3 Years Of Acquaintance

On this sunny morning I remember the good days before. I had just finished school, and I had focused on something really new and interesting. Thank you, Ettie, for launching your blog ‘Letters to Antoinette’. Thank you that with every passing post you inspired me and so until the day I decided that I could launch one, too. Then I knew nothing but I wanted to write about things, to say my opinion and to give advice. I did not know about this community, I did not know about the thousands of bloggers, I did not know exactly what to do, but I knew I wanted to do it.

And here I am, celebrating my 3rd Anniversary.

For these three years, I’ve learned so many posts that have touched and inspired me in one way or another. I became acquainted virtually with many people who have the same interests as mine. I have read many stories from people’s lives, learned what food they love and what not, what is their favorite place for afternoon tea or coffee. We all became a big family. A community that does not stop welcoming new and new people, as well as supporting their endeavors.

One of my favorite social networks is Twitter. Thanks to the small posts written by people using hastags (#), many people find you easily, follow you and start a communication with you. I can not forget my first Twitter chat. It was so nice to think on a topic and chat with others, then to exchange links on our blogs, to comment, to show support at all.

As I have a blog, I’m increasingly aware that people around the world are really very nice and friendly, always ready to listen to you and give you some advice, no matter that they do not know you. But over time I notice a change. A big change. Chats are not what they used to be. The communication fades somehow. Personally, it’s getting harder for me to chat with someone. I see a construction of some hierarchy and everyone follows their own interests.

Small bloggers like me who have not paid for either design or domain. I write posts and rely on myself for their dissemination.
Bloggers like almost everyone I know. Unique sites, great interweave, incredible photos and style of writing.
‘Climbing bloggers’ – those who are spotted by some companies, they send them products for testing, share their posts on other sites, these bloggers develop to another level.
Famous bloggers – constantly going to some events, working with companies and photographers.
That’s what I see in this community.

Each follows its purpose.

Yesterday, I opened a topic and wrote a post about something that makes me disappointed and really pissed off, you can read the post here, would like to see what you think about it. I also mentioned the blogging world. More and more I see a built stereotype of pictures, posts, ideas, even thinking. I do not see that uniqueness I saw before. I do not like it that I constantly read tweets from bloggers complaining about followers, site views, comments and so on. From the sides it seems as if there is no desire, but some passion for as much as possible. Numbers are brought to the fore, which is sad.

Promoting is getting stronger now. You may have seen a lot of sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There is almost no place where you can not pay so your posts to be shared. Separately, the emails that I and other bloggers for sure recieved too – whether we want to maximize and improve the performance of our site or page, a month’s period test, then some insane sums per month. What is happening?

Day after day, I’m convinced that somewhere there are people who are only excited about their financial situation. I realize that money is a powerful force that really moves the world. There is almost no man who is not entangled in this network.

For so short a time, blogging, like a hobby or even a job, ( yes, I understand that for some of you this is their job ), has become a cruel business in buying followers, views, and so on.

I write for pleasure. I created this place on the internet so I can share my thoughts with other people who do not even know me, to hear different opinions, to meet new people. I have plans for this blog. I also want to invest money in it because I spend enough time and effort to write posts and share them on social networks. But as I always answer on emails related to payments for such services – I want to achieve this success by myself, I want to touch people myself and build some kind of friendship with them. Blogging is really an incredible thing that teaches you a lot of things. I met great people I could boldly call friends. Not everyone thinks in the numbers, but the number of people who think about this, is growing more and more.

They started from the bottom (like everyone), they reached a peak and they forgot from where they started.

I am very grateful that there are still bloggers around me with whom I chat daily. We support ourselves, read our posts, comment and share with friends. I will be glad to keep this communication and one day to meet with them in the real world because I know we all love to travel and meet new people.

Thanks for these three years, for all the things that I learned ( I improved my photographic abilities, I improved my way of writing, I learned new words and phrases in English, also I become more supportive and friendly ).

Time for new adventures, new ideas, new posts. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

See you soon with more life stories, thought-provoking articles, trips here and there, healthy tips and tricks and much more.

Wish you a great day!



Stunning Moments

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…Coming home from the disco in the morning, the only thing I needed was my bed. I could not wait to take off the heels, to take off the dress and to lie down. Honestly, I did not sleep much like I planned. Somewhere after three hours I woke up alone and felt almost rested, but I still heard a tingle in my ears.

I remembered the whole evening, the people who came to respect me and enjoy with me and my family my success. At the restaurant celebration we invited about 20 people, mostly close family friends.


The important guests I was expecting were Sylvia and Giovanni. When people started coming one by one, greeting me and giving flowers, I totally forgot who will come and who is already here at the table with us. Now, as I recall, it was becoming sweet and pleasant. We just made a toast with the newcomers when I saw more people coming up and I raised my head and Ettie was in front of my eyes. As soon as I saw her, I saw a baby cart and then Sylvia, the mother of Ettie. You can not imagine what excitement it was. I myself can not describe how happy I was from the fact that they have found time to come from far away (from the other end of Sofia) to respect me and to be present on that day with me.

Unbelievable but fact.

I was the happiest girl in the world, and still I am.

There is almost no one who does not know how much I love and respect Ettie. I have known her from the internet somewhere about 4-5 years. For all this time we have seen exactly 3 times, but I love her as a bigger sister. I believe in the sensation, and she is the most beautiful person of the East, who loads you with lost of energy even by looking at her picture or reading her post. So I am extremely grateful for this gift, the presence, the kind wishes and the fact that I could see her again, and the little Sofia. At least, I’ve seen her daughter ( Sofia ) before, when I was at the event organized Ettie and Ellie – you can read more about it here.



Of course, when you are invited to a prom, it’s like having a birthday party – you can not come without gifts( yes, you can but it’s like a tradition to give something ), but in most cases people give money. I have received many flowers, lovely cards with kind wishes, money, but also special gifts.


Maybe it is time to imply that my education does not end with the school, that is, after a few months the university calls me. The specialty I chose to study is psychology, but more about it and everything related to the university in the next posts. That’s why I got two books to provoke thoughts and reflections. I have not started to read them yet, but I can not wait to. Together with the books I received a chemical, a pencil and a rubber by Faber-Castel – my favorite eek! This is the other thing I adore very much, at home I have a lot of chemicals and I keep them. You can always win me with a pen or notebook.


I also received a set of necklaces and earrings in a pleasant, unsaturated purple color in the shape of a ladybird. They are really very tender and beautiful.


And one of the most special gifts was this bracelet from the Pepeldjiiski & Jeppson family. Or, in other words, from Ettie, Sylveto and Little Sofia. So far I have just dreamed of such a bracelet from Pandora, I’ve seen it from my girlfriends, and so on, but I have not thought so much about it. When Sylveto handed me the wonderful bag, I did not know where I was. Then I was still in shock and excitement, my hands were shaking, my eyes were full of tears. (I kept my tears from all the excitement so far, but when I saw Ettie I just could not shout, it was impossible first, then somehow mandatory – a sure way to show a real emotion). It was not important to me whether they were bringing presents or nah, but that they had come.

Thank you so so so much lovely family, I love you to bits.





And something very interesting.


The other day Vicky reminded me to share and write what we won at the disco. So now I will write a bit more than the previous post. As you already know there was very cool, we danced from the beginning and almost did not sit to rest. We had a lot of alcohol and did not even drink it all – yes, the dance was in the foreground. I remember how while I was dancing, the DJ mumbled something on the microphone, but I did not even know what, and so I did not distract him. But at that moment Vicky grabbed our hands – Vicky‘s one – mami (more here) & mine (at that point I realize how many girls I know with this name and it’s a little difficult hehe ) and she took us to dance on the dance floor. Then I realized they were giving best dancing awards and so on, but I did not even make much effort, just dancing and watching one of the girls looking at me and pointing to the man with those gift wraps and telling him something about me – so I was the first to get a gift wrap. In which gift wrap there was a voucher worth 100lv.

Soon we have to hang out together and get a drink.

And with this post, the whole school-related story is over. I was happy and honored to celebrate all, it is time to subdue new peaks. I hope you have been interesting to read about the educational system in Bulgaria, the special moments in the school, the people I met there, the successes, the difficulties, the prom itself.

Thank you for being part of my story.

The End.



The Final BIG Day #OOTD

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They said I wouldn’t be nothing

Now they always say congratulations

Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation

They ain’t never had the dedication

People hatin’, say we changed and look we made it

Yeah, we made it!

Post Malone – Congratulations



The big day came.

The BIG BIG BIG daaayyy.

The day I can safely say that it’s all over and it’s time for fun. The prom is at the same time the end and the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. Honestly, I never imagined that day and how it will end. I did not think I would not go to school anymore, write homework or prepare for tests. I did not imagine myself in the world of the big ones, but here the day came.

I already realized it. I believed it. I felt it.

I even started to be eager to come this day so I can rest later. Honestly, the 12th year in school came to me somehow too much. It was a period of great change, awareness of mistakes, learning lessons, preparing for the future, growing up.

After passing the exams, there was another important day that was already a story. I do not know in your country how you celebrate the graduation from school, but we in Bulgaria are marking it properly. Everything is at a very high level and people put all their financial resources to make their child’s day a wonderful one. Preparation begins months before the big day. Of course, when it comes to boys, the preparation is much easier, but the girls do not feel that way. There are a lot of details that matter. Starting from dress, shoes, bag, jewelery, hairstyle, makeup and get to the little details related to skin tan, manicure, car. Everything must be exquisite. No, not must be, we just live in such a world that everyone is looking at the most expensive clothes, and people who can not afford such extras are ridiculed. Some people even choose not to attend their prom just for that reason. The worries around this day are great – what will be your dress, its color, how it will look, whether you are too weak or too fat…

My dress was simple and elegant. My preference for colors is peculiar, so I turned to the black color. Everyone knows I adore black clothes, just monochrome things you know. The dress was evening lenght long with drop shoulder, a large slit on the left and a back in lace.
For hairstyle and make-up, I totally confided to Mom, who is pretty skilldul and has a different look at things. Basically, everyone has the same hairstyle. That’s why mom made something different. My makeup was smoked in black and gold.
The details over which we came up were the bracelet and earrings in red and gold. That’s why I put a red lipstick, but honestly, I did not feel comfortable with it and I was glad the night it wiped out.

Trial Makeup lifewithrossye

Preparations started in the morning. I got up early, I took a shower and sat down in the chair, where I spent about an hour. For a very short time my mom did my hair and makeup, and I put on the dress and kitten heels, and took the most important things in my clutch (from a hurry I totally forgot the invitation for the restaurant itself, but Mom  went home to take it and brought it to me).






The celebration in Bulgaria is in three stages. First there is a gathering in a restaurant. The whole family, relatives and friends gather at a large table – they eat, drink and revel in honor of the graduate. This gathering takes about 4 hours starting at noon. Then it starts the more real part.

First, the whole class goes to take the class teacher from her home. There we counted, drank champagne and ate strawberries dipped in chocolate and coconut. Then we gather to school for more shots and shouting. My driver next to the tutor was a mommy’s girlfriend, and then I moved to Vicky’s car. We listened to music and prepared for the evening.

The very school ball starts at the restaurant we all have chosen. All students and part of the teaching staff attended the memorable evening. And the evening represents the following picture – delicious food, cold drinks, good music, lots of dancing, wonderful mood and loved ones. In the restaurant we were at seven in the evening until 11 and a half, after which came the order for phase three. Disco. At our booth we were just cool people all evening, maybe it was more accurate to say night, hehe, we had fun, we danced and we sang. For most of my classmates it was a rather strange situation because for the first time they saw me have fun with this kind of music. I’m a fan of American songs, rap, hip hop, stuff like that. But a little bit of alcohol helps a person to have fun at all, and yet one once has a prom and once he graduates school, that is, he should have fun as much as possible.

The day passed quite fast and it was already 4 o’clock in the morning when I realized it. By 5, I came home. My legs ached, my head ached, I had no voice, and my ears were ringing, but it was all worth it because I spent the best day in my life.

To be continued…



A Lovely Surprise From ‘@MakeUpButHow’

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Has it happened to you things to be arranged themselves? Just one day to wake up, to see the beautiful sunny weather outside and to tell yourself that the puzzle is stacked, the parts go to their place…


After the photo session, I had a few weeks in which I was doing reading development and solving tests. In general, any preparation related to the two final tests in the last weeks of May. I had a schedule when and how much to learn in Bulgarian and when in Spanish. When I think about it, for a very short time I managed to prepare myself and fill all the holes (the unknown) in my mind. The first exam was on May 19th and the second on May 22nd. After the answers came out I checked the things I had remembered and I did not know what to expect. On June 5th, the official results came out and … I was the happiest girl ever. All my diligence was not in vain, I got my excellent grades and showed myself that I can handle everything.

Frankly, the calmness came immediately after the second exam, and the next day only the good news began.

It was 23rd May (here I want to say to everyone who does not know that 23 is my favorite number and I love everything related to it, there is a movie, a book, a song, one of the best basketball players, etc.) then I was sitting on the sofa, relaxed and peaceful, I had nothing to do. I was scrolling through my instagram when I came across a picture uploaded 5 minutes ago by Ellie. Ellie had pulled the winners out of the giveaway. I decided to read the description and see who the winning girls were.



And …

I saw my name. I was in shock. My hands trembled. I read the text several times. I pressed my name to make sure it was me. I showed my mom and told her to read it. I sent a screenshot to Didy to see and read it too. I did not know where I was and what was happening.

I never thought I’d react that way.

I won.

At the beginning when I went into the blogging game, I had some desire to win something from someone. Then it passed and I did not participate. Several months ago I decided to start again, but … without success. And now I did not even expect to win.

I did not know how it happened. Generally, I knew about the giveaway, I read the requirements, but I did not think I had a chance, I had followed her before, and did not pay much attention about the giveaway because she has a lot of followers.

 When I saw my own name there … speechless.

If I had to be honest, happiness was caused by the fact that I knew Ellie. She is a very good friend of Antoinette (whom I adore). I followed her as they know each other, and basically my mom has followed her for a long time and showed me her makeup skills and things related to her. A few months ago, I was on their meet-up. It was a unique experience, you can read the post here.

So I felt quite special because Ellie is a wonderful person and it’s very nice to get a gift from a person who you admire.

I was very happy when they told me that Ellie had prepared me another surprise, besides the gift of the giveaway. I received many presents at my prom, but we will talk about this later. It’s time to show you what wonderful things I got from Ellie.

Make sure to share some love to her: YouTube in BG & EN, Facebook, Instagram




The first gem is from the giveaway – Matte Revolution Lipstick from Urban Decay in color Matte Bad Blood’. And how UD said ”It’s matte lipstick the UD way: creamy, badass color that won’t dry out. Our Pigment Infusion System™ delivers insane payoff, and nourishing oils leave lips cushiony soft”. I’m waiting for a special occasion to try it out.




Also she gave me three more lip products: lipstick ColorSensational by Maybelline New York in color 886 Berry Bossy’ + Ultra smooth matte lip cream Matte Me by Sleek MakeUp in color ‘Fandango Purple 431’ + liquid lipstick by L’ORÉAL Paris in color ‘Darling Pink 102’


I’m in love with the lipquid lipstick, also the matte lip cream – they both smeel amazing.

& something really special – Master Strobing Stick by FaceStudio Schimmernder Highlighter in color ‘Medium-Nude Glow 200’. Just to die for…



Two bad boys for my lashes: Volume Million Lashes ‘So Couture’ by L’ORÉAL Paris + False Lash SUPERSTAR XFiber 2 step by L’ORÉAL Paris

Untitled design(8)

And last but not least…

INFAILLIBLE Blush Paint by L’ORÉAL Paris Longwear High-Intensity Blush Palette | The Pinks: Ballet Dream, Despinkable Me, Peony Rose, Fuchsia Afterhours, Flamingo Dance

& ULTIMATE PRO contour palette by beautyUK: 6 universal, creamy, blendable shades to perfect your contoured look. Suitable for all skin types. Emphasise your eyes, chisel your cheekbones, refine your nose, sculpt your jawline – makes you AMAzing!


Thank you so much Ellie! You made my day ♥ can’t wait to see you again.

Surprises are yet to begin.

To be continued…




I Followed My Inner Voice

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…When you are standing at a crossroads and wondering what to do, to whom do you turn? Do you want advice from a friend, a relative? Or do you trust your inner instinct?

In my life, I have always believed blindly of my inner feelings. If I feel good, everything is fine, if not, vice versa. Is there a place where I feel that things will be wrong – I’m not going there. In the same way I deal with people. I never trust third people who say this guy is a big dude or he is very bad. I want to check and understand a person by myself. Because we are all different and we have different views on things and people.

After moving into a new class, the opportunities for communicating with new people have increased. Still, this was my second family, considering how much time I spent in school. By watching people around me, I began to build my opinion on each one of them. That’s how I chose my favorites, and the others – the people who were not so pleasant to me. I started making contacts and discovering wonderful, intelligent people who have grown up and know what they want from life.

A sunny spring day I stayed until later because I wanted to talk to a girl. There were things happening, my pricked eye noticing that, and I wanted to ask her if I was accidentally wrong. Since then, we have become very close. About 40 minutes, we talked about our classmates and what’s going on. There was a big change in people. Then I shared a spicy story about my life and relations too. This lovely girl was Vicky.


Vicky is a wonderful person. I am, in general, a very critical person, I always find some crap in people, I laugh. I do not like everybody, no matter how he tries to grease me. Another feature of my character is that I am quite a direct person. I always say what I think, what’s on my heart. I do not like to conceal the truth with some petty lies just to please someone. Few people appreciate this, others get angry quickly, because honestly, not everyone is happy to hear the truth in the eyes. I am glad that Vicky is one of the people who accepts with smile my heavy character and appreciates my personality.

To go to someone to talk, first I have to have some inner impulse and a sense of security. When I went to her, I had an idea of her as a human being. That’s why we worked so fast our character and we liked each other.

I would like to point out that the people around me are educated, lettered, high-cultured people. I can not imagine talking to someone who only cares about going out to have a drink in a disco, to waste money, having no clear goals. Just people who do not know what to do with their lives. I always have an action plan that I follow.

I plan and I analyze!

Vicky is also one of those people who have set goals and she is pursuing them. She is struggling and likes not to be dependent on others. Kind character, friendly, always smiling, she is just a sunshine.

Along with her, I pal up with Ilonka. She is her best friend. Again a wonderful girl. Tranquil, sweethearted, educated. With her, too, we quickly got closer. We started chatting, sharing stories, having fun.


They both became so close to me that, apart from being friends, I began to feel them like my children (one of the reasons is that I’m higher than them and by hugging them they barely get to my neck, hehe, we look exactly like a family – a mother with her two children). That’s how I started to tell them ‘mami’ and they to me too. As you guess that means Mommy, a petty form in Bulgarian. Imagine how close they feel me to being called like this. This is a real acknowledgment because we all know how important and special person a mother is. The mother is one, and it is a real honor for me to call me ‘mami’.

They have helped me so much. Getting started with school-related things and going to personal problems. They were always here, ready to listen to me and give me advice. Do you know how important it is to have a shoulder on which to cry and share all the pain, everything accumulated that weighs you. Also how nice it is to have people to laugh with and forget about the time, forget to look at the phone, forget about everything and enjoy the moment.

Along these two, I met their best friend, Didy. Ilonka and Didy have known each other since they were young children and played in front of the flat. Then in the 8th grade, in the new school, Vicky and Ilonka have become very close, so Vicky and Didy also met. After a while, Didy and Vicky started practicing athletics. How small the world is.

So they 3 have been friends for about 5 years now.

And now, almost a year, the four of us are close friends.

How did I get to know Didy?
The situation was quite interesting. Again me and my intuition.


We were preparing a surprise for Ilonka’s 18th birthday. In a chat we exchanged ideas with two more girls. Because they were ‘pretty organized’, they began to rummage on my nerves. Vicky was not online, and I had to share my nerves with someone – just the combination with Sun in Virgo and an asc in Scorpion is equal to Aries or, in other words, a time bomb. So I hesitated for about five minutes, I was wondering if I would write to this girl or wait for Vicky and chat with her. Hamlet was incarnate in me and the positive answer prevailed. I opened the chat and sent a sticker explaining my dislike to the other two girls. So we started writing and commenting on the situation, as well as other things. My inner voice did not betray me because Didy is a unique person. Around the new year ( here and here)I had shared a few posts and she had read them, and one day I received a wonderful message from her with praise and admiration. Then I was the most admired one because we had not seen each other yet. That she liked my FaceBook page, that she had read my posts was more than wonderful. Then for the first time I felt like a successful blogger who inspired someone with the things that I wrote.

We met in the real life at the school concert, in the middle of March. We started chatting in December. So long… but we already felt we knew each other. So the very live meeting was quite pleasant without any worries. I remember how happy she was – as if I were a star. It was beautiful.

I’m so grateful.

So I once again convinced myself that one should follow his inner voice, trust his inner feelings, and not worry about what will happen. One philosopher has said that one should not see the whole path to continue, only the first few steps. So with the approach, the path will be further illuminated.

If then it was not my curiosity and my courage to talk to Vicky, I would not be a girlfriend either with her or with Ilonka, and I would not even know Didy.
These three beings are my angels, whom I love and respect. For the short time together, we have enjoyed wonderful moments, we have fun, we have gone out and many more happy moments are ahead.


The other day I dreamed a wonderful dream in which they took part.

My dreams are prophetic, so I’m sure that will happen.
Because dreams are either a deep desire, an unlearned moment, or they show you the way to go.

To be continued…



‘An Eye-Opening Friendship’

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                       …How many friends did you have in your life? Do you keep in touch with all of them? Do you regret the lost friendship?

I personally have had about 10 ‘best friends’ for those nearly 19 years of my life, and frankly I do not talk to anyone at the moment. Different interests, just growing up, changing the city, moving to another school, there are many factors that have influenced it.

2015 was the year of opening the eyes. By this time I had my own ideas, dreams, beliefs, goals, and then everything changed. That summer I started working in the company where my mom works. The work I did, the people I used to communicate with, the friendships I made, all this made me open my eyes and see good what friendship is at all.

Then, when I started school in September, I was no longer the same person.

The high school itself, in which I was studying, enables after the 10th grade to choose a profiled education on given subjects – in this case – geography, history and mathematics. So in 2015 I split up with the class and the people with whom we were together from the 8th grade. Nearly everyone chose geography, but I ( plus three more girls ) thought that the best choice was math.

The new class meant new opportunities, new people, new characters to explore. Perhaps then was the moment I found the psychologist in myself. I started researching people around me, my new classmates. After the wonderful summer I had, I went back to school reborn and ready for feats.

After the insights I reached, I stepped back from the people. So the friendships I had started to break apart. I stopped sharing, I stopped interested, and I started experimenting. Moving into a new class, I had the opportunity to break away from what I already know and to sink into the depths of the unknown.

I remember how I started to annoy the girl that used to be my best friend at that time. I began to realize that she did not affect me well as I thought, she was just an energy vampire, a ball of negativism, with pessimistic view, and a very maximistic mindset. I realized I was choking. Something had happened, we were scolding and she told me ( she gave me a wonderful advice that she forgot itself ):

Go, make friends with other people!

That’s what I did!


At that moment, I realized what an incredible person I had beside me. A person who has always been to me, ready to listen to all my problems, thoughts and simplicity, and most importantly, ready to give me advice and help me.

It was maybe October, the month when I asked Christina to talk. We know each other from the 8th grade and honestly I share a lot of things with her, but I never before realized how valuable she was. Blinded by ‘that one’! I told her everything. I told her how I feel that I can not tolerate her any longer to crush and ruin me mentally without even realizing it. I told her I needed a change. Christina was amazed by this whole thing. There was a smile on her face. She was happy because I finally realize myself. It was nice for me to know that others had seen and realized what was happening too.

Few people know the truth itself …

Until last I kept some decent contacts, I did not want to fight with anyone, I was kind of sorry, but no longer! I have enough people around me who truly love, support and respect me and show it – something that is quite important to me.

We all need actions, not words!

Turning back the bar I realize how naive and blind I was. I believed that that girl was somehow perfect, real best friend, someone I could trust.
But despite what’s happening, I’m happy and grateful because I found the right way. And most importantly, I found genuine love and support in the face of others, first of all in Christina’s face. I am grateful!


Crispe, do you remember how me met – playing volleyball in the yard? Then I realized you were listening to YMCMB too. Do you remember how we were studying in information on the stairs on the 4th floor? Do you remember how we struggled to understand this chemistry thing? Do you remember walking to CBA and buying bread and salad to have a brunch at school? Do you remember the thousands of songs we listened to Nicki Minaj, Tyga, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, etc.? We shared, we laughed, I cried – you comforted me, and still. It’s been a wonderful 5 years, for which I thank you!

I have always trusted my intuition and this has always helped me and opened me doors. Cuz we only life once.

To be continued…



From Beginning To End

12 years ago I finished the kindergarten. The end of the great entertainment, playing games all day, sleeping every afternoon … the end of the really carefree life.

It was time for school, education and socialization with others. I had to prepare myself. In fact, it was my mom who was preparing me and thinking about all the things that should be bought – textbooks, notebooks, backpack, pencils, chemicals, all kinds of accessories. I was just expected to go to school and write my homework.

The first three years of this period I studied in one of the best High Schools in Vidinmy home town. Honestly, I do not recall much of the education itself, but it is obvious that I have learned to write, read and calculate – the basic things that every person has to take control of. And I just want to say that during this period I went to English lessons and it was pretty easy for me to handle at school.

Then in 2008 we moved to the big city – Sofia, the capital. So everything changed.

In Bulgaria, children go to school for 12 years. The first 8 years are obligatory, after which the education can be interrupted, but it is not recommended. These 12 years are divided as follows: the first 4basic knowledge – calculus, reading, writing, facts about the history of Bulgaria, the environment, processes in nature and, of course, basic knowledge of English; Then 5th, 6th and 7th grade, with emphasis on Bulgarian language, history and mathematics, include subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology and geography. After the 7th grade, the children hold exams to show their knowledge and apply for the results of the exams in elite high schools in different spheres. There are many schools in Sofia and children have a great choice – cooking, hairdressing, computers, machines, tourism, economy, languages.

What's amazing is, if young people understoodhow doing well in school makes the restof their life so much interesting, they would be more motivated.It's so far away in time that they can

In the 7th grade I was still a child who did not understand what was happening. I was studying English and Spanish, but the Spanish was easier for me. Thereupon I did not know that at the school you were going to after the 7th grade you would start learning a foreign language from the alphabet itself and that is why I applied to a Spanish school (sometimes I’m sorry because I could study at an English High School and thus I could now master that language , But ‘C’est La Vie’).

This follows the last 5 years of each child’s educational period. During these 5 years, I learned a lot of things that are not only about school subjects.

During the first year we mainly studied Spanish, Bulgarian and mathematics. The following year, all subjects were in Spanish – history, chemistry, physics, biology, only the  geography was in Bulgarian. The aim was to practice our vocabulary and learn as many phrases and words as possible in Spanish.

In the coming years with the change of many teachers, the process of language learning has become more and more difficult. So up to the 12th grade. The time at which each student chooses his second compulsory exam (the first one is Bulgarian). I chose Spanish as easier than other subjects – chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, geography, etc. Last year our teacher was the director of the school, but unfortunately she got sick severely, which led to many absences. So the first term we almost did not learn anything. In the second term, another teacher taught us. The woman initially seemed strange to me, and I was wondering whether I would be personally prepared for this final test. Having in mind our loud class, the inattention of almost everyone … I decided to talk to her and ask her for extra hours. So in the beginning of April, 2017 I began to go to private, completely free lessons with her. About a month and a half we did all the exams from past years, plus additional materials. She explained a lot of things to me about grammar, timing, different constructions, additional vocabulary, complex words – she prepared me perfectly for the exam (I’m still waiting for the results of the two exams –  fingers crossed ).


What's amazing is, if young people understoodhow doing well in school makes the restof their life so much interesting, they would be more motivated.It's so far away in time that they can

For the first compulsory exam – Bulgarian language and literature, I totally thank a friend of mine who gave me the materials, explained some things to me and gave me advices. You are that girl Vicky! Thank you! The exam itself includes 41 questions. The first part aims to see grammar knowledge – spelling, punctuation and vocabulary. Then there are questions related to the literature of the 11th and 12th grade (15 authors – 95 works) – characters, storyline, genre. The last task is the hardest to say. A volume of up to 4 pages should be written on a given topic from these 95 works. There are many important components and things that need to be written, structure, themes, problems, motives in the work itself. Vicky gave me a lot of stuff, explaining things to me that I did not understand, and so this test of difficulty has turned out to be quite easy for me.

What's amazing is, if young people understoodhow doing well in school makes the restof their life so much interesting, they would be more motivated.It's so far away in time that they can

So the education in Bulgaria is combined with many test, homeworks, subjects, information that sometimes I wonder if I need to know it at all but most importantly these 12 years have given me many examples and have taught me many things. I constantly rediscovered myself, learned new things about the world and the people. I learned how to study, how to train my memory, how to have fun, how to dress and do my makeup, how to recognize the truth, how to make friendships but most of all how to be a human.

The last year at school gave me very valuable advice – friendship is a set of trust, desire, faith, and understanding. When the negativity and the passion for ‘the first place’ are settle between them then everything is over.

To be continued…