3 Years Of Acquaintance

On this sunny morning I remember the good days before. I had just finished school, and I had focused on something really new and interesting. Thank you, Ettie, for launching your blog ‘Letters to Antoinette’. Thank you that with every passing post you inspired me and so until the day I decided that I could launch one, too. Then I knew nothing but I wanted to write about things, to say my opinion and to give advice. I did not know about this community, I did not know about the thousands of bloggers, I did not know exactly what to do, but I knew I wanted to do it.

And here I am, celebrating my 3rd Anniversary.

For these three years, I’ve learned so many posts that have touched and inspired me in one way or another. I became acquainted virtually with many people who have the same interests as mine. I have read many stories from people’s lives, learned what food they love and what not, what is their favorite place for afternoon tea or coffee. We all became a big family. A community that does not stop welcoming new and new people, as well as supporting their endeavors.

One of my favorite social networks is Twitter. Thanks to the small posts written by people using hastags (#), many people find you easily, follow you and start a communication with you. I can not forget my first Twitter chat. It was so nice to think on a topic and chat with others, then to exchange links on our blogs, to comment, to show support at all.

As I have a blog, I’m increasingly aware that people around the world are really very nice and friendly, always ready to listen to you and give you some advice, no matter that they do not know you. But over time I notice a change. A big change. Chats are not what they used to be. The communication fades somehow. Personally, it’s getting harder for me to chat with someone. I see a construction of some hierarchy and everyone follows their own interests.

Small bloggers like me who have not paid for either design or domain. I write posts and rely on myself for their dissemination.
Bloggers like almost everyone I know. Unique sites, great interweave, incredible photos and style of writing.
‘Climbing bloggers’ – those who are spotted by some companies, they send them products for testing, share their posts on other sites, these bloggers develop to another level.
Famous bloggers – constantly going to some events, working with companies and photographers.
That’s what I see in this community.

Each follows its purpose.

Yesterday, I opened a topic and wrote a post about something that makes me disappointed and really pissed off, you can read the post here, would like to see what you think about it. I also mentioned the blogging world. More and more I see a built stereotype of pictures, posts, ideas, even thinking. I do not see that uniqueness I saw before. I do not like it that I constantly read tweets from bloggers complaining about followers, site views, comments and so on. From the sides it seems as if there is no desire, but some passion for as much as possible. Numbers are brought to the fore, which is sad.

Promoting is getting stronger now. You may have seen a lot of sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There is almost no place where you can not pay so your posts to be shared. Separately, the emails that I and other bloggers for sure recieved too – whether we want to maximize and improve the performance of our site or page, a month’s period test, then some insane sums per month. What is happening?

Day after day, I’m convinced that somewhere there are people who are only excited about their financial situation. I realize that money is a powerful force that really moves the world. There is almost no man who is not entangled in this network.

For so short a time, blogging, like a hobby or even a job, ( yes, I understand that for some of you this is their job ), has become a cruel business in buying followers, views, and so on.

I write for pleasure. I created this place on the internet so I can share my thoughts with other people who do not even know me, to hear different opinions, to meet new people. I have plans for this blog. I also want to invest money in it because I spend enough time and effort to write posts and share them on social networks. But as I always answer on emails related to payments for such services – I want to achieve this success by myself, I want to touch people myself and build some kind of friendship with them. Blogging is really an incredible thing that teaches you a lot of things. I met great people I could boldly call friends. Not everyone thinks in the numbers, but the number of people who think about this, is growing more and more.

They started from the bottom (like everyone), they reached a peak and they forgot from where they started.

I am very grateful that there are still bloggers around me with whom I chat daily. We support ourselves, read our posts, comment and share with friends. I will be glad to keep this communication and one day to meet with them in the real world because I know we all love to travel and meet new people.

Thanks for these three years, for all the things that I learned ( I improved my photographic abilities, I improved my way of writing, I learned new words and phrases in English, also I become more supportive and friendly ).

Time for new adventures, new ideas, new posts. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

See you soon with more life stories, thought-provoking articles, trips here and there, healthy tips and tricks and much more.

Wish you a great day!




Meet Up With The Girls

,, Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down, here on Earth.”

– Bradley Whitford

These are some of the things that I learned the other day. Frankly, Sunday was a day of eye-opening and rethinking everything – that happens and that doesn’t happen. The reasons. Why? How? When? Act now.

Trust your inner feeling and conquer the world.

Just follow your gut.

A wonderful afternoon spent in the company of smiling and positively charged people. Unlike previous event, which I went along with Annie – find more here, Sunday’s one was more than wonderful. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to attend it. Unfortunately my ‘partner-in-crime’ a.k.a LWR’s editor-in-chief couldn’t acompany me because she had work to do and had to travel to Varna. Also my other close friends had their plans, so I charged up my phone, dressed up, put some makeup on and headed to the mall Bulgaria. Alone but with a smile on my face.

A Cheeky Meet Up with A. & E.(2)

The event took place in a cafe – Soho Cafe. Super nice place, with great atmosphere and scenery design. The staff was friendly and welcoming. There was a laden table with tasty morsels – zucchini with cream cheese and cherry tomatoes, bread with cheese, fillets, strawberries, capers, platters with cheese and cranberry sauce. All on level. Of course and drinks – champagne & other type of alcohol with peach juice.

Copas y Tapas


A Cheeky Meet Up with A. & E.(1).jpg

Some of you are wondering who hosted the event – two wonderful girls who I like very much ( a full-time blogger and part-time vlogger & a full-time YouTuber and makeup artist).


One of the girls is called Antoinette , which I had the opportunity to meet somewhere before four years. Since then I watch carefully every step she makes, I am interested in the development of her life and excited with her for each success she reach. She has a cosmopolitan personality. She loves to travel, just can not stand in one place even in this place are her family and friends. The trip brought to her happiness. For this reason, her life is so colorful, as is she. A crazy, always ready to act, smiling, funny, not shy, loved by all person – that she is.

Two years ago she went to Denmark and there she found her true love. Last year A. got engaged, got pregnant and gave birth to a lovely baby girl – Sofia-Malou.


And after all these events we finally managed to meet again. Although there were twenty more peeps the meeting was really exciting. Ettie was not alone. She was with one of her best friends – Ellie ( Makeupbuthow – EN | BG). The two beauties talked about the life in Denmark, what are people out there, what it is to live outside Bulgaria, how they coped. Interesting to me was to learn that women there are not so made-up – clothing, makeup, hairstyle, no-no.

They also have strange (in our eyes) way to eat. In their words, and yet another blogger friend of mine who studied and lived there, people in Denmark are not so welcoming and cant create friendships with foreigners. For them it is more difficult to perceive them. While Bulgarians have no problem with foreigners, we just love to meet new people and learn new things. Yet people are different and we can not judge them but only wonder who they actually are.

The meeting was very pleasant. We all talked & ate delicious food. Ettie gave some advice to a girl who wants to start a blog. Ellie spoke about her life and her passion for makeup. We learned details of the life of Ettie, about the men in her life, the future wedding, how to cope with difficulties in our lives, what she wants to work, and more…



I can not wait for the next similar event.



Huge thanks to Vicky that helped me with the post.

HOW TO: Get out from your comfort zone & blog your thoughts out

Hey lovely!

After a long time spent in fluctuations, I finally decided to share some of my advice about blogging. In this new series of posts, I’ll share what I’ve learned about blogging.

I have learned many of the things thanks to other bloggers. So, more than a year in this wonderful world called ‘blogging’ I learned many things, some of which I still cannot apply. But I’m happy because I didn’t gave up because my English is not perfect.  But let’s start from the beginning … The inspiration offers you two choices – to open the door and begin your adventure or never open. If you take the first decision, then you’re welcome. Already a step forward, but there are still many. For me, the inspiration to run a blog came from another blogger. Really gorgeous women with very big ambitions. But I do not want to talk about her now. I mentioned this fact because a week ago a girl wrote me a message in Instagram. She wrote me that I have inspired her to make her own blog.

Frankly when I read this message, I wanted to fly from happiness. It’s like a dream come true and that I finally inspired someone. For this reason I created this series of posts – as far as I can help her and others who want to run a blog, but don’t know how or maybe they think they can’t. As I mentioned, when you have inspiration, you do not leave it but decide what to write about. You can choose from many options:

If your understanding on how to combine clothes is good, if you know any tricks on how to dress so you can look higher or lower, how to emphasize the good body’s shapes. If really fashion is your passion and you are interested in the latest trends and collections, then you safely can create your fashion blog where you can write about all of this. (#bloggers)

But if makeup is your passion. If you know how to apply makeup, what products to use, how to highlight your eyes or your lips and other similar tricks, then you’re the pearson who can run a beauty blog. (bbloggers)

Of course, if you love to cook, if you know some quick, easy and healthy recipes. If the food is what makes you happy. You’ll be a part of food bloggers community. (fdbloggers)

Or maybe you want to write about your life, about the things that you experienced, the lessons that you’ve learned, then take a pen and paper and start to create your book, as one of the lifestyle bloggers out there, as me. (lbloggers)

Also, if you love and fashion, makeup, food and writing about yourself, do it. Share your thoughts, desires and ideas with your readers. However, they will want to know what kind of person you are, and believe me it will not happen with one ’10 random facts about me’ post. They will need to read more and more, and after each new post they will get to know you more. For that my advice is to get out from your comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. Be original, genuine and mostly yourself. Be aware why you make this blog, about what you want to write, what you expect to achieve with it. Whether the blog will be only hobby or business. I do know that the thing you want to achieve with your blog’s success. The most successful are often those with the most likes, comments and followers. But to achieve all this requires some work. I personally do not belong to these. My success are the people I met through the blog and the lessons learned through it again.

But about how to have a lot of traffic, a lot of likes, followers and comments you will see in the next series. Sure is interesting how I will talk about likes and followers on the condition that I haven’t so many. Well the answer is that I know some tricks, some of which I do not have the opportunity to apply. Next Monday I will talk about the platforms that you can use and social networking accounts.

Have a great week ahead!


Life with Rossye