#TBT Some Emotions From My Graduation

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…When May comes, it means everything is over.

This was a month full of emotions for me. On May 15th was the first day I felt to some extent that the new beginning was around the corner and was waiting for me. It was then our official graduation and celebrating the last year at school.

A highly sensitive person like me is experiencing such emotions deeply. Softened legs, trembling hands, clenched stomach and tears ready to flow like waterfalls from my eyes.

I finish school.


Once and for all.

There is no turning back.

There is no way to fix and change anything.

I learned a lot of things, some of which I will not even be able to put into action.

The End.

It’s time for a new beginning.

This day was not just a break with the school, the teachers, it was a day when one realizes that things will not be the way they have been. The people we spent about 35 hours a week in one building, in one room will take their own way. Only the good memories remain, sealed deep in our minds.

A friend of mine came home to prepare for the big day together, yep, it was one of the big days. You can only imagine two girls, clothes everywhere, makeup, shoes, excitement, emotions. It was a good day.


For this day, I decided that it was best to wear sporty elegant clothing and to be just casual not that elegant. For this reason, I wore a romper in color navy blue, combined with metallic gray casual kicks and a flap plus beautiful glasses in round eye shape. Extremely simple hairstyle, emphasizing the square shape of my face and opening my eyes and ‘no makeup’ makeup.


When we went to school, the excitement grew stronger. Everywhere people dressed beautifully looking quite altered. The different faces of some people came to light.
Bouquets of flowers, crying people, hugs, kisses, photos, laughter and tears. Moment filled with mixed feelings.

I thought I would cry a lot, but I managed to abstain. I wept when we got out in front of all of our class, and Vicky started talking. Then it seemed like these 5 years passed like a tape. I wanted to end, but I did not want to break up with the people I love.


The ceremony was short, then we stood before school so we could seal that moment with lots of pictures. We counted up to 12 because here in Bulgaria we do so – we celebrate 12 years of education.

Spontaneous friendships are the best!

My squad♥♥♥





After all, that day went on quite fast. May the time come back …
We went on because there is no point in sadness about past moments. We are waiting for such good things because life is ahead of us and we are writing our own history. We are no longer ordinary children going to school, we have grown up, we are young people waiting for work and university, excursions and holidays, coupons and entertainment.

It’s time to have fun, a lot of fun…

To be continued…




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