#MOItalks: ‘Sweet & Sour’

High and low.

Wide and narrow.

Deep and shallow.

Big and little.

Black and white.

Joy and sadness.

Laughter and tears.

Sweet and sour.

These are some parts of the descriptions of Life. The Life here on Earth.

It all starts with one seed. Thanks to the sun, the heat, the water and the air, the seed manages to release a small root. Time passes and more root appears, even grows a thin, fragile stem. With a lot of care, attention and patience, this little seed manages to become a beautiful big green tree.

Healthy roots symbolic of the strong relationship between our family. Thick, strong and large stem symbolizing our strength, growth and improvement. Branches – these are our works. The leaves – all our successes, our support to others, the love we give, the lessons we teach. Fruits – our children!

Once the tree grows and becomes stable enough, it releases the roots firmly on the ground, there is no turning back. Things may suffer like rains, storms, wind, snow, hot rays, Autumn … but in the end Spring always comes back.

Aren’t we like a tree ourselves? We are constantly undergoing some sort of thing. We do not live in a straight line. On the contrary, everything has branching, falling, straightening. No matter that the Autumn comes and the leaves fall, we have to prepare for the harsh winter with a smile and face every difficulty with grace. Because these are the tests given from above.

This is our mission.
Our calling.
Our aim.

And in the end Spring always comes back…

One falls into all sorts of conditions and sometimes it is difficult to breathe hope and faith, so from an early age everyone is obliged to learn how to cope. Difficulties are not penalties. Not our life is tough and nasty. Life is wonderful itself when one begins to pay attention to the good things and draws the positive from any difficult situation.

Just like these peaches, they are so sweet, but a touch of acid is felt which makes the taste complete.

Make sure to give these peaches a try & every time you feel out of place, unhappy or just looking for support, remember their taste. This will motivate & inspire you to keep moving.



#MOItalks: ‘Basic Is Trending!’

About a month ago I bought a magazine on a political topic. I’ve been watching it for a long long time in the shops, and I very much admired the cover, the cartoons, apart from the topics that concern its editors. When I bought it for the first time I leafed through it only to see it quickly, I was quite impressed. Then I read the contents, which, frankly, was not so long considering the volume of the magazine itself. I think there were about 5 articles, including interviews and simple reflections and researches from others. The themes for the United States, mainly Trump, the case of France and the new president, as well as topics related to Bulgaria. The magazine covers everything that is being discussed right now.

The other thing that impressed me too is the very style of writing and expression – many metaphors, a rich vocabulary, a very good knowledge of the meaning of words and easy use in transmission meanings. I have always admired people who are educated and who know how to express themselves and their thoughts.

I personally have never been a supporter of political affairs, I have not interacted so much, I am not familiar with presidents, governments, parliaments, left-wing, right-wing. The reason I buy this magazine is to enrich my own vocabulary, to develop my thoughts and to educate myself on this subject. After reading the first article, I realized that things were very closely related.

It’s not even about politics, everything has very deep roots.

If a blogger does not like to write and express himself, that is, to be a half writer, if you ask me he is simply not a blogger. And I define myself as a sum of both because I love to write, to think about any topics, to get to the root of the truth, to develop my own thesis, to present my arguments. Reading an article after an article, ideas for posts just overflow into my head. There are so many things I want to comment here with you, to express my own opinion and to hear yours.

The first thing that arose in my mind was this expression – ‘Basic is trending’. From the subject of politics, I tied it to a deeper level and I personally discovered a very great truth. It is sad to say honestly, but things are so, and there is hardly a need to say that in order for there to be a change we must start it.

Bulgaria is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. Our history is very ancient and is filled with many obstacles. 500 years we have been under Ottoman rule, which is one of the main reasons for our development to begin later. We needed a lot of time to catch up with countries such as France, England, the US, while developing economically, politically, educationally, and so on. But here we are, here and now, in the 21st century, we are looking at what is going on abroad and stealing ideas to develop in the right direction.

Have you noticed this ‘copy-paste’ process?

\It is a function of the computer, but now is just a way of living.

People look at what is happening elsewhere and start copying without thinking about it, is it good for them, do they benefit from it and so on.
The situation I observe is the following, and I am sorry cuz me and you, we both are part of it in one way or another. I will list this very chaotic, for which I apologize, but I’m sure you will understand what I mean.

It is currently fashionable to be a vegetarian or vegan. If it had been a good mission for protecting animal lives years ago, but it is just modern today. It has been transformed into a type of religion that many follow. And they do not even understand that the main goal is a humane attitude and a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I also define myself as a person who does not love meat, that is, I am a vegetarian, but that is just a DEFINITION. I do not preach this, I do not make people stop eating meat, nor do I try to parade with it. In my eyes things are so – I am a vegetarian, you are a vegan, and my best friend loves meat. Now imagine this sentence in the following way – I am a writer, you are a journalist, and my best friend is a psychologist. Can you see? Different people, different tastes and interests. Follow your heart, and do not look at what others are doing.

The situation with fashion is just the same. Every year, designers move their minds and become aware of the best models. Here again things are on this principle. No matter if people really like that garment, accessory, shoes, they buy it and carry it. And when you look at the sides, you see clones that are almost alike. Soon I will write more about the fashion itself, trends, designers, etc.

At the cosmetic level – microblocking eyebrows, large lips, contoured face, matting products, big lashes, highlighter, long nails – an industry with incredible marketing thinking. Congratulations! But girls are so much alike to each other that it’s just not even real. I include the topic with the gym. An hourglass ( or sandglass, sand clock ) shape of the body – if you do not look like this, people ( mostly boys ) will hardly notice you. Big bottom and tits, little waist – this is trending now.

Summer is here, the weather is great and people go to the pool. Here’s what I see – almost the same swimsuits, body shapes, hairstyles, glasses, donut and flamingo belts ( and I like them but they are so basic so I’m getting tired of them ).

One day I even thought that even reading book some people just turned into fashion. You can often see pictures of people reading something inspirational, but whether people educate themselves or read because everyone is reading – no one knows. And when I said pictures, I can not overcome the subject with blogging and photography. Increasingly, I see an identical view of the photos – white and black, monochronic, minimalist, marble details, golden details, lights, inspirational inscriptions, cosmetics, clothes, food, decoration plants, sunset, sunrise, legs on the bed, coffee, breakfast in bed, Iphone, macbooks, etc. – when I am scrolling through my Instagram, the photos are pretty often alike. I also like clean things, I like marble, but it’s just trending. Because now it’s marble, then would be wood, then a metal, finally pictures on the grass and all will be the same and everyone will follow the example. I am done with this.

People are part of the crowd. I myself am part of this mass, and sometimes it is difficult for me to be different and to protect my own interests. We are surrounded by it, and we sink into it. But I am so fed up with this situation.

I become increasingly aware that advertising is very dangerous. When a product reaches the world market, then it becomes scary. Do you remember those spinners? Who does not have a spinner? Even we have 2 of them because my sister has seen her classmates playing with a spinner and she decided that she wants one too.


So we all turn into a bunch of people who watch what’s in the mood right now, what is trending right now. This thing frightens me and despairs me, because years ago people wanted to change the world and show their own thinking, their ideas, their discoveries.

And now we all are like a herd of sheep following its leader.

We slowly and gloriously sink.

We lose our own color, turning into a gray spot like everyone else.

We lose our own potential, worried that someone will make fun of us because of our thinking.

We lose ourselves just because we look at others and we think they are more than us.

And when we think about it, everywhere we read to be ourselves, to follow our dreams, not to surrender … But what are we actually doing?

We turn into walking individuals that do not live well, just simply exist.

But we are in a period of evolution and new discoveries. I have made my discovery, which is regrettably terrible, but it is a reality.

Are you ready to change something in yourself? Are you ready to overcome the gray mass and be what you are?

I dare you.

Basic is trending but you have to bang it!



Stunning Moments

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…Coming home from the disco in the morning, the only thing I needed was my bed. I could not wait to take off the heels, to take off the dress and to lie down. Honestly, I did not sleep much like I planned. Somewhere after three hours I woke up alone and felt almost rested, but I still heard a tingle in my ears.

I remembered the whole evening, the people who came to respect me and enjoy with me and my family my success. At the restaurant celebration we invited about 20 people, mostly close family friends.


The important guests I was expecting were Sylvia and Giovanni. When people started coming one by one, greeting me and giving flowers, I totally forgot who will come and who is already here at the table with us. Now, as I recall, it was becoming sweet and pleasant. We just made a toast with the newcomers when I saw more people coming up and I raised my head and Ettie was in front of my eyes. As soon as I saw her, I saw a baby cart and then Sylvia, the mother of Ettie. You can not imagine what excitement it was. I myself can not describe how happy I was from the fact that they have found time to come from far away (from the other end of Sofia) to respect me and to be present on that day with me.

Unbelievable but fact.

I was the happiest girl in the world, and still I am.

There is almost no one who does not know how much I love and respect Ettie. I have known her from the internet somewhere about 4-5 years. For all this time we have seen exactly 3 times, but I love her as a bigger sister. I believe in the sensation, and she is the most beautiful person of the East, who loads you with lost of energy even by looking at her picture or reading her post. So I am extremely grateful for this gift, the presence, the kind wishes and the fact that I could see her again, and the little Sofia. At least, I’ve seen her daughter ( Sofia ) before, when I was at the event organized Ettie and Ellie – you can read more about it here.



Of course, when you are invited to a prom, it’s like having a birthday party – you can not come without gifts( yes, you can but it’s like a tradition to give something ), but in most cases people give money. I have received many flowers, lovely cards with kind wishes, money, but also special gifts.


Maybe it is time to imply that my education does not end with the school, that is, after a few months the university calls me. The specialty I chose to study is psychology, but more about it and everything related to the university in the next posts. That’s why I got two books to provoke thoughts and reflections. I have not started to read them yet, but I can not wait to. Together with the books I received a chemical, a pencil and a rubber by Faber-Castel – my favorite eek! This is the other thing I adore very much, at home I have a lot of chemicals and I keep them. You can always win me with a pen or notebook.


I also received a set of necklaces and earrings in a pleasant, unsaturated purple color in the shape of a ladybird. They are really very tender and beautiful.


And one of the most special gifts was this bracelet from the Pepeldjiiski & Jeppson family. Or, in other words, from Ettie, Sylveto and Little Sofia. So far I have just dreamed of such a bracelet from Pandora, I’ve seen it from my girlfriends, and so on, but I have not thought so much about it. When Sylveto handed me the wonderful bag, I did not know where I was. Then I was still in shock and excitement, my hands were shaking, my eyes were full of tears. (I kept my tears from all the excitement so far, but when I saw Ettie I just could not shout, it was impossible first, then somehow mandatory – a sure way to show a real emotion). It was not important to me whether they were bringing presents or nah, but that they had come.

Thank you so so so much lovely family, I love you to bits.





And something very interesting.


The other day Vicky reminded me to share and write what we won at the disco. So now I will write a bit more than the previous post. As you already know there was very cool, we danced from the beginning and almost did not sit to rest. We had a lot of alcohol and did not even drink it all – yes, the dance was in the foreground. I remember how while I was dancing, the DJ mumbled something on the microphone, but I did not even know what, and so I did not distract him. But at that moment Vicky grabbed our hands – Vicky‘s one – mami (more here) & mine (at that point I realize how many girls I know with this name and it’s a little difficult hehe ) and she took us to dance on the dance floor. Then I realized they were giving best dancing awards and so on, but I did not even make much effort, just dancing and watching one of the girls looking at me and pointing to the man with those gift wraps and telling him something about me – so I was the first to get a gift wrap. In which gift wrap there was a voucher worth 100lv.

Soon we have to hang out together and get a drink.

And with this post, the whole school-related story is over. I was happy and honored to celebrate all, it is time to subdue new peaks. I hope you have been interesting to read about the educational system in Bulgaria, the special moments in the school, the people I met there, the successes, the difficulties, the prom itself.

Thank you for being part of my story.

The End.



The Final BIG Day #OOTD

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They said I wouldn’t be nothing

Now they always say congratulations

Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation

They ain’t never had the dedication

People hatin’, say we changed and look we made it

Yeah, we made it!

Post Malone – Congratulations



The big day came.

The BIG BIG BIG daaayyy.

The day I can safely say that it’s all over and it’s time for fun. The prom is at the same time the end and the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Honestly, I never imagined that day and how it will end. I did not think I would not go to school anymore, write homework or prepare for tests. I did not imagine myself in the world of the big ones, but here the day came.

I already realized it. I believed it. I felt it.

I even started to be eager to come this day so I can rest later. Honestly, the 12th year in school came to me somehow too much. It was a period of great change, awareness of mistakes, learning lessons, preparing for the future, growing up.

After passing the exams, there was another important day that was already a story. I do not know in your country how you celebrate the graduation from school, but we in Bulgaria are marking it properly. Everything is at a very high level and people put all their financial resources to make their child’s day a wonderful one. Preparation begins months before the big day. Of course, when it comes to boys, the preparation is much easier, but the girls do not feel that way. There are a lot of details that matter. Starting from dress, shoes, bag, jewelery, hairstyle, makeup and get to the little details related to skin tan, manicure, car. Everything must be exquisite. No, not must be, we just live in such a world that everyone is looking at the most expensive clothes, and people who can not afford such extras are ridiculed. Some people even choose not to attend their prom just for that reason. The worries around this day are great – what will be your dress, its color, how it will look, whether you are too weak or too fat…

My dress was simple and elegant. My preference for colors is peculiar, so I turned to the black color. Everyone knows I adore black clothes, just monochrome things you know. The dress was evening lenght long with drop shoulder, a large slit on the left and a back in lace.
For hairstyle and make-up, I totally confided to Mom, who is pretty skilldul and has a different look at things. Basically, everyone has the same hairstyle. That’s why mom made something different. My makeup was smoked in black and gold.
The details over which we came up were the bracelet and earrings in red and gold. That’s why I put a red lipstick, but honestly, I did not feel comfortable with it and I was glad the night it wiped out.

Trial Makeup lifewithrossye

Preparations started in the morning. I got up early, I took a shower and sat down in the chair, where I spent about an hour. For a very short time my mom did my hair and makeup, and I put on the dress and kitten heels, and took the most important things in my clutch (from a hurry I totally forgot the invitation for the restaurant itself, but Mom  went home to take it and brought it to me).






The celebration in Bulgaria is in three stages. First there is a gathering in a restaurant. The whole family, relatives and friends gather at a large table – they eat, drink and revel in honor of the graduate. This gathering takes about 4 hours starting at noon. Then it starts the more real part.

First, the whole class goes to take the class teacher from her home. There we counted, drank champagne and ate strawberries dipped in chocolate and coconut. Then we gather to school for more shots and shouting. My driver next to the tutor was a mommy’s girlfriend, and then I moved to Vicky’s car. We listened to music and prepared for the evening.

The very school ball starts at the restaurant we all have chosen. All students and part of the teaching staff attended the memorable evening. And the evening represents the following picture – delicious food, cold drinks, good music, lots of dancing, wonderful mood and loved ones. In the restaurant we were at seven in the evening until 11 and a half, after which came the order for phase three. Disco. At our booth we were just cool people all evening, maybe it was more accurate to say night, hehe, we had fun, we danced and we sang. For most of my classmates it was a rather strange situation because for the first time they saw me have fun with this kind of music. I’m a fan of American songs, rap, hip hop, stuff like that. But a little bit of alcohol helps a person to have fun at all, and yet one once has a prom and once he graduates school, that is, he should have fun as much as possible.

The day passed quite fast and it was already 4 o’clock in the morning when I realized it. By 5, I came home. My legs ached, my head ached, I had no voice, and my ears were ringing, but it was all worth it because I spent the best day in my life.

To be continued…



#TBT Some Emotions From My Graduation

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…When May comes, it means everything is over.

This was a month full of emotions for me. On May 15th was the first day I felt to some extent that the new beginning was around the corner and was waiting for me. It was then our official graduation and celebrating the last year at school.

A highly sensitive person like me is experiencing such emotions deeply. Softened legs, trembling hands, clenched stomach and tears ready to flow like waterfalls from my eyes.

I finish school.


Once and for all.

There is no turning back.

There is no way to fix and change anything.

I learned a lot of things, some of which I will not even be able to put into action.

The End.

It’s time for a new beginning.

This day was not just a break with the school, the teachers, it was a day when one realizes that things will not be the way they have been. The people we spent about 35 hours a week in one building, in one room will take their own way. Only the good memories remain, sealed deep in our minds.

A friend of mine came home to prepare for the big day together, yep, it was one of the big days. You can only imagine two girls, clothes everywhere, makeup, shoes, excitement, emotions. It was a good day.


For this day, I decided that it was best to wear sporty elegant clothing and to be just casual not that elegant. For this reason, I wore a romper in color navy blue, combined with metallic gray casual kicks and a flap plus beautiful glasses in round eye shape. Extremely simple hairstyle, emphasizing the square shape of my face and opening my eyes and ‘no makeup’ makeup.


When we went to school, the excitement grew stronger. Everywhere people dressed beautifully looking quite altered. The different faces of some people came to light.
Bouquets of flowers, crying people, hugs, kisses, photos, laughter and tears. Moment filled with mixed feelings.

I thought I would cry a lot, but I managed to abstain. I wept when we got out in front of all of our class, and Vicky started talking. Then it seemed like these 5 years passed like a tape. I wanted to end, but I did not want to break up with the people I love.


The ceremony was short, then we stood before school so we could seal that moment with lots of pictures. We counted up to 12 because here in Bulgaria we do so – we celebrate 12 years of education.

Spontaneous friendships are the best!

My squad♥♥♥





After all, that day went on quite fast. May the time come back …
We went on because there is no point in sadness about past moments. We are waiting for such good things because life is ahead of us and we are writing our own history. We are no longer ordinary children going to school, we have grown up, we are young people waiting for work and university, excursions and holidays, coupons and entertainment.

It’s time to have fun, a lot of fun…

To be continued…



‘Dreams Show You The Path’

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What do you think about dreams? Just a picture, brain contraption or something special? Maybe they are hiding the key to something immense, maybe they are not random things that just the brain is dreaming about. Dreams tell a story. Every night, when we lie down our subconscious has prepared us something special … but why?


Why do we dream? Why do not we always remember what we dreamed about? And any similar questions about our dreams, unfortunately I do not know their answer, but I would like know it one day.

Over the years, I have noticed that we all dream a lot of strange things. Starting from so-called nightmares – monsters, kidnappings, falling from high, death, or just something we think is terrible, and get to these blissful dreams where everything is ‘flowers and roses’.

And did you happen to dream something you’ve already experienced? Surely the answer is YES. Still, we all dream about things related to the past, childhood, what happened yesterday, or something like that.

But have you dreamed anything that predicts the future, gives you advice, prepares you for a moment, tells you what to do tomorrow…?

Some of my favorite dreams are those who tell me what to do, they show me a way, some kind of story that is about to happen and I need to prepared for it.

I had a period in which I dreamed a friend of mine quite often. I do not talk with her anymore, and it was strange to me that I began to dream about her. Nothing interesting was happening in the dream, but every time when I woke up I was really sad. Somehow my conscience was weighing. That’s why last summer I even sent her a DM and we went for a walk, but I realized it was useless. Things have changed for a long time and everything was over. Why did I worry so much internally?

Around the Christmas holidays in 2015 I dreamed a dream related to a classmate. The dream was quite odd. First, with this girl we did not talk so much, so I did not see why I was dreaming about her at all. But what I was dreaming of was a story that happened. In my dream, her girlfriends abandoned her and she was alone, no one was talking to her. It was pretty weird to myself. As I woke up, I decided I would keep an eye on how things happen. So one day something like that happened. They (her friends) totally abandoned her, and she was standing alone.

Perhaps after a couple of days I decided to go to her to talk about that and find out what was happening.

Maybe a couple of days before we get out on a Christmas vacation, I talked to her. She shared a lot of things to me, and I knew I was quite right. They simply use her when they need her. There was no real friendship. At any convenient moment, they abandoned her and she had to be alone. But after our conversation, things changed. So this is how Desi and I became pretty close friends.


I was trying to be there in moments when her friends were not there. We have started to share a lot of things, to support and help each other in every respect. When she needed help or just someone to share with, I was there, and still I am. She did the same thing for me. Every time when I think about her and how we met and became friends, I imagine her as a small child that grew up and changed. Yes, she has changed a lot, she has grown up as a person, she has learned to put herself in the first place, to think of her own interests and benefits. She was taught that she should not constantly help the people who abandoned her in the harsh moments, to help those who seemed to her friends. It took time, but she understood that in this life things happen here and now, that every moment brings something special, that one should be grateful and think positive. Black, bad, negative thoughts … they are not a good thing, they come back like a boomerang back to you.

Therefore one has to be positive, to discover his own happiness, to find peace in himself and to maintain his personal harmony both with himself and with the world around him.

Desi is my first close-up girlfriend in the new class, and I’m very glad to have dreamed that dream and that we found ourselves in the real world. She is very kind and good girl. Because we are very close, I will describe her as one of the most naive people I know. No matter how much they crush her, she’ll still be there and help them. She will always be silenced unless the iron gets hot at max.

I see in her those small, depraved creatures who, despite their difficult childhood, despite all the difficulties, become great men. I believe she will achieve the things she wants. I believe that one day she will live the way she dreamed.

Because we all deserve the life we dream of. The only thing we have to do is keep goingNo denial, mumbling, despair, transmission.

Everything is ahead of us.

We always look to inspire and motivate one another.

And we’ve been together for good and bad for these two years now, all along the last photo shoot for our annual album.


On that wonderful sunny day, although the smiles of all of us, the singing birds and the blossoming plants, there was a touch of nostalgia. Some days remain until the end. Until the end of the school. A few more days and the finals are coming, and along with them the prom itself. Last moments together, we both – Desi and I, and we – the whole class. Yes, we will keep in touch, we will go out, we will chat, but it will never be like in school. Because everything begins to divide us – the home, the university, the work, the future itself. Everyone begins to write their own book and there is nothing more important than being the book he wants to be, the perfect one.

For me, this end is a great start for the future. It is time for everyone to show and apply all that he has learned. It is time to show that we can handle ourselves because we are all older, adults. The school is over, but life is just starting now.

D. let us not forget what we promised, let us keep the good moments, let us preserve our wonderful friendship, because the good moments are ahead.

Everything happens when you least expect it.

To be continued…



I Followed My Inner Voice

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…When you are standing at a crossroads and wondering what to do, to whom do you turn? Do you want advice from a friend, a relative? Or do you trust your inner instinct?

In my life, I have always believed blindly of my inner feelings. If I feel good, everything is fine, if not, vice versa. Is there a place where I feel that things will be wrong – I’m not going there. In the same way I deal with people. I never trust third people who say this guy is a big dude or he is very bad. I want to check and understand a person by myself. Because we are all different and we have different views on things and people.

After moving into a new class, the opportunities for communicating with new people have increased. Still, this was my second family, considering how much time I spent in school. By watching people around me, I began to build my opinion on each one of them. That’s how I chose my favorites, and the others – the people who were not so pleasant to me. I started making contacts and discovering wonderful, intelligent people who have grown up and know what they want from life.

A sunny spring day I stayed until later because I wanted to talk to a girl. There were things happening, my pricked eye noticing that, and I wanted to ask her if I was accidentally wrong. Since then, we have become very close. About 40 minutes, we talked about our classmates and what’s going on. There was a big change in people. Then I shared a spicy story about my life and relations too. This lovely girl was Vicky.


Vicky is a wonderful person. I am, in general, a very critical person, I always find some crap in people, I laugh. I do not like everybody, no matter how he tries to grease me. Another feature of my character is that I am quite a direct person. I always say what I think, what’s on my heart. I do not like to conceal the truth with some petty lies just to please someone. Few people appreciate this, others get angry quickly, because honestly, not everyone is happy to hear the truth in the eyes. I am glad that Vicky is one of the people who accepts with smile my heavy character and appreciates my personality.

To go to someone to talk, first I have to have some inner impulse and a sense of security. When I went to her, I had an idea of her as a human being. That’s why we worked so fast our character and we liked each other.

I would like to point out that the people around me are educated, lettered, high-cultured people. I can not imagine talking to someone who only cares about going out to have a drink in a disco, to waste money, having no clear goals. Just people who do not know what to do with their lives. I always have an action plan that I follow.

I plan and I analyze!

Vicky is also one of those people who have set goals and she is pursuing them. She is struggling and likes not to be dependent on others. Kind character, friendly, always smiling, she is just a sunshine.

Along with her, I pal up with Ilonka. She is her best friend. Again a wonderful girl. Tranquil, sweethearted, educated. With her, too, we quickly got closer. We started chatting, sharing stories, having fun.


They both became so close to me that, apart from being friends, I began to feel them like my children (one of the reasons is that I’m higher than them and by hugging them they barely get to my neck, hehe, we look exactly like a family – a mother with her two children). That’s how I started to tell them ‘mami’ and they to me too. As you guess that means Mommy, a petty form in Bulgarian. Imagine how close they feel me to being called like this. This is a real acknowledgment because we all know how important and special person a mother is. The mother is one, and it is a real honor for me to call me ‘mami’.

They have helped me so much. Getting started with school-related things and going to personal problems. They were always here, ready to listen to me and give me advice. Do you know how important it is to have a shoulder on which to cry and share all the pain, everything accumulated that weighs you. Also how nice it is to have people to laugh with and forget about the time, forget to look at the phone, forget about everything and enjoy the moment.

Along these two, I met their best friend, Didy. Ilonka and Didy have known each other since they were young children and played in front of the flat. Then in the 8th grade, in the new school, Vicky and Ilonka have become very close, so Vicky and Didy also met. After a while, Didy and Vicky started practicing athletics. How small the world is.

So they 3 have been friends for about 5 years now.

And now, almost a year, the four of us are close friends.

How did I get to know Didy?
The situation was quite interesting. Again me and my intuition.


We were preparing a surprise for Ilonka’s 18th birthday. In a chat we exchanged ideas with two more girls. Because they were ‘pretty organized’, they began to rummage on my nerves. Vicky was not online, and I had to share my nerves with someone – just the combination with Sun in Virgo and an asc in Scorpion is equal to Aries or, in other words, a time bomb. So I hesitated for about five minutes, I was wondering if I would write to this girl or wait for Vicky and chat with her. Hamlet was incarnate in me and the positive answer prevailed. I opened the chat and sent a sticker explaining my dislike to the other two girls. So we started writing and commenting on the situation, as well as other things. My inner voice did not betray me because Didy is a unique person. Around the new year ( here and here)I had shared a few posts and she had read them, and one day I received a wonderful message from her with praise and admiration. Then I was the most admired one because we had not seen each other yet. That she liked my FaceBook page, that she had read my posts was more than wonderful. Then for the first time I felt like a successful blogger who inspired someone with the things that I wrote.

We met in the real life at the school concert, in the middle of March. We started chatting in December. So long… but we already felt we knew each other. So the very live meeting was quite pleasant without any worries. I remember how happy she was – as if I were a star. It was beautiful.

I’m so grateful.

So I once again convinced myself that one should follow his inner voice, trust his inner feelings, and not worry about what will happen. One philosopher has said that one should not see the whole path to continue, only the first few steps. So with the approach, the path will be further illuminated.

If then it was not my curiosity and my courage to talk to Vicky, I would not be a girlfriend either with her or with Ilonka, and I would not even know Didy.
These three beings are my angels, whom I love and respect. For the short time together, we have enjoyed wonderful moments, we have fun, we have gone out and many more happy moments are ahead.


The other day I dreamed a wonderful dream in which they took part.

My dreams are prophetic, so I’m sure that will happen.
Because dreams are either a deep desire, an unlearned moment, or they show you the way to go.

To be continued…