The Excitement! Samsung Galaxy S8+

It’s Monday again. Who loves Mondays? Early getting up, going to work, tasks, commitments … oh, no thanks! Can I stay in bed, please?
But today I am the one who is a big Monday fan. And guess why? Because I have a birthday! It’s my B-day eeekk! I suppose that if you are born on this day too, you are to the seventh heaven of happiness too, and all kinds of emotions come on. By the way – happy birthday queen Bey!

What a great start of the week. I got up at 6 o’clock, but to be honest I was awake nicely by Mom and my little sister carrying boxes with gifts. I generally do not like people to wake me up in the morning, especially so early in the summer, but on that day it is mildly forgiven.
I have no words to describe the whole emotion while opening the boxes … just dreams come true when you believe strongly, and in this case when you inflate the head of your loved ones with your demands. Ultimately, the result is – I am happy, and they are even more so because they are the reason for my smile.


So, finally I’m a proud owner of 3 blouses with a 23 number print, thanks to my lovely little sister. If you keep track of the blog from the very beginning, you know that this is my main number. Both black T-shirts with white captions are just unique and the yellow vest is perfect for this season. You remember that this year the light color award won the yellow one – read more here. I cannot wait to start wearing them. Officially my favorite pieces.


The only person on this planet who knows me perfectly and knows what gift I would really impress on is my mom. Definitely, Mum knows everything, and this year she surpassed herself with all the surprise, the gift itself, and the very care, attention and gratitude. We have a very strong and close relationship with her, I love her to bits. Honestly, we’re like sisters, maybe because the difference in our years is super small compared to other people I know. So, mom is, besides being a wonderful parent, a very good listener.

Two years ago, on November 27th, Friday, I was pleased with the latest addition to the Samsung family – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus 🙈. Can you imagine what happiness was at stake? I was pretty surprised because I no clue. She knew that I needed a new phone because the previous one was no working for me, constantly dangling and even not opening some of my apps. That’s why she made a unique gift to me. This is a day I will hardly forget.

Last year, on my birthday, she pleased me again – more info here. But this year I told her that I do not want any celebrations & gifts, especially from her. Precisely because I did not expect any gifts from her the excitement was on a whole different level.

Just let me explain you😊

I opened the box that was thematically filled with promotional brochures because I always pick them up from the mail. I removed one brochure and I looked inside – a black box, blue inscription, S8 +. God damn! Whaaat!?! Am I dreaming or …?! I just left everything and started screaming so hard that Mom was shocked. It took me a few minutes to recover and open the beautiful black box and to see what lies inside it. I want to tell you that just the other day we went to a tech shop and went to see the phones and I showed the new pieces from Samsung’s family – talking about the S8 + & Note 8 – to her. I had no idea tha she had already bought it. I do not really have words to describe my feelings. Mom is like a fairy-tale princess who loves to help everybody and make people happy.


Because today was a day filled with a lot of emotions I will tell you more about this gem in tomorrow’s post, so keep your eyes peeled🙄

Now it’s time to strip my new T-shirt & to get some sleep.

Hope you had a lovely day too!




Stay Calm: ‘Journey of Souls’ by Dr. Newton | Review

Ups and downs are part of our maturation. At some point we are so happy, surrounded by friends, love, support, we have everything we need. And at another point everything is collapsing. We lose friends, who were obviously not the friends we needed. We lose the support we supposed to never lose, whatever happens. We lose our smile. We lose the desire to dream and make plans for the future. We lose time in complaints. We lose ourselves in first instance. At such times, things that make us impression are just those we lose.

And what do we win?

Very often we do not pay attention to the positive consequences of a given situation. The End. The world collapses in front of us. And so what?

Not everything is chocolate & champagne.

There is no constant happiness. There is no constant success. The road is filled with many holes that we need to circumvent, that is, the obstacles we have to deal with. And if we somehow find ourselves in a hole, we must quickly find a way to escape from it. We will definitely cannot help ourselves if we sit down and start weeping and complaining about what has happened. Exactly the opposite. We have to stand up. We have to wipe the tears. We have to fix our makeup and hairstyle. We have to look where we are and to consider an action plan. We are not going to let any breakdown of our lives to break us.

Nothing and no one has the power to prevent us from being what we are. No one can stop us from doing what is on our heart. Thinking of what we have in mind. Saying what is in our tongue.

Of course, theory is very different from practice. But the important thing is when a person falls into such a not very pleasant situation, he has to find a way to cope himself and return the smile to his face.

I am one of those persons who think and think, just overthink, about people, stories, words spoken, unreadable deeds, everything that my consciousness can think of is analyzed as in a lab. But what is the benefit of this constant thinking? Definitely I only strain and earn nothing, I do not solve any problem, I lose precious time.

But hey, there are no casual things. After each fall there is a rise. As I said in my previous post –  at the end Spring always comes back. So keep your head up!

And what do I do while I am waiting for the Spring? Well honestly to tell you I do not wait for her at all and do you know why? Because Spring will not come alone. In order to come, first I must be ready and have sensed that the time has come to lay the foundations for the new beginning. To feel that it is time for the flowers to blossom, the green color to appear, the sun to shine inside me, it does not matter if it is Winter outside. The important thing is that I am in harmony with myself. And how is this harmony achieved? Interesting question.

Humans are different but unique beings – do not forget that! That’s why I have my methods of breaking down the blues, the moments when I do not feel myself, the moments when I feel I’m losing faith and hope. When I get into such situations, I look fast to fix things.

A piece of chocolate, why not?

Funny meme on Facebook.


Some inspirational video from TED talks.

Music! Definitely music.

But the thing that loads me recharges is the book read. Over time and my personal growth as a person, I began to carefully select the topics and books I read. I’m not falling into fiction, battles, love novels, lots of murders, and so on. I love to read useful literature from which I can learn things, enrich my mental vocabulary, expand my common culture and self-perfection.

Two months ago a friendship began between me and Andrea (RosyChicc) – I will tell you in more detail in a future post. From conversations about this and that, there was no way we could not talk about books and each of us shared her personal treasures on the other. She recommended a lot of books to me, but I decided to start with the first one. That’s why I quickly downloaded it and at a convenient time I started reading. From the first two sentences I was impressed and told myself that this is my book, I have something to learn from it. So, page after page, chapter by chapter, I was immersed in this book. I felt so relaxed and happy as I read it.

I was very impressed, and i am glad that I had the opportunity to read it. So, it’s time to do a little review of the book & hope this inspires you and to read it too.


Tittle: Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives

Year: 1994

Author: Dr. Michael Newton

Genre: Inspirational Fiction

Sooner or later, everyone wants to consider certain question: Why am I here on Earth? Where will I go after death? What happens after I die?

About the Author – Michael Newton is certidied Master Hyponotherapist, a member of the American Counseling Association, plus holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. He is considered to be a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries about life after death through the use of spiritual hypnotic regression. He is the author of three best-selling books – Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives (1994), Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (2000) and Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (2004).

In this book you can find 29 extraordinary stories from different people trough them you will learn more about:

  • How it feels to die?
  • What you see and feel right after death?
  • More about the so-called ”spiritual guides”
  • The spirit worl and soul groups
  • The different levels of souls: beginning, intermediate, and advanced
  • The color of the soul
  • How you choose another body to return to Earth
  • When and where you learn how to recognize soulmates on Earth
  • The purpose of Life

After you read the book you will begin to understand the reasons behind events in your own life.

Key words: light, calmness, peace, love, protection, tunnel, white, rest, lesson, joy, delight

This book gives a sense of calmness that whatever happens we will see us again up there. There is no loss so leave the suffering and enjoy your life.

To be continued…






3 Years Of Acquaintance

On this sunny morning I remember the good days before. I had just finished school, and I had focused on something really new and interesting. Thank you, Ettie, for launching your blog ‘Letters to Antoinette’. Thank you that with every passing post you inspired me and so until the day I decided that I could launch one, too. Then I knew nothing but I wanted to write about things, to say my opinion and to give advice. I did not know about this community, I did not know about the thousands of bloggers, I did not know exactly what to do, but I knew I wanted to do it.

And here I am, celebrating my 3rd Anniversary.

For these three years, I’ve learned so many posts that have touched and inspired me in one way or another. I became acquainted virtually with many people who have the same interests as mine. I have read many stories from people’s lives, learned what food they love and what not, what is their favorite place for afternoon tea or coffee. We all became a big family. A community that does not stop welcoming new and new people, as well as supporting their endeavors.

One of my favorite social networks is Twitter. Thanks to the small posts written by people using hastags (#), many people find you easily, follow you and start a communication with you. I can not forget my first Twitter chat. It was so nice to think on a topic and chat with others, then to exchange links on our blogs, to comment, to show support at all.

As I have a blog, I’m increasingly aware that people around the world are really very nice and friendly, always ready to listen to you and give you some advice, no matter that they do not know you. But over time I notice a change. A big change. Chats are not what they used to be. The communication fades somehow. Personally, it’s getting harder for me to chat with someone. I see a construction of some hierarchy and everyone follows their own interests.

Small bloggers like me who have not paid for either design or domain. I write posts and rely on myself for their dissemination.
Bloggers like almost everyone I know. Unique sites, great interweave, incredible photos and style of writing.
‘Climbing bloggers’ – those who are spotted by some companies, they send them products for testing, share their posts on other sites, these bloggers develop to another level.
Famous bloggers – constantly going to some events, working with companies and photographers.
That’s what I see in this community.

Each follows its purpose.

Yesterday, I opened a topic and wrote a post about something that makes me disappointed and really pissed off, you can read the post here, would like to see what you think about it. I also mentioned the blogging world. More and more I see a built stereotype of pictures, posts, ideas, even thinking. I do not see that uniqueness I saw before. I do not like it that I constantly read tweets from bloggers complaining about followers, site views, comments and so on. From the sides it seems as if there is no desire, but some passion for as much as possible. Numbers are brought to the fore, which is sad.

Promoting is getting stronger now. You may have seen a lot of sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There is almost no place where you can not pay so your posts to be shared. Separately, the emails that I and other bloggers for sure recieved too – whether we want to maximize and improve the performance of our site or page, a month’s period test, then some insane sums per month. What is happening?

Day after day, I’m convinced that somewhere there are people who are only excited about their financial situation. I realize that money is a powerful force that really moves the world. There is almost no man who is not entangled in this network.

For so short a time, blogging, like a hobby or even a job, ( yes, I understand that for some of you this is their job ), has become a cruel business in buying followers, views, and so on.

I write for pleasure. I created this place on the internet so I can share my thoughts with other people who do not even know me, to hear different opinions, to meet new people. I have plans for this blog. I also want to invest money in it because I spend enough time and effort to write posts and share them on social networks. But as I always answer on emails related to payments for such services – I want to achieve this success by myself, I want to touch people myself and build some kind of friendship with them. Blogging is really an incredible thing that teaches you a lot of things. I met great people I could boldly call friends. Not everyone thinks in the numbers, but the number of people who think about this, is growing more and more.

They started from the bottom (like everyone), they reached a peak and they forgot from where they started.

I am very grateful that there are still bloggers around me with whom I chat daily. We support ourselves, read our posts, comment and share with friends. I will be glad to keep this communication and one day to meet with them in the real world because I know we all love to travel and meet new people.

Thanks for these three years, for all the things that I learned ( I improved my photographic abilities, I improved my way of writing, I learned new words and phrases in English, also I become more supportive and friendly ).

Time for new adventures, new ideas, new posts. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

See you soon with more life stories, thought-provoking articles, trips here and there, healthy tips and tricks and much more.

Wish you a great day!