The Final BIG Day #OOTD

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They said I wouldn’t be nothing

Now they always say congratulations

Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation

They ain’t never had the dedication

People hatin’, say we changed and look we made it

Yeah, we made it!

Post Malone – Congratulations



The big day came.

The BIG BIG BIG daaayyy.

The day I can safely say that it’s all over and it’s time for fun. The prom is at the same time the end and the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Honestly, I never imagined that day and how it will end. I did not think I would not go to school anymore, write homework or prepare for tests. I did not imagine myself in the world of the big ones, but here the day came.

I already realized it. I believed it. I felt it.

I even started to be eager to come this day so I can rest later. Honestly, the 12th year in school came to me somehow too much. It was a period of great change, awareness of mistakes, learning lessons, preparing for the future, growing up.

After passing the exams, there was another important day that was already a story. I do not know in your country how you celebrate the graduation from school, but we in Bulgaria are marking it properly. Everything is at a very high level and people put all their financial resources to make their child’s day a wonderful one. Preparation begins months before the big day. Of course, when it comes to boys, the preparation is much easier, but the girls do not feel that way. There are a lot of details that matter. Starting from dress, shoes, bag, jewelery, hairstyle, makeup and get to the little details related to skin tan, manicure, car. Everything must be exquisite. No, not must be, we just live in such a world that everyone is looking at the most expensive clothes, and people who can not afford such extras are ridiculed. Some people even choose not to attend their prom just for that reason. The worries around this day are great – what will be your dress, its color, how it will look, whether you are too weak or too fat…

My dress was simple and elegant. My preference for colors is peculiar, so I turned to the black color. Everyone knows I adore black clothes, just monochrome things you know. The dress was evening lenght long with drop shoulder, a large slit on the left and a back in lace.
For hairstyle and make-up, I totally confided to Mom, who is pretty skilldul and has a different look at things. Basically, everyone has the same hairstyle. That’s why mom made something different. My makeup was smoked in black and gold.
The details over which we came up were the bracelet and earrings in red and gold. That’s why I put a red lipstick, but honestly, I did not feel comfortable with it and I was glad the night it wiped out.

Trial Makeup lifewithrossye

Preparations started in the morning. I got up early, I took a shower and sat down in the chair, where I spent about an hour. For a very short time my mom did my hair and makeup, and I put on the dress and kitten heels, and took the most important things in my clutch (from a hurry I totally forgot the invitation for the restaurant itself, but Mom  went home to take it and brought it to me).






The celebration in Bulgaria is in three stages. First there is a gathering in a restaurant. The whole family, relatives and friends gather at a large table – they eat, drink and revel in honor of the graduate. This gathering takes about 4 hours starting at noon. Then it starts the more real part.

First, the whole class goes to take the class teacher from her home. There we counted, drank champagne and ate strawberries dipped in chocolate and coconut. Then we gather to school for more shots and shouting. My driver next to the tutor was a mommy’s girlfriend, and then I moved to Vicky’s car. We listened to music and prepared for the evening.

The very school ball starts at the restaurant we all have chosen. All students and part of the teaching staff attended the memorable evening. And the evening represents the following picture – delicious food, cold drinks, good music, lots of dancing, wonderful mood and loved ones. In the restaurant we were at seven in the evening until 11 and a half, after which came the order for phase three. Disco. At our booth we were just cool people all evening, maybe it was more accurate to say night, hehe, we had fun, we danced and we sang. For most of my classmates it was a rather strange situation because for the first time they saw me have fun with this kind of music. I’m a fan of American songs, rap, hip hop, stuff like that. But a little bit of alcohol helps a person to have fun at all, and yet one once has a prom and once he graduates school, that is, he should have fun as much as possible.

The day passed quite fast and it was already 4 o’clock in the morning when I realized it. By 5, I came home. My legs ached, my head ached, I had no voice, and my ears were ringing, but it was all worth it because I spent the best day in my life.

To be continued…




9 thoughts on “The Final BIG Day #OOTD

  1. Seems like you really had fun that day! I must say that I think you deserve it! And what’s a big day without a head-turning dress, right? 😍 I also love how your mom did your whole look! You look so beautiful 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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