quickly made myself a way to the vlogger for whom I came. Overall I wanted to do an interview with her, but with so many fans out there… we managed to swap a few words … I gave up for now, maybe in the future.

Annie’s thoughts:

The Youtube event in Saturday left me with a lot of mixed feelings. I was poorly organized and we had to wait in a queue for half an hour while some vloggers were alone. Also most of the fan base on the meeting was between the ages of 10 and 14. Typical fangrils who are noisy, scream a lot without a reason and basically act like brainwashed children. Despite of that I was happy I could meet Chris Zahariev, a youtuber with great social projects and a really positive attitude. He inspires me to grow and just make progress in life. One of my favourite videos that he made was ”You are the solution”, where he talks about how you shouldn’t wait around for change to happen, you need to make it yourself.

We got autographs and we left …

Finally fresh air and quiet! A few more pictures …



Overall I have mixed feelings. Both I’m glad I attended the event and I met the girl, but I am also disappointed by the organization itself. I would like to organize something, I have ideas. And one day that will happen. Now I look forward to events for bloggers, which I strongly hope to be a part of.

Have you attended an event like this before? How was it? Did you enjoy it?



Rossye – founder and writer of ‘Life with Rossye’ | Annie – editor-in-chef 

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