What To Eat Whilst…?

Wha’ gwan sweetie?

After a long and busy week, I finally have some time for you cuz I missed you. For quite a while I was working on various projects. I have a lot of ideas for new and cheeky posts, I am constantly shooting and editing photos, maintaining all social accounts … Basically, I am trying to combine many things – time for family and friends, school, preparation for exams and my upcoming prom ( to be honest my mommy deals with the last one), social networks and …. no time for me. I feel quite tired sometimes, others I’m super energetic and I want to do many things, but also those I-dont-want-to-do-anything times come and I just want to lie down, read an inspiring book or watch a funny movie ( currently obsessed with Sex and The City ). However, I managed to steal a few minutes in which I wrote these lines, aye!

Today’s post represents my suggestions for healthy snacks between meals. We all spend most of the day out – office, school, university, business meetings with clients, etc, etc … A casual morning breakfast often is a cup of coffee and a croissant from the nearby bakery. Sounds delicious, right? But what foods do we take then?


If you work in an office certainly you have at least one of these machines in which there are all kinds of unhealthy delicacies. And certainly quite often you buy something from them. However until lunch or dinner there’s so much time … you have to distract hunger somehow, right? Yep, I feel you. So, I have prepared a few suggestions that might help you in those moments when hunger is stronger than you.

1. Fruits – tasty, easy to store and rich in variety of vitamins. I most often pick to school apples, bananas, oranges and tangerines. You can select your favorite fruit that will always be there for you, to save you, hehe.

2. Vegetables – may sound a little strange, but why not? The first place takes the carrot, which is rich in many vitamins and helps improve vision. It is time for us to become bunnies, shall we?

3. Nuts – of course, nuts are convenient, delicious and very filling. I recommend to take a handful of hazelnut / almond / walnut. Choose your favorite nuts, put a bag in one of the drawers in the office and save it for a rainy day.

4. Dried fruits – my favorites are apricot and plum. Quite often I eat 2 or 3 at 10 am, which saves me till lunch.

5. Oatmeal cookies / einkorn sticks – look for them in the booth with diet products. They are extremely healthy and filling.


6. Granola/ musli bars with fruit and chocolate – again located somewhere around the dietary stands, super delicious, easily transportable and storable, they’re always welcome when hunger is knocking on the door.

Well these are my ideas for snacks between meals.

I hope that my ideas were helpful. Tell me what you love to take to work / school / university? Next time I will share with you what’s my breakfast in the morning that keeps me full for a long time.

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