#MOItalks: ‘Sweet & Sour’

High and low.

Wide and narrow.

Deep and shallow.

Big and little.

Black and white.

Joy and sadness.

Laughter and tears.

Sweet and sour.

These are some parts of the descriptions of Life. The Life here on Earth.

It all starts with one seed. Thanks to the sun, the heat, the water and the air, the seed manages to release a small root. Time passes and more root appears, even grows a thin, fragile stem. With a lot of care, attention and patience, this little seed manages to become a beautiful big green tree.

Healthy roots symbolic of the strong relationship between our family. Thick, strong and large stem symbolizing our strength, growth and improvement. Branches – these are our works. The leaves – all our successes, our support to others, the love we give, the lessons we teach. Fruits – our children!

Once the tree grows and becomes stable enough, it releases the roots firmly on the ground, there is no turning back. Things may suffer like rains, storms, wind, snow, hot rays, Autumn … but in the end Spring always comes back.

Aren’t we like a tree ourselves? We are constantly undergoing some sort of thing. We do not live in a straight line. On the contrary, everything has branching, falling, straightening. No matter that the Autumn comes and the leaves fall, we have to prepare for the harsh winter with a smile and face every difficulty with grace. Because these are the tests given from above.

This is our mission.
Our calling.
Our aim.

And in the end Spring always comes back…

One falls into all sorts of conditions and sometimes it is difficult to breathe hope and faith, so from an early age everyone is obliged to learn how to cope. Difficulties are not penalties. Not our life is tough and nasty. Life is wonderful itself when one begins to pay attention to the good things and draws the positive from any difficult situation.

Just like these peaches, they are so sweet, but a touch of acid is felt which makes the taste complete.

Make sure to give these peaches a try & every time you feel out of place, unhappy or just looking for support, remember their taste. This will motivate & inspire you to keep moving.



Designing For The Future: ‘trends we need to consider now’

It was Tuesday. I had a work in the neighborhood. I was in training from my job. Two days at the headquarters, lectures, examples, guidelines, strategies – everything needed to become a successful trader, to communicate freely with my clients and to offer the services of the company. Honestly, I did not like the training very much, given that I had attended such seminars before. People have failed to grab my attention enough. But let’s get back…in the morning.
The training was at 9:30am. I was very worried that I might be late because I had to go to the public transport. Separately, I had some time walking.

I went early and of course I arrived early. Very early.

To be accurate – an hour and a half earlier.

When you are one of those people who prefer to go to a meeting earlier than to be late –ย YES, that’s me. And of course always the other person is late – you know the struggle.

I decided to walk around the streets of the neighborhood, but it did not make much sense. I touched the morning smell of coffee, hurrying people, others running for buses, the hectic everyday life of a person. Since I do not like coffee, I decided to sit in a nearby cafรฉ, which was actually a bar, and order tea. Tea of berries and oranges, a pretty strange combination if you ask me.

The place was pretty nice, with lots of pictures of Cuba, an interesting interior, just the bartender did not sleep enough and was slightly sour. Drinking my tea, I stared at the TV. They left on Fashion TV. At that moment, at the restaurant, I remembered my past times when I was a little girl and I was interested in fashion. I guess like every girl, fashion is the first step towards maturing and building your own style.
Turning back the bar, I see how much things have changed and wonder what awaits us in the future.

At the moment there are hundreds of fashion brands, designers, models, ideas and innovations in the fashion market.
Definitely, fashion has suffered a lot and has managed to reach this level today, where it is important to keep up with fashion, to become interested in the trends today.
Various patterns, patterns, designs, colors and fabrics.

In my eyes things stand in the following way.

Fashion in the 21st Century is a matter of complementing, upgrading and refining already created models.

So today I am going to talk about what…

what was trending, what is still trending and what will still be trending!

Let me start with the colors – something really important, which makes the impression at first glance.

As a huge fan of all type neutrals, monochrome & minimalistic colors, I cannot miss to mention black on black/ white on white type of outfits, brown, camel & grey colors, that will be trending forever because there is no one who does not have neutrals colors in his/her wardrobe.


source @tayehansberry



source @antoinettepepe

Bright colors & this year the winner is … that’s right – YELLOW. Say it as you want ‘50 shades of yellow‘ or ‘yellow is the new black‘, but this color brings joy, happiness, confidence and of course grace & elegance. It is a really bold color so it’s time to get out of your comfort zone & buy your yellow dress asap.


source @makeupbuthow


source @antoinettepepe

Military look! cuz it’s not about you boys anymore…

Khaki is the perfect color for your everyday street wear – you look fashionable, casual but most of all you are up to fashion because, honestly, beige + brown + green = The Holly Trio.ย You will never be wrong with this military trend & these colors which year after year become more and more popular.


Now let’s talk about the different models.

Lately is all about that SHOULDER – flashdance shoulder, single shoulder cutout & off-the-shoulder tops. Yep, this year it’s time to show a little more flesh.



source @tayehansberry

Or not a little but a lot because LACE-UP fronts been trending for quite some time now. It’s sexy and allows to all women, no matter how big their breasts are, to show femininity without being overly. It all began with the creation of more interesting swimwear but now there are bras, rompers, blouses, dresses, bodysuits.


source @taliacupcake

Folk embroidered dresses & shirts. Traditional embroidery styles from diferent places bacame soure of inspiration. Such embroideries remind me of the Balkan embrodery, so I am very happy that the designers draw inspiration from the past and look for a way to recover and renovate. I am sure that this trend will continue to spread and more and more people will buy such clothes. Frankly, this summer in Bulgaria this is the most fresh piece.


I want to quickly shift to the theme with the shoes and accessories that are the end of the whole outfit.

Slip-On Sneakers – diferent colors & diferent fabrics. Perfect for an everyday wear.

Fluffy things…everywhere, I mean – everywhere. Fluffy key chains, furballs attached to a backpack or tote & fluffy flip-flops.

Metal handmade jawelery – I see more and more women who are betting on light handmade gems – rings, chains, earrings, bracelet, necklace – I think that they all look really beautiful, fashionable and unique.


BUT when it comes to think about the distant future… what will be the fashion trends in time?

If I was a designer, I would create clothes that after two or three year are self-destructing ( something useful for people who have been piling up clothes for years and are not even using them, and just trow them away). It would be unbelievable if I find a technology to change the color of clothes according to the temperature – yes, just as with those nail polish. Also we live in a world where technology advances with all the strenghts every second, so not in the near future, but in the meantime we can wear metal clothes but that is another story. But if I have to be honest and realistic the perfect future trend would be the one that gives pleasure to people, where clothes are comfortable and make people feel good. That means that if you want to wear leggings – wear them, if you prefere jeans and casual top then this is your perfect combo. One should not allow anything and no one to confuse him/her in their personal opinion and give advice on what clothes to wear.

Trending is a temporary state & you have to pick up your fav remember that!


Honestly, when it comes to fashion I can write a novel. But no matter what colors, paterns and fabrics are trending, everything repeats year after year and only renovates. The most important thing for a designer to be successful is to have a strong advertisement and many celebrities to wear their clothes that where something becomes a trend.

& remember ”if it’s not black, bring it back” – my motto ๐Ÿ˜€







This blog post is a part of Design Blogger Competition organized by CGTrader



3 Years Of Acquaintance

On this sunny morning I remember the good days before. I had just finished school, and I had focused on something really new and interesting. Thank you, Ettie, for launching your blog ‘Letters to Antoinette’. Thank you that with every passing post you inspired me and so until the day I decided that I could launch one, too. Then I knew nothing but I wanted to write about things, to say my opinion and to give advice. I did not know about this community, I did not know about the thousands of bloggers, I did not know exactly what to do, but I knew I wanted to do it.

And here I am, celebrating my 3rd Anniversary.

For these three years, I’ve learned so many posts that have touched and inspired me in one way or another. I became acquainted virtually with many people who have the same interests as mine. I have read many stories from people’s lives, learned what food they love and what not, what is their favorite place for afternoon tea or coffee. We all became a big family. A community that does not stop welcoming new and new people, as well as supporting their endeavors.

One of my favorite social networks is Twitter. Thanks to the small posts written by people using hastags (#), many people find you easily, follow you and start a communication with you. I can not forget my first Twitter chat. It was so nice to think on a topic and chat with others, then to exchange links on our blogs, to comment, to show support at all.

As I have a blog, I’m increasingly aware that people around the world are really very nice and friendly, always ready to listen to you and give you some advice, no matter that they do not know you. But over time I notice a change. A big change. Chats are not what they used to be. The communication fades somehow. Personally, it’s getting harder for me to chat with someone. I see a construction of some hierarchy and everyone follows their own interests.

Small bloggers like me who have not paid for either design or domain. I write posts and rely on myself for their dissemination.
Bloggers like almost everyone I know. Unique sites, great interweave, incredible photos and style of writing.
‘Climbing bloggers’ – those who are spotted by some companies, they send them products for testing, share their posts on other sites, these bloggers develop to another level.
Famous bloggers – constantly going to some events, working with companies and photographers.
That’s what I see in this community.

Each follows its purpose.

Yesterday, I opened a topic and wrote a post about something that makes me disappointed and really pissed off, you can read the post here, would like to see what you think about it. I also mentioned the blogging world. More and more I see a built stereotype of pictures, posts, ideas, even thinking. I do not see that uniqueness I saw before. I do not like it that I constantly read tweets from bloggers complaining about followers, site views, comments and so on. From the sides it seems as if there is no desire, but some passion for as much as possible. Numbers are brought to the fore, which is sad.

Promoting is getting stronger now. You may have seen a lot of sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There is almost no place where you can not pay so your posts to be shared. Separately, the emails that I and other bloggers for sure recieved too – whether we want to maximize and improve the performance of our site or page, a month’s period test, then some insane sums per month. What is happening?

Day after day, I’m convinced that somewhere there are people who are only excited about their financial situation. I realize that money is a powerful force that really moves the world. There is almost no man who is not entangled in this network.

For so short a time, blogging, like a hobby or even a job, ( yes, I understand that for some of you this is their job ), has become a cruel business in buying followers, views, and so on.

I write for pleasure. I created this place on the internet so I can share my thoughts with other people who do not even know me, to hear different opinions, to meet new people. I have plans for this blog. I also want to invest money in it because I spend enough time and effort to write posts and share them on social networks. But as I always answer on emails related to payments for such services – I want to achieve this success by myself, I want to touch people myself and build some kind of friendship with them. Blogging is really an incredible thing that teaches you a lot of things. I met great people I could boldly call friends. Not everyone thinks in the numbers, but the number of people who think about this, is growing more and more.

They started from the bottom (like everyone), they reached a peak and they forgot from where they started.

I am very grateful that there are still bloggers around me with whom I chat daily. We support ourselves, read our posts, comment and share with friends. I will be glad to keep this communication and one day to meet with them in the real world because I know we all love to travel and meet new people.

Thanks for these three years, for all the things that I learned ( I improved my photographic abilities, I improved my way of writing, I learned new words and phrases in English, also I become more supportive and friendly ).

Time for new adventures, new ideas, new posts. Hope you enjoy reading my posts.

See you soon with more life stories, thought-provoking articles, trips here and there, healthy tips and tricks and much more.

Wish you a great day!



#MOItalks: ‘Basic Is Trending!’

About a month ago I bought a magazine on a political topic. I’ve been watching it for a long long time in the shops, and I very much admired the cover, the cartoons, apart from the topics that concern its editors. When I bought it for the first time I leafed through it only to see it quickly, I was quite impressed. Then I read the contents, which, frankly, was not so long considering the volume of the magazine itself. I think there were about 5 articles, including interviews and simple reflections and researches from others. The themes for the United States, mainly Trump, the case of France and the new president, as well as topics related to Bulgaria. The magazine covers everything that is being discussed right now.

The other thing that impressed me too is the very style of writing and expression – many metaphors, a rich vocabulary, a very good knowledge of the meaning of words and easy use in transmission meanings. I have always admired people who are educated and who know how to express themselves and their thoughts.

I personally have never been a supporter of political affairs, I have not interacted so much, I am not familiar with presidents, governments, parliaments, left-wing, right-wing. The reason I buy this magazine is to enrich my own vocabulary, to develop my thoughts and to educate myself on this subject. After reading the first article, I realized that things were very closely related.

It’s not even about politics, everything has very deep roots.

If a blogger does not like to write and express himself, that is, to be a half writer, if you ask me he is simply not a blogger. And I define myself as a sum of both because I love to write, to think about any topics, to get to the root of the truth, to develop my own thesis, to present my arguments. Reading an article after an article, ideas for posts just overflow into my head. There are so many things I want to comment here with you, to express my own opinion and to hear yours.

The first thing that arose in my mind was this expression – โ€˜Basic is trendingโ€™. From the subject of politics, I tied it to a deeper level and I personally discovered a very great truth. It is sad to say honestly, but things are so, and there is hardly a need to say that in order for there to be a change we must start it.

Bulgaria is a small country on the Balkan Peninsula in Europe. Our history is very ancient and is filled with many obstacles. 500 years we have been under Ottoman rule, which is one of the main reasons for our development to begin later. We needed a lot of time to catch up with countries such as France, England, the US, while developing economically, politically, educationally, and so on. But here we are, here and now, in the 21st century, we are looking at what is going on abroad and stealing ideas to develop in the right direction.

Have you noticed this ‘copy-paste’ process?

\It is a function of the computer, but now is just a way of living.

People look at what is happening elsewhere and start copying without thinking about it, is it good for them, do they benefit from it and so on.
The situation I observe is the following, and I am sorry cuz me and you, we both are part of it in one way or another. I will list this very chaotic, for which I apologize, but I’m sure you will understand what I mean.

It is currently fashionable to be a vegetarian or vegan. If it had been a good mission for protecting animal lives years ago, but it is just modern today. It has been transformed into a type of religion that many follow. And they do not even understand that the main goal is a humane attitude and a healthy lifestyle. Yes, I also define myself as a person who does not love meat, that is, I am a vegetarian, but that is just a DEFINITION. I do not preach this, I do not make people stop eating meat, nor do I try to parade with it. In my eyes things are so – I am a vegetarian, you are a vegan, and my best friend loves meat. Now imagine this sentence in the following way – I am a writer, you are a journalist, and my best friend is a psychologist. Can you see? Different people, different tastes and interests. Follow your heart, and do not look at what others are doing.

The situation with fashion is just the same. Every year, designers move their minds and become aware of the best models. Here again things are on this principle. No matter if people really like that garment, accessory, shoes, they buy it and carry it. And when you look at the sides, you see clones that are almost alike. Soon I will write more about the fashion itself, trends, designers, etc.

At the cosmetic level – microblocking eyebrows, large lips, contoured face, matting products, big lashes, highlighter, long nails – an industry with incredible marketing thinking. Congratulations! But girls are so much alike to each other that it’s just not even real. I include the topic with the gym. An hourglass ( or sandglass, sand clock ) shape of the body – if you do not look like this, people ( mostly boys ) will hardly notice you. Big bottom and tits, little waist – this is trending now.

Summer is here, the weather is great and people go to the pool. Here’s what I see – almost the same swimsuits, body shapes, hairstyles, glasses, donut and flamingo belts ( and I like them but they are so basic so I’m getting tired of them ).

One day I even thought that even reading book some people just turned into fashion. You can often see pictures of people reading something inspirational, but whether people educate themselves or read because everyone is reading – no one knows. And when I said pictures, I can not overcome the subject with blogging and photography. Increasingly, I see an identical view of the photos – white and black, monochronic, minimalist, marble details, golden details, lights, inspirational inscriptions, cosmetics, clothes, food, decoration plants, sunset, sunrise, legs on the bed, coffee, breakfast in bed, Iphone, macbooks, etc. – when I am scrolling through my Instagram, the photos are pretty often alike. I also like clean things, I like marble, but it’s just trending. Because now itโ€™s marble, then would be wood, then a metal, finally pictures on the grass and all will be the same and everyone will follow the example. I am done with this.

People are part of the crowd. I myself am part of this mass, and sometimes it is difficult for me to be different and to protect my own interests. We are surrounded by it, and we sink into it. But I am so fed up with this situation.

I become increasingly aware that advertising is very dangerous. When a product reaches the world market, then it becomes scary. Do you remember those spinners? Who does not have a spinner? Even we have 2 of them because my sister has seen her classmates playing with a spinner and she decided that she wants one too.


So we all turn into a bunch of people who watch what’s in the mood right now, what is trending right now. This thing frightens me and despairs me, because years ago people wanted to change the world and show their own thinking, their ideas, their discoveries.

And now we all are like a herd of sheep following its leader.

We slowly and gloriously sink.

We lose our own color, turning into a gray spot like everyone else.

We lose our own potential, worried that someone will make fun of us because of our thinking.

We lose ourselves just because we look at others and we think they are more than us.

And when we think about it, everywhere we read to be ourselves, to follow our dreams, not to surrender … But what are we actually doing?

We turn into walking individuals that do not live well, just simply exist.

But we are in a period of evolution and new discoveries. I have made my discovery, which is regrettably terrible, but it is a reality.

Are you ready to change something in yourself? Are you ready to overcome the gray mass and be what you are?

I dare you.

Basic is trending but you have to bang it!