In Rainy Days We Roll Up!

The autumn came with a bang and a crash. For a few days here in Bulgaria it is so cold and it rains from morning till night. I know it sounds pretty uncomfortable, but this time is wonderful. The perfect excuse for the more lazy people to sleep yet more, for as long as it is so pleasant … and the perfect moment for all of you who have loads of things to do. Just like me.

And you? What are you doing? Do you have a plan to make use of this rainy weather and, though the dark sky outside, create light and warmth within yourself?

For all of you who are wondering what to do, please choose something from my suggestions.

If you follow my blog, you know that I decided to test and challenge myself, namely to read 13 books. You can read about my challenge here. In the past few months, I’ve got a lot of books that I want to read, but I still found an apology to not to or I find a brand new book I read right away. So if you have a book you want to read for a long time, but you still do not find that time, I think the moment has come. Please share in a comment below which books you will read so I can add new ones for my ‘to-read’ list.

If you do not fall on reading books but love to watch movies and series, then here we go. In addition to reading, I like to watch interesting, burly series. Every morning I start my day with two episodes ‘CSI:Miami’ – maybe one of my favorite series. And as you already know, I’m falling into the criminal series where there’s an investigation, psychological analysis, action, thrill, but the scene is not too gloomy. That’s why I loves the Miami crime scene, but not the ‘CSI’ or ‘CSI:New York’. I also watch ‘CSI: Cyber ​​Attacks’. I love people who understand computers, the internet, that they know how to hack things, it’s so exciting, and in crime investigations it’s very important. Other series I recommend: Monk, Bones, Castle, Elementary Watson, White Collar, Quantico. I think I will soon write a post about this topic because I generally do not watch serials, I do not follow seasons, and I am pretty ignorant in general. My bad.

Exercise. Do some yoga. Meditate. Just do something for yourself and body. My workout post here.

Make a journal and write down your thoughts, beliefs, say thank you, write your plan to action cuz I know you want to change something, you want to build something, you want to live the life of your dreams.

Prepare something. There is no better moment than a rainy afternoon spent in the kitchen. Unlock the chef in you, roll your sleeves, put the apron and let’s start. There is a special suggestion for those of you who want to eat something healthy, light and tasty, but do not want to spend much time in the kitchen. Avo-Toast on Andrea’s recipe, check it out here.

avocado toast rosychicc

Take a stroll, enjoy the raindrops. Honestly, it works pretty purifying and toning. Forget about your umbrella and go out. Look around for the beauty that surrounds you. Take pictures. Enjoy the time. Relax, you will not get sick. And when you get home it’s time to …




Fill your bath, put your aromatic salts and candles and enjoy a wonderful time in the bathroom. If you have decided that you are not resting so much because there is much work to do, I think this is the best time to rearrange the wardrobe. It is time to wave the summer clothes a goodbye and to welcome the warm socks & the big sweaters. It is definitely time for an autumn cleaning if you understand me.

And if you are not at home at all, you can go out to a café with friends, go watch movies or go shopping. I really want to post a post with the things I want to buy in time, my WISHLIST – yeees! I think it will be quite interesting.

Or to spend some proper time with a loved one or your family. Organize a short trip to somewhere and enjoy the time together. Because such moments are yet to come.


I do not know if you’ve noticed, but when it gets colder outside, people get warmer and dearest and are increasingly looking for attention, support and warmth from their loved ones and friends. Autumn and Winter are some of the most magical seasons.

And what are your suggestions for rainy days? Share with me!




BEURER BEAUTY | Manicure/Pedicure Set For Well-Cared Hands & Feet

Yesterday, I shared with you what kind of care I do for my nails and what products I use to achieve professional results just at home – click here to find more information. Today as I promised, I will tell you more about how to remove this type of lacquer plus additional care for nails of hands and feet.
There is a special liquid that aims to remove it. Gelacquer Remover by SNB  – the liquid degrades the lacquer, which helps to make it easier to remove. Recently, we bought a topcoat with which to seal the lacquer. Before we used a 2 in 1 gel polish – Base & Top. Our new topcoat is extremely powerful and that gelacquer remover we have does not help.
This was one of the reasons why we focused on an electric file with which to remove the gel.

Thanks to the electric file, removing the lacquer became easier, plus the surface of the nail remains undamaged. In the beauty salon I have been going to a manicure, it was often necessary to squeeze out the rest of the polish with a simple file that hurts the nail’s tile, it also weakens and makes it very prone to break. Honestly, for a few months, my nails were totally ruined, they lost their strength, their shine and shape. It took me more than two months until I recovered them again and let them grow without worrying that they will break.

face hair manicure nails

Face Care here | Hair Cere here

As we have already learned from the previous post, vitamins are extremely important. I fed my nails with coconut oil for about two months, so they recovered and regained their previous strength. I recommend to all ladies who have some nail problems to buy coconut oil. Recently, a friend of mine – Lily from Beauty And The Nature , she told me she was feeding her nails with lemon and helped her a lot. Try both options and see which one works best for you.


manicure pedicure set beurer

Manicure and Pedicure Set For Well-Cared Hands And Feet with LED light


Items included in the package:

  • 7 high-quality attachments made from sapphire and felt
  • adapter
  • storage pouch


manicure pedicure nails care

manicure pedicure set nails care



manicure pedicure set nails care

manicure pedicure set nails care

Sapphire dish fine – enables precise filling of the nails without the risk of burning the skin.

Sapphire dish coarse – allows you to shorten even thick nails by filing.


manicure pedicure set nails care

Sapphire cone – removal of dry skin or calluses from the soles of the feet and from the heels and for manicuring the nails.

Sapphire callus rasp – for rapid removal of stubborn calluses and hard skin on the soles of feet and heels.


manicure pedicure set nails care

Cylindrical milling cutter – grinding of lignified foot nail surfaces as well as smoothing of these.

Flame milling cutter – for removing ingrowing nails.

manicure pedicure set nails care

Felt cone – smoothing and polishing the edge of the nail after filing as well as for cleaning the nail surface.


manicure pedicure nails care


I am pleased with the results and the care I receive thanks to this mani/pedi set. I think everyone needs such a set for home-using.

How you care for the skin of the hands and feet as well as the nails themselves? Let me know in the comments below.







Nails Care | Professional Polish At Home + SNB Products Review

When it comes to appearance and beauty, a woman knows what to do. Exercising for a well-formed body. All creams and facial cosmetics – no pimples and perfect makeup. Hair care is also not missed. So far, on the blog, I’ve been sharing a lot of information about skin and hair care, especially now in autumn. You can check my post here – Face Care & Hair Care. However, today’s post will be devoted to a topic that gets bigger and bigger every day, and the innovation is on a whole different level. Definitely people are quite creative. Today we will talk about nail care and how to decorate them for a long time.

As we all know, the most important concern for our entire organism is the intake of foods rich in vitamins. Our organism has a huge need for a delicious, nutritious and vitamin-rich food to care for our organs inside the body as well as outside – eyes, skin, nails, hair.

The vitamins our nails need:

Vitamin A – deficiency leads to drying of the nail, stopping growth and fragility.

Vitamin B – provide the correct shape and color of the nail, also protecting it from fungus and other infections.

Vitamin C – deficiency helps to make more peeling skins, as well as drying the base of the nail itself.

Vitamin E – cares for the surface and nourishing the nail.

The deficiency of Group B vitamins increases with more consumption of liver from cod and hen eggs. These foods contain vitreous curative vitamins.

In addition to vitamins, of course minerals are also important – iron and zinc, as well as amino acids. I think I should stop with this information because the post has become a chemistry lesson hehe, and today we will be talking about the beauty of the nails.

In addition to taking these important substances, it is good to make a ‘spa’ for nails with different essential oils. Jojoba oils, aloe vera and avocado have a beneficial effect on the skin of the hands as well as caring for the nails themselves.

Now that we know how to care for our nails, it’s time to find out more about how to polish them professionally at home so our nails look wonderful.

Perhaps you are familiar with gel varnishes, which in recent years are preferable to ordinary varnish, because they last for weeks, that is, there is no need for frequent lacquering and maintenance of the nail.

My mother has been in a professional manicure for about 20 years, because she has many fragile and unstable claws, just as her tile is very thin. She has passed through all kinds of varnishes and procedures. In recent years, she has managed to maintain and nurture her own claw, but again uses a layer of gel and gelacquer. Before my prom ( a cute post here ) I also decided to start going to manicure, because the nails look a lot better after a professional approach to them, not the usual varnish at home.

After months of cogitation Mom and I decided that we could handle ourselves at home with this cosmetic procedure. She is the best when it comes to makeup, haircuts, and nail care. For more than two months, she is my personal manicurist at home, and we both get the same result, I would even say better and more precise than the manicurists before.

We have purchased professional products from the Bulgarian brand number one for gel varnishes in Bulgaria – SNB Professional. There are other brands, but we are very pleased with this particular, separately in the salons we have gone they also use this brand products.

There are several steps that need to be followed precisely to allow your nail polish to last for more than 3 weeks without any injuries.

For all of you, I recommend questioning which is the best brand in your country, you may even ask a manicurist because it’s not so complicated to do such a manicure at home. Honestly, it’s cheaper to have these products at home because they’ll last for a long time. Separately, you can fix your nails whenever you want without saving hours, waiting and leaving home. Plus, if you want to change your polish often, according to some outfit, you will not have to take care of whoever it is. Also, if a fingernail breaks or the surface of the paint is damaged, you will be able to solve this problem by yourself. And for those who still use the basic nail polish this will be a great convenience, because these varnishes last very long and dry out at the moment, meaning they save you a lot of waiting time.

Now I will share with you what products we use. No matter what the brand will be, the steps are the same and you will need all of these basic products.

We start with an antibacterial hand gel for disinfecting the skin before performing the manicure itself. Its aroma is more than unique, I love it. After that, it goes to cleansing the cuticles and shaping the nail. Once you have chosen and achieved the desired shape, the nail plate is cleansed with the active nail solution and we switch to the important products – Primer & Ultrabond. After that, it goes to the layering of your chosen varnish, two layers are recommended. The finishing element is the Gel Sealer that holds everything in place. It is finished with oil and your manicure is ready.

And now I will describe everything step by step.

  1. Antibacterial gel
  2. Cuticle remover & nail shaping
  3. Active Nail Solution
  4. Base
  5. Primer
  6. Ultrabond
  7. Gelacquer of your choice
  8. UV top gel sealer
  9. Quick Dry Oil

You will also need a few more supplies:

  • Gel Curing UV Lamp
  • Nail files
  • Cuticle pushing tool
  • Cotton make-up pads
  • Other tools & paint brushes

I am extremely pleased with the products and how they act on my nail. Of course, Mummy is doing well every step with precise. In the next post I will tell you how to remove this nail polish so as not to ruin the surface of the nail.

Hope you enjoy reading this post & see you soon.