#DIY: Last Minute Gifts Wrapping

The holidays officially had began. There is no better time than now for hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, movies, and for nestling in warm socks in front of the TV.

December is a magical month. It adds a cozy feel and a sense of protection and tenderness, at the same time it brings a touch of sadness because there is the end of another year. Time flies. New goals and desires are here to be set and demolished. New peaks to conquer. Everything starts from the beginning. Ah…it becomes very nostalgic…

I do not know about you, but I always prepare gifts at the last minute. I make plans, I have ideas and finally it does not work as I had been scheduled months ago. But that does not matter. In today’s post I’ll show you what I made for my girlfriends with the materials at hand that I found home. Extremely simple, yet good looking. At least I think so?

If you are like me and you still aren’t ready with some of presents or do not know what to buy, I think I can help you. A month ago I bought these little gifts already packaged in a standard American Christmas bag. However, in order to please someone you do not need to buy something big. The respect is important.


I, however, at the last moment decided that I can not give just that. However, what is a Christmas gift without something sweet? So I decided to tuck a few wafers in tselufan, a small ribbon and my small gift is already set.


Time for cards…


This year I bought inspiration from Pinterest ( you can follow me here ) and I think I did pretty good. For those of you who have more resources, opportunities and time to make something even more special here you can see more ideas for wrapping gifts and handmade cards.

Brown paper and foliage gift wrap here

And other amazing ideas here


I promise that next year I will be prepared in advance.

Now I have to go cuz the school is calling me, because I have a Spanish test. It is the last resort for this academic year.

Wish me luck 🙂

Have an amazing Christmas and happy holidays from me and my crew who help me maintaing my site.

Hugs and kisses,


NOTE: This post was edited by Christina – thank you lovely ❤

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