This Season Must Have

I am of the opinion that since Christmas and the holidays around New Year are over, winter also has to leave us. This year, December was a significantly warmer month. Who would have thought that is actually winter? There was no snow, the sun was caressing us with almost warm rays. Although the decoration, Christmas songs, gifts, the Christmas tree, all the delicious food, without snow the feeling is not the same. And now? With the advent of the new year a striking dose of cold weather front entered in our latitudes. Literally people die from cold here in the old continent. There are a lot of victims, people struggling with their cars on the road, they can not go home, no electricity and water. The situation is dire with those -20 degrees Celsius. We should have started school last week, but due to strong frosts we will go barely today.

Enough with these grim descriptions.

Although holidays are over, the winter continues. What is winter without some very significant things?

A few winter’s essentials…

Warm, fluffy PJs, blankets, socks. This season requires the possession of these things. There is nothing better than to cuddle with something warm on the couch watching TV or in front of the fireplace.

Hot drinks. Just yesterday I participated in a Twitter chat (more on info about these Twitter chats in future posts), in which we talked about our favorite hot drinks, which ones they are, how and when we drink them. It was pretty good, and at 11 pm I had a great need for a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows, but I stayed only with these wishes hehe. Ultimately in the coldest periods of the year it is advisable to drink hot drinks. I personally prefer to drink tea because coffee is not for my taste. Many times I tried to drink it – with sugar, milk, cream, sugar-free, pure, ice coffee, and I do not like it, it’s just yuk! But thanks to the chat I realized that I must try matcha. It tastes like chocolate, but it is actually coffee. So I can not wait.


Interesting, inspiring, transferring to another world reading matter. While we’re on the couch, huddled in something warm it would be nice to read something. Scientists say that we need to train our brain daily as reading about 10 pages. Feel free to add it to all the other exercises you do to keep your body in shape ( here you can read about my morning workout routine). Except that it is useful for your brain, exercise memory, build new cells, learn something new, but also it is extremely enjoyable. Here is the moment I want to share one book that I really want to read. The book is called ‘The Little Book Of Hygge’ by Meik W. It gives you little tips on how to make your life more ‘hygge‘, appreciate the little things, finding joy, feel happy and cosy. This book is a must-read and I recommend it to you all. 


Now I have to prepare myself for today. I wish you a warm and calm day.



Rossye – founder and writer of ‘Life with Rossye’ | Annie – editor-in-chef | Read more here


4 thoughts on “This Season Must Have

  1. loved this post! Im like almost ready for spring, it seems unfair that winter has to stay and make you want all the bad carb overload meals when you’re trying to stick to New Years resolutions. The gif of the hot chocolate is s cute! xx


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