Time To Start Over or Simply To Continue?

Again this time. The last month of the year. The last day of the last month. The last hours in which we all do a reckoning. Do not forget about the bonus second…


Once again we face the door of the new year, turning back and thinking … 366 days have passed away. Did I change something? Did I cross a task from my To-Do list? Did I implement any dream? Am I happy?

You ask yourself these questions every year. Answers…

Whatever happened this year every time we say OK STOP. We put an end. We leave everything in the old year. We start over.

And why should we start over every year?

Anyway, all the emotion, motivation and inspiration of our so-called new life lasts several days. Then everything comes back to normal. One does not change in a split second. It is built day after day, year after year. Being improved. And every time he wants to be a better version of himself.

So let today, the last day of 2016 not to give empty promises about great changes. We have enough time to act. 12 months. And a lifetime. Let’s make a list of desires goals as we do every year. Take a sheet of paper and a pen. Write down everything that you want to run in the new year. Make sure this list is anywhere near your bed, bedside for example. Read it every night before falling asleep. So you will not forget your goals. You will never lose your faith. You will fight. In order for the end of 2017, the list is filled.

Are you ready for real change?

It is time to act, because if you do not, then no one else will fulfill your desires.

I wish you all a warm, calm night, with much emotion and excitement. Cheerfully welcome the new year. Be healthy, happy and very loved!



Rossye – founder and writer of ‘Life with Rossye’ | Annie – editor-in-chef | Read more here

9 thoughts on “Time To Start Over or Simply To Continue?

  1. I’ve actually started a list of goals this year that I want to accomplish for well – this year. I have them in my office since that’s where I spend most of my time. I figured that I needed something writing and in my face so that I can remember what I have planned.

    I love making tasks and lists but I fail at completing them. Oops?

    I love the empowerment that I felt at the end of this post. Very – let’s go out and get this year by the horns and make it ours! Huzzah!

    Lol. Thanks for this. I needed a “go get them” moment.


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