‘An Eye-Opening Friendship’

You can read part 1 of my 'School Life' story here

                       …How many friends did you have in your life? Do you keep in touch with all of them? Do you regret the lost friendship?

I personally have had about 10 ‘best friends’ for those nearly 19 years of my life, and frankly I do not talk to anyone at the moment. Different interests, just growing up, changing the city, moving to another school, there are many factors that have influenced it.

2015 was the year of opening the eyes. By this time I had my own ideas, dreams, beliefs, goals, and then everything changed. That summer I started working in the company where my mom works. The work I did, the people I used to communicate with, the friendships I made, all this made me open my eyes and see good what friendship is at all.

Then, when I started school in September, I was no longer the same person.

The high school itself, in which I was studying, enables after the 10th grade to choose a profiled education on given subjects – in this case – geography, history and mathematics. So in 2015 I split up with the class and the people with whom we were together from the 8th grade. Nearly everyone chose geography, but I ( plus three more girls ) thought that the best choice was math.

The new class meant new opportunities, new people, new characters to explore. Perhaps then was the moment I found the psychologist in myself. I started researching people around me, my new classmates. After the wonderful summer I had, I went back to school reborn and ready for feats.

After the insights I reached, I stepped back from the people. So the friendships I had started to break apart. I stopped sharing, I stopped interested, and I started experimenting. Moving into a new class, I had the opportunity to break away from what I already know and to sink into the depths of the unknown.

I remember how I started to annoy the girl that used to be my best friend at that time. I began to realize that she did not affect me well as I thought, she was just an energy vampire, a ball of negativism, with pessimistic view, and a very maximistic mindset. I realized I was choking. Something had happened, we were scolding and she told me ( she gave me a wonderful advice that she forgot itself ):

Go, make friends with other people!

That’s what I did!


At that moment, I realized what an incredible person I had beside me. A person who has always been to me, ready to listen to all my problems, thoughts and simplicity, and most importantly, ready to give me advice and help me.

It was maybe October, the month when I asked Christina to talk. We know each other from the 8th grade and honestly I share a lot of things with her, but I never before realized how valuable she was. Blinded by ‘that one’! I told her everything. I told her how I feel that I can not tolerate her any longer to crush and ruin me mentally without even realizing it. I told her I needed a change. Christina was amazed by this whole thing. There was a smile on her face. She was happy because I finally realize myself. It was nice for me to know that others had seen and realized what was happening too.

Few people know the truth itself …

Until last I kept some decent contacts, I did not want to fight with anyone, I was kind of sorry, but no longer! I have enough people around me who truly love, support and respect me and show it – something that is quite important to me.

We all need actions, not words!

Turning back the bar I realize how naive and blind I was. I believed that that girl was somehow perfect, real best friend, someone I could trust.
But despite what’s happening, I’m happy and grateful because I found the right way. And most importantly, I found genuine love and support in the face of others, first of all in Christina’s face. I am grateful!


Crispe, do you remember how me met – playing volleyball in the yard? Then I realized you were listening to YMCMB too. Do you remember how we were studying in information on the stairs on the 4th floor? Do you remember how we struggled to understand this chemistry thing? Do you remember walking to CBA and buying bread and salad to have a brunch at school? Do you remember the thousands of songs we listened to Nicki Minaj, Tyga, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, etc.? We shared, we laughed, I cried – you comforted me, and still. It’s been a wonderful 5 years, for which I thank you!

I have always trusted my intuition and this has always helped me and opened me doors. Cuz we only life once.

To be continued…




7 thoughts on “‘An Eye-Opening Friendship’

  1. One thing I can say as a person of a certain age is that friendship is fluid and you will get into and out of relationships throughout your life. You might keep a few friends from your early years but you will always be adding to your “squad” as you go along. Life has a way of changing things.

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  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! Friends certainly come and go, but true friends last a life time. I think it’s tough but important to learn that friends can change and that’s okay too.

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