My Workout Routine + Playlists

Long planned post. I am glad that I will finally share with you what exercises I do. While still I do not have that dream figure – tight abs, nice legs, booty, for now I enjoy my body curves.

After all, to get the body you want you have to train hard. Constantly. No Excuses. Without giving up. The results are not instant. It takes time, so you must be purposeful. Do not forget to motivate yourself...

So… I get up in the morning really early (around 6:30am). Like that I have enough time to do everything planned. The first thing on my To-Do list is my morning workout. I put on something comfortable – shorts, tank top or my favorite slimming vest body shaper from VRSfashion, and a slimmer belt. I take the headset and the phoneEt voilà! – I am ready.

First things first. I warm up with some stretching.

For more than seven months, every morning before I eat or drink anything, I do the following exercises here . The goal is simple: 5 exercises with 21 repetitions each. Of course at the beginning you can start with 3 to 5 repetitions and gradually increase until you reach the target. It is not easy, but it is achievable. Be persistent.

After I finish with these exercises, I need one or two songs, I continue with the others. I warm up my abdominal muscles too with 100 crunches – 1×30, 3×20, break in which I do bicycle for 2-3 minutes, 1×10. Then I do 3×10 bridges – a way to lift that butt hehe. For these exercises I need max 5 songs. My motivator in most cases is Young JeezyMy Hood, Air Forces, Put On, Me OK, By The Way, Ballin’, but I also recommend YG ( Who Do You Love?, You Broke, Twist My Fingaz, Why You Always Hatin?, Still Brazy, One Time Comin, Really Be, Left,Right ), Tyga ( Wake Up In It, Throw It Up, Hijack, Get Rich, Don’t hate Tha Playa, Faded, Clique ), 50 cent ( P.I.M.P., Just A Lil Bit, Get Up, I Get Money, How We Do ), The Game ( Ali Bomaye, All Eyez, Roped Off, Ryda, El Chapo, T.H.O.T. ), Eminem ( Mockingbird, Berzek, Survival, The Way I am, You Don’t Know ), Dr. Dre ( The Next Episode, Kush, California Love, Medicine Man ). I need mighty motivation, so I choose songs with good bass, rhythm, and fast singing – like I have a coach over my head that whoop me up to keep going. Also these songs fill me with strength and I do not feel any fatigue.

Then I am switching to ‘basic’ exercise. It depends on what I want to focus – legs, backs of arms, booty, inner thigh, core, abs, back.

Abs Workout 10 mins here

Arm Fat 12 mins here

Butt Workout 13 mins here

Burning Colories 9 mins here

Cardio Workout 9 mins here

Thigh Exercises 12 mins here

Legs Workout 10 mins here

*I do a lot of challenges, get your inspiration from here *

For this purpose I prepare the next dose of songs. If the exercises are intensive and hard I prefer to continue to listen to the sigers mentioned before. But if I do something less burdensome I bet on Nicki Minaj ( Black Barbies, Super Bass, Muny, Gun Shot, Young Forever ), Rihanna ( Consideration – inspired post here, Woo, Needed Me, Desperado, Pose, Numb, Phresh Out The Runway ), Bruno Mars ( 24K Magic, Uptown Funk, Billionaire), M.I.A. ( Paper Planes, Bad Girls ), Yo Gotti ( Down In The DM, Rihanna ), Niykee Heaton ( Bad Intentions ), etc., etc. I bet on the funny, good-sounding songs.

I do my ‘basic’ workout for about 20 minutes when I don’t have more time or after a heavy training.

Similar training I do 3 times a week ( I am talking about a heavy, 40+ mins workout ). This includes a variety of Tae Bo and Zumba videos that I find on YouTube.

Tae Bo – highly recommend. There are various videos with interesting exercises. There are short and long sessions, with focus on different muscle groups. Most importantly, it can be practiced at home smoothly. You need a little space, desire, water bottle and a towel.

Tae Bo Full Body Fat Blaster 50+ mins here

Tae Bo Full Workout Advanced 30 mins here

Tae Bo Body Shape Upper Body 20 mins here

Tae Bo Ab Burner 10 mins here

Tae Bo Butt & Lower Body 10 mins here

Tae Bo Punch Out 8 mins here

Zumba also is my favorite, considering how much I love to dance. The movements are close to the Latin dances that are just amazing.

Zumba Dance Workout For Beginners 18 mins here

Zumba Warm Up 5 mins here

Soca Dance 25 mins here

Latin Dance Cardio 25+ mins here

Brazilian Booty Burn Workout 10 mins here

Zumba Dance Workout 3+ mins here

For me is difficult to find interesting videos. In most cases I am freestyling these songs on my own – subscribe to my YT channel and have fun with this playlist.

Plus, new favorite – P I L A T E S

This workout is dope, try it here

After all the energy, burned calories and sweat, it’s time for another stretching sesh with which I end my morning workout.

If you use any app like S Health it will be great too. It will follow your activity and will calculate your burned calories.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any Qs ask me in the comments below, also share with us your workout routine.



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11 thoughts on “My Workout Routine + Playlists

  1. I definitely need your workout motivation! I hardly ever work out but would like to more often. I can’t believe you’ve stuck with it for 7 months though, crazy!! Good on you, great post lovely.
    Elen x

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