A Lovely Surprise From ‘@MakeUpButHow’

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Has it happened to you things to be arranged themselves? Just one day to wake up, to see the beautiful sunny weather outside and to tell yourself that the puzzle is stacked, the parts go to their place…


After the photo session, I had a few weeks in which I was doing reading development and solving tests. In general, any preparation related to the two final tests in the last weeks of May. I had a schedule when and how much to learn in Bulgarian and when in Spanish. When I think about it, for a very short time I managed to prepare myself and fill all the holes (the unknown) in my mind. The first exam was on May 19th and the second on May 22nd. After the answers came out I checked the things I had remembered and I did not know what to expect. On June 5th, the official results came out and … I was the happiest girl ever. All my diligence was not in vain, I got my excellent grades and showed myself that I can handle everything.

Frankly, the calmness came immediately after the second exam, and the next day only the good news began.

It was 23rd May (here I want to say to everyone who does not know that 23 is my favorite number and I love everything related to it, there is a movie, a book, a song, one of the best basketball players, etc.) then I was sitting on the sofa, relaxed and peaceful, I had nothing to do. I was scrolling through my instagram when I came across a picture uploaded 5 minutes ago by Ellie. Ellie had pulled the winners out of the giveaway. I decided to read the description and see who the winning girls were.



And …

I saw my name. I was in shock. My hands trembled. I read the text several times. I pressed my name to make sure it was me. I showed my mom and told her to read it. I sent a screenshot to Didy to see and read it too. I did not know where I was and what was happening.

I never thought I’d react that way.

I won.

At the beginning when I went into the blogging game, I had some desire to win something from someone. Then it passed and I did not participate. Several months ago I decided to start again, but … without success. And now I did not even expect to win.

I did not know how it happened. Generally, I knew about the giveaway, I read the requirements, but I did not think I had a chance, I had followed her before, and did not pay much attention about the giveaway because she has a lot of followers.

 When I saw my own name there … speechless.

If I had to be honest, happiness was caused by the fact that I knew Ellie. She is a very good friend of Antoinette (whom I adore). I followed her as they know each other, and basically my mom has followed her for a long time and showed me her makeup skills and things related to her. A few months ago, I was on their meet-up. It was a unique experience, you can read the post here.

So I felt quite special because Ellie is a wonderful person and it’s very nice to get a gift from a person who you admire.

I was very happy when they told me that Ellie had prepared me another surprise, besides the gift of the giveaway. I received many presents at my prom, but we will talk about this later. It’s time to show you what wonderful things I got from Ellie.

Make sure to share some love to her: YouTube in BG & EN, Facebook, Instagram




The first gem is from the giveaway – Matte Revolution Lipstick from Urban Decay in color Matte Bad Blood’. And how UD said ”It’s matte lipstick the UD way: creamy, badass color that won’t dry out. Our Pigment Infusion System™ delivers insane payoff, and nourishing oils leave lips cushiony soft”. I’m waiting for a special occasion to try it out.




Also she gave me three more lip products: lipstick ColorSensational by Maybelline New York in color 886 Berry Bossy’ + Ultra smooth matte lip cream Matte Me by Sleek MakeUp in color ‘Fandango Purple 431’ + liquid lipstick by L’ORÉAL Paris in color ‘Darling Pink 102’


I’m in love with the lipquid lipstick, also the matte lip cream – they both smeel amazing.

& something really special – Master Strobing Stick by FaceStudio Schimmernder Highlighter in color ‘Medium-Nude Glow 200’. Just to die for…



Two bad boys for my lashes: Volume Million Lashes ‘So Couture’ by L’ORÉAL Paris + False Lash SUPERSTAR XFiber 2 step by L’ORÉAL Paris

Untitled design(8)

And last but not least…

INFAILLIBLE Blush Paint by L’ORÉAL Paris Longwear High-Intensity Blush Palette | The Pinks: Ballet Dream, Despinkable Me, Peony Rose, Fuchsia Afterhours, Flamingo Dance

& ULTIMATE PRO contour palette by beautyUK: 6 universal, creamy, blendable shades to perfect your contoured look. Suitable for all skin types. Emphasise your eyes, chisel your cheekbones, refine your nose, sculpt your jawline – makes you AMAzing!


Thank you so much Ellie! You made my day ♥ can’t wait to see you again.

Surprises are yet to begin.

To be continued…





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