Autumn/Winter Lip ChangeOver

With the onset of cold days our wardrobe is changing – warm coats, soft socks, sweaters, scarves, everything becomes warm and cozy, coupled with a glass of hot chocolate and an interesting movie. Along with this change, we should pay attention to our makeup and the products we use. This season allows us to experiment with the darker colors, which in fact quite well underline our beauty. Dark lipsticks, smoky eyes, more contour on the face – why not? Summer is over and if we can not shine with a perfect body shape, a chic swim and a nice tan, then it’s time for a little more makeup to draw ’em eyes back to us.
What is better than a lipstick for our juicy lips?
Who would believe I write a post about lipstick, but here I am, writing this and sharing with you my modest collection of darker lipsticks. In general, I am a lover of nude lipsticks that just blend in with the natural color of my lips, but sometimes I bet on something new and different. I can not always rely on the makeup of my eyes, so I’m trying to get out of the box and just experiment.

SLEEK MAKEUP 431 FANDANGO PURPLE – thanks to the applicator, which is a thin brush, this lip product is applied and spread easily on the lips. Although it has a matting finish, the structure is good and keeps the lips soft. Love that purple color!


At first glance, these two babies have the same color but it isn’t. Their texture is quite different too.
L’oreal Paris 102 Darling Pink – applying with a brush that is quite soft and you can spread the product nicely. Has a glossy finish and keeps your lips moist as if a cream was applies.
RIMMEL 610 High Flyer – honestly can’t stop wearing this one even when I’m at home washing dishes.  Belongs to the brownish tones and I love its creamy texture, matte look, also smeels nice. It’s perfect for everyday wear.
Maybelline New York 886 Berry Bossy – this is probably one of my favorites. Love its wine-purple shade and matte texture. Perfect for a more dramatic look plus doesn’t dry the lips. You can see me wearing this one here on my first day at Uni.
berry lips | lifewithrossye
lifewithrossyeMaybelline New York 35 Rebel Red – the red one also has a matting finish and its perfect for Christmas Eve elegantly combined with a black lace dress, why not? I was wearing it on my prom, you can read more here.
 SWATCHES lifewithrossye
And you? Are you ready to rediscover your new self  wearing darker lippies?
 Which lip products are your favs? Tell me in the comments below.
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