‘Autumn is Knocking At Our Doors’

Life with Rossye

Hello, September!

How time flies … We celebrate the ninth month of the year. Not fifth, not the seventh. The ninth?! There are still three months and then we’ll celebrate the advent of next year – 2016… Ah! But let us return to the present.

Life with Rossye

Today is September 1st. So many things come to mind on this date. The first of which is that my birthday is in three days (Gosh, I cannot believe that?!?), school season is coming and Autumn. The first signs that Autumn is knocking at our doors now appear. The leaves on the trees change with the countless hues. Day becomes increasingly shorter and the sun shine more weakly. The changes do not stop here. We humans are also changing. We change our wardrobe with warm clothes. Replace food menu with seasonal foods, namely zucchini, apples, oranges, grapefruit, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, avocado, etc. Honestly my stomach started calling, hehe.

Life with Rossye

But before I can completely say goodbye to Summer and welcome Autumn with a smile, I want to tell you something. Let me tell you about the amazing summer I had. During these hot summer days I met so many people. Some of these people settled deep in my heart. During this time I learned many things. I learned how to deal with different personalities, how to find topics for conversation and especially to distinguish enemies. I combine a knowledge with pleasure. And that’s amazing, isn’t it?

I can not wait for new adventures, dating and fun. And you?
How was your summer? Are you ready for change? Are you ready to take the brush and paint on a new canvas, your plans for the fall? Cuz I am.

Life with Rossye

Life with Rossye

P. S. On the birthday of my sister, my mother gave her a long-awaited gift from my sister – a bike. She’s now learning to drive in a straight line and to observe balance.
Seasons of change and new experiences – yes! It’s only just begun. Come on and join me! 🙂

Life with Rossye
My lil sis on her B-day ❤

Life with Rossye

Have a great week ahead!


life with Rossye



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