My Summer GetAway with The Crew

Heya loves!

You know it’s summer when you tighten your luggage for a vacation.
The last few months were with mixed emotions & now when the end of July came, it’s time for deserved rest. About two months ago, with my girlfriends, we organized a lovely holiday at the sea. Considering that this is our last year together, we have to spend every moment together. What better than seven days in an apartment near to the sea? It is just a dream that is about to become a reality.

Sand, sea, sun kissing our skin, night talks, cocktails, games, swimming pools, cozy restaurants & cheeky cafes, disco & dancing till 6 am. We will be like a big family.
We are now traveling so more information, as well as pictures from our trip in the next posts.

Kisses from us.

And where are you going to spend your summer break? With family or friends, will you be? At the beach, on a mountain, or a city excursion?