My Phone Experience + Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review

As I promised you in today’s post, I will make a detailed review of my new phone, which I received as a gift from Mom for my birthday.
This is my third smartphone and I am extremely happy with the latest addition.

Honestly, from a little girl I remember myself with a phone in my hand. My family was dealing with phones so I always had the newest and the best. I remember my first phone was huge, like a brick, with an antenna, buttons and a small screen. It was not much, but it was my phone. I changed the phones very often, maybe in two, three months I was with a new one and I was very happy. Then there was no entertainment, the internet, games, and stuff like this. But the thing that impressed me – and continued to – was the menu and the settings that every phone had. I remember lying in bed at night and looking at all the settings. It was interesting to experiment, though there was not much to change.

So, from phone to phone it came to the moment when smartphones came into full force in our daily lives. 2012-2013 was the time when you could not have a smartphone, that is, a touchscreen phone with Subway Surfers game on it. In the same period, there were two top brands of phones that continue to be good rivals among themselves. So, for my 15th birthday my mother gave me a smartphone that was unique for its time. I’ve been using it for more than 2 years, and I was very happy because I had games, I could listen to music, go in and explore my social networks, make cool pictures. Plus, thanks to it, I managed to do all things for the blog. But like every phone its time has passed. It started to bang very super, it did not open all my applications, the battery was falling very fast. Separately many new models came out so I literally cried for a new phone. And so until November 27th, 2015. A normal Friday night. I was coming back after school. I went to the kitchen as usual to talk to Mom and let each of us know how the day had passed. She was looking at me strangely. I remember I looked three times at the kitchen cabinet and finally noticed a red sheet cut in the shape of a heart. Immediately after it I saw 32GB. Then S6+ Edge. Anyone who knows me can guess how excited I was. I immediately began to cry, barely able to pull out the box that was really big, just because the phone itself was sooo big. So … there was no happier person than me because I did not have a regular phone but the latest innovation for the phones as a whole. Curved screen โ€“ edge screen – and countless possibilities.

This phone has confirmed my love for Samsung as a brand and phone maker. I was amazed at what features this phone gives you. It’s not just a phone call, it’s a mini computer, a mini camera, everything that a person needs or a blogger like me needs in one phone. Everything was gathered in one device that served me faithfully until that day.

On my birthday, mom pleased me with the newest star in the family of Samsung, and the emotion was indescribable, but I did my best to tell you how it happened, you can read here.

I’ve always been a fan of the big things – big cars, big notebooks, big blouses, big phones. That’s exactly one reason why I love Samsung and their phone models. Although large, the phone is pretty compact, the screen lets you get the best, so there’s no such scroll. It is definitely a dream come true. As long as I’ve talked about telephones in general, let’s pay special attention to this gem. I admit it – I’m in love with it.

S A M S U N G G A L A X Y S8 P L U S – U N B O X Y O U R P H O N E

Let me introduce it to you – click here

‘THE NEXT BIG THING’ as a slogan

If you are a lover of big phones you won’t find a prettier device with a large screen anywhere else & belive me – you can reach that fingerprint reader easily no matter that is on the back of the phone right of the camera lens.

A large display – to be accurate – 6.2 inch (158.1 mm) with 2,960×1,440 pixels resolution – which makes it really taller but it’s slimmer than you’d expect for such a phone. The display gives you a bigger canvas for typing, reading, watching videos or movies plus gazing at your photo. You can do whatever you want and still looking classy.

Bigger battery – long life – 3.500mAh.

Storage64GB & RAM – 4GB – bloggers’ dream!

Mobile softwareAndroid 7.0 Nougat – the best one they have ever made

Camera: back – 12MP & front – 8MP

IP68 Water & Dust resistant

Iris Scanner

KNOX Protected”Knox Active Protection is a set of security mechanisms that defend against mobile device attacks that attempt to modify, observe, or otherwise influence certain critical parts of the device operating system or its data.”

Wireless Charging

Earphones tuned by AKG




The whole unpacking – click here

What I love about this phone is its big display, edge screen ( the edge panel is amazing feat. apps, fast call, smart select, quick tools, music, etc ), advanced features ( one-handed mode ), the assistant menu ( I cannot life without you! ), the camera… oh, just everything. Please watch the video from above and see all the things this phone provide.

If you fancy I will write an update after 1 month of using it, just let me know in the comments below.

Time to discover new things…




The Excitement! Samsung Galaxy S8+

It’s Monday again. Who loves Mondays? Early getting up, going to work, tasks, commitments … oh, no thanks! Can I stay in bed, please?
But today I am the one who is a big Monday fan. And guess why? Because I have a birthday! It’s my B-day eeekk! I suppose that if you are born on this day too, you are to the seventh heaven of happiness too, and all kinds of emotions come on. By the way – happy birthday queen Bey!

What a great start of the week. I got up at 6 o’clock, but to be honest I was awake nicely by Mom and my little sister carrying boxes with gifts. I generally do not like people to wake me up in the morning, especially so early in the summer, but on that day it is mildly forgiven.
I have no words to describe the whole emotion while opening the boxes … just dreams come true when you believe strongly, and in this case when you inflate the head of your loved ones with your demands. Ultimately, the result is – I am happy, and they are even more so because they are the reason for my smile.


So, finally I’m a proud owner of 3 blouses with a 23 number print, thanks to my lovely little sister. If you keep track of the blog from the very beginning, you know that this is my main number. Both black T-shirts with white captions are just unique and the yellow vest is perfect for this season. You remember that this year the light color award won the yellow one – read more here. I cannot wait to start wearing them. Officially my favorite pieces.


The only person on this planet who knows me perfectly and knows what gift I would really impress on is my mom. Definitely, Mum knows everything, and this year she surpassed herself with all the surprise, the gift itself, and the very care, attention and gratitude. We have a very strong and close relationship with her, I love her to bits. Honestly, we’re like sisters, maybe because the difference in our years is super small compared to other people I know. So, mom is, besides being a wonderful parent, a very good listener.

Two years ago, on November 27th, Friday, I was pleased with the latest addition to the Samsung family – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus ๐Ÿ™ˆ. Can you imagine what happiness was at stake? I was pretty surprised because I no clue. She knew that I needed a new phone because the previous one was no working for me, constantly dangling and even not opening some of my apps. That’s why she made a unique gift to me. This is a day I will hardly forget.

Last year, on my birthday, she pleased me again – more info here. But this year I told her that I do not want any celebrations & gifts, especially from her. Precisely because I did not expect any gifts from her the excitement was on a whole different level.

Just let me explain you๐Ÿ˜Š

I opened the box that was thematically filled with promotional brochures because I always pick them up from the mail. I removed one brochure and I looked inside – a black box, blue inscription, S8 +. God damn! Whaaat!?! Am I dreaming or …?! I just left everything and started screaming so hard that Mom was shocked. It took me a few minutes to recover and open the beautiful black box and to see what lies inside it. I want to tell you that just the other day we went to a tech shop and went to see the phones and I showed the new pieces from Samsung’s family – talking about the S8 + & Note 8 – to her. I had no idea tha she had already bought it. I do not really have words to describe my feelings. Mom is like a fairy-tale princess who loves to help everybody and make people happy.


Because today was a day filled with a lot of emotions I will tell you more about this gem in tomorrow’s post, so keep your eyes peeled๐Ÿ™„

Now it’s time to strip my new T-shirt & to get some sleep.

Hope you had a lovely day too!



Stunning Moments

You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,ย Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7 too


…Coming home from the disco in the morning, the only thing I needed was my bed. I could not wait to take off the heels, to take off the dress and to lie down. Honestly, I did not sleep much like I planned. Somewhere after three hours I woke up alone and felt almost rested, but I still heard a tingle in my ears.

I remembered the whole evening, the people who came to respect me and enjoy with me and my family my success. At the restaurant celebration we invited about 20 people, mostly close family friends.


The important guests I was expecting were Sylvia and Giovanni. When people started coming one by one, greeting me and giving flowers, I totally forgot who will come and who is already here at the table with us. Now, as I recall, it was becoming sweet and pleasant. We just made a toast with the newcomers when I saw more people coming up and I raised my head and Ettie was in front of my eyes. As soon as I saw her, I saw a baby cart and then Sylvia, the mother of Ettie. You can not imagine what excitement it was. I myself can not describe how happy I was from the fact that they have found time to come from far away (from the other end of Sofia) to respect me and to be present on that day with me.

Unbelievable but fact.

I was the happiest girl in the world, and still I am.

There is almost no one who does not know how much I love and respect Ettie. I have known her from the internet somewhere about 4-5 years. For all this time we have seen exactly 3 times, but I love her as a bigger sister. I believe in the sensation, and she is the most beautiful person of the East, who loads you with lost of energy even by looking at her picture or reading her post. So I am extremely grateful for this gift, the presence, the kind wishes and the fact that I could see her again, and the little Sofia. At least, I’ve seen her daughter ( Sofia ) before, when I was at the event organized Ettie and Ellie – you can read more about it here.



Of course, when you are invited to a prom, it’s like having a birthday party – you can not come without gifts( yes, you can but it’s like a tradition to give something ), but in most cases people give money. I have received many flowers, lovely cards with kind wishes, money, but also special gifts.


Maybe it is time to imply that my education does not end with the school, that is, after a few months the university calls me. The specialty I chose to study is psychology, but more about it and everything related to the university in the next posts. That’s why I got two books to provoke thoughts and reflections. I have not started to read them yet, but I can not wait to. Together with the books I received a chemical, a pencil and a rubber by Faber-Castel – my favorite eek! This is the other thing I adore very much, at home I have a lot of chemicals and I keep them. You can always win me with a pen or notebook.


I also received a set of necklaces and earrings in a pleasant, unsaturated purple color in the shape of a ladybird. They are really very tender and beautiful.


And one of the most special gifts was this bracelet from the Pepeldjiiski & Jeppson family. Or, in other words, from Ettie, Sylveto and Little Sofia. So far I have just dreamed of such a bracelet from Pandora, I’ve seen it from my girlfriends, and so on, but I have not thought so much about it. When Sylveto handed me the wonderful bag, I did not know where I was. Then I was still in shock and excitement, my hands were shaking, my eyes were full of tears. (I kept my tears from all the excitement so far, but when I saw Ettie I just could not shout, it was impossible first, then somehow mandatory – a sure way to show a real emotion). It was not important to me whether they were bringing presents or nah, but that they had come.

Thank you so so so much lovely family, I love you to bits.





And something very interesting.


The other day Vicky reminded me to share and write what we won at the disco. So now I will write a bit more than the previous post. As you already know there was very cool, we danced from the beginning and almost did not sit to rest. We had a lot of alcohol and did not even drink it all – yes, the dance was in the foreground. I remember how while I was dancing, the DJ mumbled something on the microphone, but I did not even know what, and so I did not distract him. But at that moment Vicky grabbed our hands – Vicky‘s one – mami (more here) & mine (at that point I realize how many girls I know with this name and it’s a little difficult hehe ) and she took us to dance on the dance floor. Then I realized they were giving best dancing awards and so on, but I did not even make much effort, just dancing and watching one of the girls looking at me and pointing to the man with those gift wraps and telling him something about me – so I was the first to get a gift wrap. In which gift wrap there was a voucher worth 100lv.

Soon we have to hang out together and get a drink.

And with this post, the whole school-related story is over. I was happy and honored to celebrate all, it is time to subdue new peaks. I hope you have been interesting to read about the educational system in Bulgaria, the special moments in the school, the people I met there, the successes, the difficulties, the prom itself.

Thank you for being part of my story.

The End.