I Followed My Inner Voice

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…When you are standing at a crossroads and wondering what to do, to whom do you turn? Do you want advice from a friend, a relative? Or do you trust your inner instinct?

In my life, I have always believed blindly of my inner feelings. If I feel good, everything is fine, if not, vice versa. Is there a place where I feel that things will be wrong – I’m not going there. In the same way I deal with people. I never trust third people who say this guy is a big dude or he is very bad. I want to check and understand a person by myself. Because we are all different and we have different views on things and people.

After moving into a new class, the opportunities for communicating with new people have increased. Still, this was my second family, considering how much time I spent in school. By watching people around me, I began to build my opinion on each one of them. That’s how I chose my favorites, and the others – the people who were not so pleasant to me. I started making contacts and discovering wonderful, intelligent people who have grown up and know what they want from life.

A sunny spring day I stayed until later because I wanted to talk to a girl. There were things happening, my pricked eye noticing that, and I wanted to ask her if I was accidentally wrong. Since then, we have become very close. About 40 minutes, we talked about our classmates and what’s going on. There was a big change in people. Then I shared a spicy story about my life and relations too. This lovely girl was Vicky.


Vicky is a wonderful person. I am, in general, a very critical person, I always find some crap in people, I laugh. I do not like everybody, no matter how he tries to grease me. Another feature of my character is that I am quite a direct person. I always say what I think, what’s on my heart. I do not like to conceal the truth with some petty lies just to please someone. Few people appreciate this, others get angry quickly, because honestly, not everyone is happy to hear the truth in the eyes. I am glad that Vicky is one of the people who accepts with smile my heavy character and appreciates my personality.

To go to someone to talk, first I have to have some inner impulse and a sense of security. When I went to her, I had an idea of her as a human being. That’s why we worked so fast our character and we liked each other.

I would like to point out that the people around me are educated, lettered, high-cultured people. I can not imagine talking to someone who only cares about going out to have a drink in a disco, to waste money, having no clear goals. Just people who do not know what to do with their lives. I always have an action plan that I follow.

I plan and I analyze!

Vicky is also one of those people who have set goals and she is pursuing them. She is struggling and likes not to be dependent on others. Kind character, friendly, always smiling, she is just a sunshine.

Along with her, I pal up with Ilonka. She is her best friend. Again a wonderful girl. Tranquil, sweethearted, educated. With her, too, we quickly got closer. We started chatting, sharing stories, having fun.


They both became so close to me that, apart from being friends, I began to feel them like my children (one of the reasons is that I’m higher than them and by hugging them they barely get to my neck, hehe, we look exactly like a family – a mother with her two children). That’s how I started to tell them ‘mami’ and they to me too. As you guess that means Mommy, a petty form in Bulgarian. Imagine how close they feel me to being called like this. This is a real acknowledgment because we all know how important and special person a mother is. The mother is one, and it is a real honor for me to call me ‘mami’.

They have helped me so much. Getting started with school-related things and going to personal problems. They were always here, ready to listen to me and give me advice. Do you know how important it is to have a shoulder on which to cry and share all the pain, everything accumulated that weighs you. Also how nice it is to have people to laugh with and forget about the time, forget to look at the phone, forget about everything and enjoy the moment.

Along these two, I met their best friend, Didy. Ilonka and Didy have known each other since they were young children and played in front of the flat. Then in the 8th grade, in the new school, Vicky and Ilonka have become very close, so Vicky and Didy also met. After a while, Didy and Vicky started practicing athletics. How small the world is.

So they 3 have been friends for about 5 years now.

And now, almost a year, the four of us are close friends.

How did I get to know Didy?
The situation was quite interesting. Again me and my intuition.


We were preparing a surprise for Ilonka’s 18th birthday. In a chat we exchanged ideas with two more girls. Because they were ‘pretty organized’, they began to rummage on my nerves. Vicky was not online, and I had to share my nerves with someone – just the combination with Sun in Virgo and an asc in Scorpion is equal to Aries or, in other words, a time bomb. So I hesitated for about five minutes, I was wondering if I would write to this girl or wait for Vicky and chat with her. Hamlet was incarnate in me and the positive answer prevailed. I opened the chat and sent a sticker explaining my dislike to the other two girls. So we started writing and commenting on the situation, as well as other things. My inner voice did not betray me because Didy is a unique person. Around the new year ( here and here)I had shared a few posts and she had read them, and one day I received a wonderful message from her with praise and admiration. Then I was the most admired one because we had not seen each other yet. That she liked my FaceBook page, that she had read my posts was more than wonderful. Then for the first time I felt like a successful blogger who inspired someone with the things that I wrote.

We met in the real life at the school concert, in the middle of March. We started chatting in December. So long… but we already felt we knew each other. So the very live meeting was quite pleasant without any worries. I remember how happy she was – as if I were a star. It was beautiful.

I’m so grateful.

So I once again convinced myself that one should follow his inner voice, trust his inner feelings, and not worry about what will happen. One philosopher has said that one should not see the whole path to continue, only the first few steps. So with the approach, the path will be further illuminated.

If then it was not my curiosity and my courage to talk to Vicky, I would not be a girlfriend either with her or with Ilonka, and I would not even know Didy.
These three beings are my angels, whom I love and respect. For the short time together, we have enjoyed wonderful moments, we have fun, we have gone out and many more happy moments are ahead.


The other day I dreamed a wonderful dream in which they took part.

My dreams are prophetic, so I’m sure that will happen.
Because dreams are either a deep desire, an unlearned moment, or they show you the way to go.

To be continued…




8 thoughts on “I Followed My Inner Voice

  1. This is such a sweet post! I kind of feel what you mean. I have a small circle of trusted friends but I can say that they’re more than enough. Happy to hear that you’ve found yours too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful friendship story ! Friends are way more important that we think sometimes. Real friends are rare so cherish what you have ❤


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