My Summer GetAway with The Crew

Heya loves!

You know it’s summer when you tighten your luggage for a vacation.
The last few months were with mixed emotions & now when the end of July came, it’s time for deserved rest. About two months ago, with my girlfriends, we organized a lovely holiday at the sea. Considering that this is our last year together, we have to spend every moment together. What better than seven days in an apartment near to the sea? It is just a dream that is about to become a reality.

Sand, sea, sun kissing our skin, night talks, cocktails, games, swimming pools, cozy restaurants & cheeky cafes, disco & dancing till 6 am. We will be like a big family.
We are now traveling so more information, as well as pictures from our trip in the next posts.

Kisses from us.

And where are you going to spend your summer break? With family or friends, will you be? At the beach, on a mountain, or a city excursion?




#TRAVEL: Immerse in Bulgarian spirit

Hey lovely!
I would like to brag a little, I took a driving test and in a month I will have a license, hooray! I cannot believe it, finally it happened. I never imagined that I will learn to drive in a straight direction, to change speeds and to look at so many mirrors. Also the signs on the roads, the behavior of other drivers and pedestrians – my eyes need to gaze in so many places and my brain to perceive signals quickly, so I can handle every situation – truly amazing adventure. The first task in the list has been completed. And more good news – I just can safely return to my hard morning exercises.
So… on Saturday I got up early, did my morning exercises (post with the music that I listen to while working out will be uploaded soon) and prepared myself for a long road. Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend a training by the firm in which my mom is working. I am very grateful for the opportunity because I learned many things that I cannot wait to share with you. But it will happen in the next post.
In today’s post I would like to take you with me, so you can immerse yourself in the Bulgarian spirit. I do not know if you know (you may have read somewhere) that Bulgaria is a really beautiful country with deep and ancient history.
We were in Lovech ( I had not been there before). Perhaps this is one of the oldest towns in Bulgaria. Traces of human activities were found in the region, mainly in the caves near the the town. The reason was the comfortable location of the town between the mountains and the flat country, and the presence of a river. The first inhabitants of the town were the Thracian tribe. They founded their capital, called Melta, in the area which was situated at the place of today’s neighborhood and architecture reserve Varosha (the name of our hotel).
And the view from our room
In the 17th century (Ottoman rule in Bulgaria) Lovech was an important trade centre and one of the richest towns in Bulgaria. This was the reason for the town being called Altin Lovech from Turkish, which means Golden Lovech, at the time. In the times of revolutionary organizations against the Ottoman rule, Lovech was the center of operations of the Internal Revolutionary Organization of Vasil Levski, called the Secret Revolutionary Committee. The biggest museum of Vasil Levski in Bulgaria is situated in the old part of the town. It is containing many personal items such as clothes, notebooks, etc. In 19th century, the Bulgarian master-builder Nikola Fichev, famously known as Kolyu Ficheto, built the famous Covered Bridge over the river Osam. The bridge was burned out in 1925, but rebuilt in 1931. Now it connects the new and the old part of the town. The bridge it’s full of many souvenir shops, small restaurants and cafes.
Lovech is also known by the fact that it was the place where modern foreign language education in Bulgaria started. The first foreign language school in my country was set up in Lovech in 1950. In this school were taught three languages: English, French and German. Nowadays the school is informally known as The German School.
The town has a lot of main sights: The monument to Russian soldiers killed in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878, Bash Bunar Park, The baroque buildings in the town’s central parts, etc.
Unfortunately we did not have time to stroll around the town and look at all of the attractions and lanmarks. We had long lectures for an hour and a half each. We started teaching Saturday morning at 9am and finished the evening at 6pm. Of course we had an one hour lunch break. I think this is the time to share what kind of delicious food I tried. Potato cream soup, home-baked bread, meat with vegetables and rice, yoghurt with jam from wild berries – all these for lunch. And our dinner consisted of a platter of sliced tomatoes with cheese on top, again some kind of meat with carrots and melted cheese, and banana cake with dark chocolate for dessert. Yum yum! What about the drink we consumed? Rakia (Bulgarian brandy)  and wine, of course. Our Sunday breakfast included a plate filled with toast, ham, cheese, egg, jam, combined with tea or coffee. And this lovely view ( take me there again, please).
Hope you liked the post 🙂
See you soon
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