Round-Up: I am totally FED UP!

Today is an extraordinary day. Outside it’s snowing and there are days left until Christmas. This year was filled with lots of emotions – there was joy and sadness, some unpleasant happenings, but there are, of course, the pretty ones that when you think about them and you become very nice and pleasant. Well, with the arrival of the last month, the end of this year will come too. I am happy and grateful for everything that has happened. I learned valuable lessons from my experience and I’m stronger as a person in the future. I know there are more days in which things can happen – please just be nice!

And now I’ve decided to share something final this year, though so early. The next day, as I lay in my head a new idea turned. I began to think about things and came to some conclusions. That is why today I write my last post not only this year, but for a long indefinite time. This year I left my job, I left a university, and I said I would have time for myself, more time to write posts, edit them, take photos, be active in chats and other things, read and comment on other blogger posts. I had an almost ready plan with posts for December. I was going to attempt blogmas and be like other bloggers.

Ha! Here I realized … to be like other bloggers.

I thought that I already have a lot of indicators I am getting close to what an incredibly high percentage of bloggers around the world do. Why should I do these things? What am I winning? In fact, against the backdrop of what I earn, I realized how much I lost. I started all this, blinded by another girl, who never cares about me and what I do. Almost four years ago I have been dealing with social networks, reading blogs and writing posts. I separated four years of my life! Yes, thanks to these four years, to some extent I have perfected English, I learned to write quickly, meaningfully and on a given topic, I developed my creativity in this respect, so in school, when we had to write essays, I was the happiest. Quite simply, I love to write and think about some topics or something that has occurred to me. Why not? I first did it by looking at the others, then I started to do it with love and desire.

But! Looking at these years how everything changes, I no longer see the desire to write and share where nobody almost reads me. Yes, honestly, I did not care if someone was reading, but now I do not want to pour out my soul here, at least for a while. Yes, I’ve met virtually many people which seem to me to be unreal, but that’s the world we live in – the new age, the new wave! Separately reading some posts I learned interesting things. Maybe these are the benefits I see from this whole thing. Oh, I almost forgot – I started to make very nice pictures and after my active participation in Twitter, a lot of bloggers started to write to me on this topic. So I can summarizeEnglish, virtual friends, creative thinking, new knowledge, photographic abilities.

But I’ve generally lost my time always being the first to someone’s post to like, read and share it because that’s what friends do, is not it? But I was in error. The other day I started to read a book which says that if one does something, it is because first of all he enjoys himself, he wants to make himself happy first, no matter that in his head he will delight another person . And when the other person does not respond to his good deeds, he has no right to be angry. Apparently, these cases were not good enough, or he/she did not like them, or was not happy with what you were doing. That is, we should not want anything in return. Whoever is well-educated and human conscious will understand even the smallest gestures you make about him and will show you some gratitude. Well, I did not see such a personally! I always get tired of giving myself everything and helping others and me to wait for something.

I am guilty, so there is no point in continuing to do so.

But when you stop, and somehow the other side is already angry. I realized that all this time I was a naive fan of many bloggers and I admired them, but I learned the lesson. The real big stars, where they give them on TV, know how to be grateful to the people who support them. That’s why they’ve gone so far and people keep loving them! I spent four years on the Internet, in ten applications. I had ten apps on my phone to be productive and supportive everywhere. Finally, however, I made a simple arithmetic of how many hours I spend a day looking at all of these apps, with a lot of them help me generate more traffic for my blog. When I got a new phone for my birthday this year, I decided  to remove some of them and leave the more important ones. But again, there were some new ones that I needed and so their number was too much, I have nine apps in the folder. That’s too much, but it’s a fact.

That is, I keep wasting my time, looking at what is going on and supposedly helping to win the readers. But I was really tired. I have become too addicted to this new era, new technologies, and so on.

It’s already super-banal.

That’s why my decision is very simple – I’ll uninstall everything from my phone and focus on all the things that I also want to do for four years, but I do not have enough time or I do not have enough motivation. A lot of people say stop watching TV because nothing good we learn from there. Well, of all these social networks that have swallowed us, are our lives better? I know people who hardly watch TV, others who do not have a TV in their rooms, but they spend a lot of time on their phones. Even I watch two or three hours of television myself, but I spend more time on my phone. Even by watching a show, I’m chatting with someone on the phone. That’s what’s coming out – we’re just walking creatures that have lost their properties and their powers for a meaningful life. 

Good job Internet!


Even the very thought that I’m writing this thing now speaks a lot – but hey, after a while things will change! Facebook has long been no longer what it was. You go in and look at total simplicity – ‘clever’ status, great friendship, whoever he has quarreled with, some pictures that make fun of some people, funny videos, and a bunch of sponsored posts already. Nothing interesting. Messenger – I do not want to chat with anyone anymore. Twitter – where everyone mumbles how many views they have, about followers, how he no longer likes that person or taht brand or that he has terrible anxiety and panic attacks, but thank God has looked at the statistics of the blog and has thousands of views – WOW! Dramas, dramas and people with sick ambitions. Well, here’s some interesting post and people to say two or three words. Instagram – with their great consistency you can not keep track of things and you miss so much that you are angry about, but you do not know why. This is the only app I’ll keep because I have some communication with people there. Separately, one application against the background of ten, sounds much better, plus there I can share photos. Pinterest – I can spend here for hours, enjoying photos of all kinds. Snapchat – to take a look at all the people stories, it takes me about an hour again … We Heart It – an inspiration for photos. I also have Page Manager for my Facebook page as well as Hootsuite, which helps me to spread my posts at Twitter. WordPress – one of the most important applications – watching stats, reading comments, answering, sharing my last posts.

So my life is on social networks, interested in the lives of other people – it’s just a waste of precious time that I will never be able to regenerate. That’s why I told my mother yesterday what I am going to do, and she fully supports me, not to mention how she smiled – it seems to be proud of me!

So I wish you all the success in your lives – the real one where things are not so pink and here, in the online space where you give great examples!


See you soon, maybe.



& just how I already said – Basic is trending, we have to bang it! – read here to understand what I am talking about.


October Thoughts | ‘First Impressions’

On Saturday, I started telling you about all the things that happened in October, starting with my ‘ first day at University ‘ situation. Because I started with that topic, the first day, the emotion and a little explanation about what I am going to study, I decided to continue and tell you more about my first impressions, it’s like I’m testing beauty products but – Hey, no! That’s my life…

My goal for the end of my educational process, is to document my experiences, feelings, thoughts, things I have learned, here on my blog. So you can read them and hopefully I will help you / inspire you. Given many things that have happened for nearly 30 days, I came to the conclusion that at the end of each month I will share one post about my impressions and one about the things I have learned, so I can look back and see what has changed.

The past days were definitely quite dynamic. One day I wake up, the sun shines, the day is nice, I’m in good mood and I go to lectures and everything is totally destroyed. But the other moment comes when it’s still autumn and the weather is quite variable, and it’s raining cats and dogs. But, going to a lecture, something pleasant happens and the whole positive energy returns to me. As you all know, it’s pretty variable, it’s fast moving from one extreme to the other. I feel like I’m getting a big slap, but at the same time someone hugs me. Honestly, I do not even know how to feel.

The only thing I know is that I’m disappointed. Despite all the opportunities offered by this specialty. Despite the things that all teachers will teach us, this is not my thing. I do not see myself in this specialty.

Here the focus is on Europe, history, what has happened, who what has done and how it has influenced it in the course of history. European integrationpeace, stability and prosperity. Politics, economics, international relations, international markets, trade. Socio-economic development of the countries. European Union. Modernization. By studying these things, the goal is that we get the necessary knowledge, plus we learn to work with academic text, to see the problem, to find solutions, to think broadly, looking at the whole picture, because the elements here are connected. Changing one thing leads to a change in the overall system. To be able to work in a team, to distribute our tasks, to take responsibility, to prove ourselves and our thoughts. To learn to speak freely to a large audience.

And of course, as you already know, languages ​​are big thing here too. Knowledge of languages ​​is very important and necessary, especially in a similar subject.


What we can expect in the future? The possibilities are countless and really well paid. Work in parliament, ministry, governmental organization, non-governmental organization. We can become future diplomats, politicians, develop ecoprojects, participate in European integration itself, etc.

Honestly, I have not seen myself as nothing of the above. After they accepted me, I started looking for information about the specialty and the thing that attracted my attention was learning to speak to an audience. That is, I will have the opportunity to stand up against strangers and talk without worry – something I want because it is really useful. I also liked the fact that at least two languages ​​are taught, that is, I finally have the opportunity to learn languages ​​and practice them.

I received very good feedback from relatives and friends that European Studies is a great specialty that there is no point in regretting Psychology. But what is actually happening? Listening to this, I started to deceive myself and build a false idea in my head. I almost managed to fool myself and convince myself … a big mistake. I experienced a shock, a totally breakdown, a fall and I tried to smear things, but I can not lie to myself. Sensations… the inner voice never lies.

That was the beginning of the week we met. There was a mess of people’s names in my head … I decided there was no point in trying to remember their names, so I only remembered the physioms of them. We met the first semester’s lecturers, their requirements, their working methods. So, slowly, I began to build my opinion on each of them on the basis of what I heard and seen. The words and actions of a person are like a business card.
The man, who was on our first day, who welcomed us… from the very first moment I saw him I liked him. This man positively positivism, kindness, but also respects. He was happy to see so many young people who decided to study and pursue their goals. At our second meeting, when he talked about the two objects he led, the smile and the good mood had not left him. He teaches the Socio-Economic Development of Bulgaria after the Treaty of Rome and the Socio-Economic Development of the Countries of Europe after 1990. On Tuesday, we are dealing with this topic. The first hour is a debate on a topic related to Bulgaria – privatization, investments, others. In the second hour, we pay special attention to a country by looking at its policy, economy, international relations with other countries, markets, trade, unemployment, the crises it has suffered.
On Wednesday I received the first slap from the teacher of Genesis of European Modernity. The best sociologist, as he himself has said, teaches us. This subject is related to integration, to the key words – peace, stability and prosperity, to modernization, to socio-economic development, how it is possible. What does a free market mean and how is it possible? Democracy, national state, rationality, ideal type. Honestly, this subject looks at a lot of things. The thing that made an impression on me is a statement from the lecturer – we are not working with people here… 
And Thursday is the day of history because all day we have a History of Europe from the 20th century. Here she put some foundations and the learning process is focuses on fascism, communism, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin, political regimes and dictatorships, economic crises, the two world wars, the consequences of them. After the two-hour lecture, there are two presentations on certain topics. Then, we divide into three groups for the seminar, which includes reading the text, understanding the author’s thesis, and defense, using text arguments.
Languages ​​are spread over three days. On Monday after the lecture on Genesis of European Modernity, we have 4 hours of Spanish language where we do grammar, read articles from the media focusing on the vocabulary. English we have two times. On Tuesday, after the lectures on socio-economic development and Wednesday at lunch, before the seminar on the Genesis of European Modernity where we are reading texts, searching for a problem and its decision.
That’s how my week passes. From Monday to Thursday.
More information about what I learned during this month in the next post. I learned a lot about the subject, the people, but mainly about myself. After finishing the university topic, I’ll tell you about the good times during October, because besides the tension and the moment with the uni, other quite exciting things happened. I can not wait to share more moments. I feel inspired and I think that by describing and sharing the situation I would be beneficial to someone in the future. Let us learn from our mistakes.

Stepping Up | A New Chapter Began To Be Written


Finally, a sip of fresh air after a long month. Definitely October seemed like a whole year for me and I can not believe it is coming to an end.
Autumn brings with it a bunch of changes. This year I managed to feel this with full force. This fall I received a big bouquet of emotions (actually I got two bouquets but more information in the next posts).
I can not believe how things can change so quickly and move from one extreme to the other.


Of course everything went well. It was a wonderful, sunny Monday. The 2nd of October was the date that started the learning process at the University. I can not hide that I was quite excited and at the same time quite anxious. I did not know what to expect. In fact, I had some ideas in my head, some expectations from people, the subjects, from the whole process. Sometimes it’s nice to think about this, but sometimes it’s not.

nature | Sofia, Bulgaria | lifewithrossye

In fact, the day was wonderful. I had asked Chrispelina ( Christina ) to come with me and be part of this very special day in my life, because that was the moment I became a student. The first day when I went to school for the first time, mom was next to me. But now, as a grown-up person with experience, I have decided that my support will be my favorite.

Since we missed the first meeting in the central building of the University, we decided to walk around the center, talk and share some things for which there was no time left. I love those moments spent with a good company, interesting stories, a good mood – it makes me lose my sense of time, relax and get positive energy. Honestly, when we go out with Christina, smiles and positive emotions are just inevitable.

nature | Sofia, Bulgaria | lifewithrossye

nature | lifewithrossye

lifewithrossye | street art

Late afternoon was the second meeting, which was, in fact, the most important one. It was in my future campus ( East Campus ) in the building of the Faculty of Philosophy. To my joy is pretty close to home, so I do not have to travel long.

Sofia University | lifewithrossye

Sofia University | Lifewithrossye

We gathered all of the welcoming speech of my future professors. Christina was also with me to feel this feeling of being a student, and also to find out what was going to happen from here on.

The specialty is called European Studies. Initially, when I chose what to study after school, I thought about Psychology. In any case, I enrolled two more specialties – Sociology and European Studies. Obviously, my fate had ordered me to deal with political and economic issues. For this reason, when I realized I was accepted, I said that it would be. Though I knew and expected nothing. I just went with the flow.

european studies | lifewithrossye

European Studies has been a subject that has existed for 60 years. It is mainly studied in European countries, with each country learning differently. In Bulgaria people study this speciality for 4 years regularly. In the eight semesters, there’s a variety of subjects focus on the history of Europe, the socio-economic development of the countries, the European Union, international relations, markets, economics, politics, law. There are also hours spent working with academic texts, analyzing them and argumenting. One of the most important focus is linguistics. For this reason, it is compulsory to study at least two languages. The first language is the one with which the person has applied, in my case this is the Spanish one. And the second language is chosen by you – I chose English. The languages ​​offered by the speciality are four – Spanish, English, French and German, with an additional – Russian. In my opinion, this is a great opportunity for learning languages ​​and putting them into action. In the first two years there is a lot of emphasis on intensive language learning, aiming at both languages ​​at the same level. This is a perfect opportunity for me personally, because languages ​​are really important for me.
More about the speciality and my opinion after the first month, I will share in the next post. I have decided every month to write about my impressions and what I learned.

The welcoming speech presented more professors and associate professors who will teach us over the years. One of the founders of the department, gave a name to our class, we proudly bear the name ‘Vassil Levski ‘- this is a great Bulgarian who lived in the 19th century, an ardent revolutionary fighting for the liberation of Bulgaria. Also our colleagues from the above courses gave us some tips. We received gifts as freshmen – a booklet with all the information about teachers, the curriculum, opportunities for future realization, etc. Additionally, a cute tote bag full of notepads, a pen, a flash drive, a T-shirt, a program for the first semester, and an interesting bracelet. Honestly, I liked the fact that we received gifts, that was a pretty kind gesture. But having in mind what is our speciality, Europe can not fail to take care of us.


The day was quite pleasant because I met unique people. I met a ‘soul mate’, who has the same zodiac sign as mine. Also a boy with whom we are from the same hometown, as well as a girl with whom we were together on the Spanish exam. Honestly, the world is small, you never know who you can meet.

berry lips | lifewithrossye

The month of October marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I can not wait to share more moments with you because it was an exceptional one.

What did you do this month? Did something new and different happen? Share with me your story in the comments below.