‘Dreams Show You The Path’

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What do you think about dreams? Just a picture, brain contraption or something special? Maybe they are hiding the key to something immense, maybe they are not random things that just the brain is dreaming about. Dreams tell a story. Every night, when we lie down our subconscious has prepared us something special … but why?


Why do we dream? Why do not we always remember what we dreamed about? And any similar questions about our dreams, unfortunately I do not know their answer, but I would like know it one day.

Over the years, I have noticed that we all dream a lot of strange things. Starting from so-called nightmares – monsters, kidnappings, falling from high, death, or just something we think is terrible, and get to these blissful dreams where everything is ‘flowers and roses’.

And did you happen to dream something you’ve already experienced? Surely the answer is YES. Still, we all dream about things related to the past, childhood, what happened yesterday, or something like that.

But have you dreamed anything that predicts the future, gives you advice, prepares you for a moment, tells you what to do tomorrow…?

Some of my favorite dreams are those who tell me what to do, they show me a way, some kind of story that is about to happen and I need to prepared for it.

I had a period in which I dreamed a friend of mine quite often. I do not talk with her anymore, and it was strange to me that I began to dream about her. Nothing interesting was happening in the dream, but every time when I woke up I was really sad. Somehow my conscience was weighing. That’s why last summer I even sent her a DM and we went for a walk, but I realized it was useless. Things have changed for a long time and everything was over. Why did I worry so much internally?

Around the Christmas holidays in 2015 I dreamed a dream related to a classmate. The dream was quite odd. First, with this girl we did not talk so much, so I did not see why I was dreaming about her at all. But what I was dreaming of was a story that happened. In my dream, her girlfriends abandoned her and she was alone, no one was talking to her. It was pretty weird to myself. As I woke up, I decided I would keep an eye on how things happen. So one day something like that happened. They (her friends) totally abandoned her, and she was standing alone.

Perhaps after a couple of days I decided to go to her to talk about that and find out what was happening.

Maybe a couple of days before we get out on a Christmas vacation, I talked to her. She shared a lot of things to me, and I knew I was quite right. They simply use her when they need her. There was no real friendship. At any convenient moment, they abandoned her and she had to be alone. But after our conversation, things changed. So this is how Desi and I became pretty close friends.


I was trying to be there in moments when her friends were not there. We have started to share a lot of things, to support and help each other in every respect. When she needed help or just someone to share with, I was there, and still I am. She did the same thing for me. Every time when I think about her and how we met and became friends, I imagine her as a small child that grew up and changed. Yes, she has changed a lot, she has grown up as a person, she has learned to put herself in the first place, to think of her own interests and benefits. She was taught that she should not constantly help the people who abandoned her in the harsh moments, to help those who seemed to her friends. It took time, but she understood that in this life things happen here and now, that every moment brings something special, that one should be grateful and think positive. Black, bad, negative thoughts … they are not a good thing, they come back like a boomerang back to you.

Therefore one has to be positive, to discover his own happiness, to find peace in himself and to maintain his personal harmony both with himself and with the world around him.

Desi is my first close-up girlfriend in the new class, and I’m very glad to have dreamed that dream and that we found ourselves in the real world. She is very kind and good girl. Because we are very close, I will describe her as one of the most naive people I know. No matter how much they crush her, she’ll still be there and help them. She will always be silenced unless the iron gets hot at max.

I see in her those small, depraved creatures who, despite their difficult childhood, despite all the difficulties, become great men. I believe she will achieve the things she wants. I believe that one day she will live the way she dreamed.

Because we all deserve the life we dream of. The only thing we have to do is keep goingNo denial, mumbling, despair, transmission.

Everything is ahead of us.

We always look to inspire and motivate one another.

And we’ve been together for good and bad for these two years now, all along the last photo shoot for our annual album.


On that wonderful sunny day, although the smiles of all of us, the singing birds and the blossoming plants, there was a touch of nostalgia. Some days remain until the end. Until the end of the school. A few more days and the finals are coming, and along with them the prom itself. Last moments together, we both – Desi and I, and we – the whole class. Yes, we will keep in touch, we will go out, we will chat, but it will never be like in school. Because everything begins to divide us – the home, the university, the work, the future itself. Everyone begins to write their own book and there is nothing more important than being the book he wants to be, the perfect one.

For me, this end is a great start for the future. It is time for everyone to show and apply all that he has learned. It is time to show that we can handle ourselves because we are all older, adults. The school is over, but life is just starting now.

D. let us not forget what we promised, let us keep the good moments, let us preserve our wonderful friendship, because the good moments are ahead.

Everything happens when you least expect it.

To be continued…




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