In the past few weeks everyone writes about their New Years resolutions. Everyone has desires, goals to achieve, wants some change – to travel, to read 10 books, to grow its blog/site, to meet new people, to loose weight, to fall in love with someone.
To start all over again…

Surely you’ve heard the phrase – new year, new me. Recently replaced with – new year, same me. And here Virgo’s brain started working.


Actually it’s 95% of my condition. In the other 5% I’m trying to offload.

I am of the opinion that nothing changes in a split second. For everything you need time. This year you will not be that great ‘new me’, nor will you remain as you were last year, two or ten years ago.
One changes gradually. Yes, man is changing. No, he doesn’t show its ‘hidden’ self, he is building and growing as a person.
He finds himself in the shadow crowd.
Simply change. In a good or bad direction.

The reasons for this are many.
The attitude of the people around us.
Communication – family, friends, loved one.
Shared love, trust, respect – priceless.
Harmony with ourselves and nature – meditation is the key, be honest because we are bubbles who are bumping continuously. Bad words, insults – why people are so unbalanced and talk more than they think?
Uncertainty – is this my place?
Small daily problems that are just part of our lives – yes, the shortage of money, time for us and our loved ones, and others.
The books we read – take the trails of your favourite characters and apply them as your own.
Music – something motivational.
Article on the Internet – something eye-opening.
The news on the television or the radio station – what the hell is happening to this world?
We think. Make decisions. We are already others.
Conversation with a good friend – oh, I’m not the only one in this world.
Inspiring thoughts from the morning coffee – yes, I should stop trying to please people.

I have a challenge for you. Think, what you have learned in recent years and what have changed you as a person. I dare you to share your story with me it in the comments below.

Our editor-in-chef, Annie, is also included in the challenge. This is what she shared with us. Any thoughts?

Happy New 2017! ♥

I am not much of a storyteller, but I will try.

Throughout my whole life I changed so much, mostly because of difficult situations I was facing. And I can happily say I finally found some peace within me. If with the start of the year you are searching for some advice, here are three things I wish I knew when I was younger. ♥

1) Work on being confident. If you believe in yourself, others will too.

2) It doesn’t just get better, you make it better!

3) People will leave and it is okay. They make place for the ones that matter!

Frankly, I can not wait to read your story.



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20 thoughts on “Consideration.

  1. I recently learnt that it doesn’t matter if you buy a $50 cardigan or a $5 cardigan – if it looks similar, it works out just fine. I know, sort of silly but when I was younger, I used to splurge aimlessly on clothing without thinking. & Yes! I bought a $50 cardigan from UO (a plain beige oversized cardigan which has now been stretched out ugly since the wash) when I couldhv bought a similar one from a cheaper store.

    I’ve definitely changed my spending ways since then… This was about 4 years ago? and I’m learning more on how to manage my expenses everyday! ❤

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  2. I loved reading this post, Rossye! It was very thought provoking. I actually did a whole post over on my blog about everything I learnt in 2016 ( but, to summaries, I think the biggest lessons were that:
    1. That everyone has their own truth and so you can’t change people that don’t want to
    2. The importance of what you tell yourself you are capable of. If you don’t believe you can do something, you won’t be able to.

    Again, this was a fab post!

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

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  3. Such a beautiful post! I learned a lot actually through the years. I managed to go from being a very anxious and closed up person to this quite loud, happy and positive minded one. I learned that things sometimes don’t work out the way we want or plan but that’s okay because they teach you a valuable lesson. Also, sometimes people you used to talk to every single day become strangers to you and all we can do is accept it and move on 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

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  4. This is SUCH a beautiful post Rossye, I loved reading it!! …. Ive learnt pretty much the same things as you, life can be really difficult sometimes.. but realising that everyone has a battle they are fighting helps you see that you’re not alone. I loved the part where you said “People leave, but they make place for the new people” such a great way to look at it!!
    Plus I’m a Virgo too, so we clearly have so much in common.. haha!! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational post with us all!! Much love, Evie xx

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  5. I couldn’t agree more with everything I just read. It’s so important in life to not always think of the new year as a time to change. If you want to make changes, today is the day to do that.
    I personally see those who want to make changes to themselves in the new year a good thing, as if that person is willing to try even for just a while. It should be applauded. It’s so difficult sometimes to get the motivation to really push yourself that sometimes others need that.

    You can only make yourself do the changes in which your life needs. It could be today, tomorrow or next month. It’s important that those individuals are wanting to make that change.

    I loved this post in every way shape and form!
    I hope you have had an amazing start to the new year ❤


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  6. I have learnt that it’s okay to be a bit weird and different. That it doesn’t matter what other people think of you as long as you are happy within yourself- with the way you are. Embrace everything about yourself and forget the rest!
    Love this post 🙌🏻

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  7. I do know that most people look forward to the new year because they believe that there will be that “New Year, new you” aspect. I’m a firm believer that you can change – any time that you want. But, you have to actually want it.

    Take my wanting to eat healthy – lose weight and all…

    Now I’m stretching myself thin attempting to eat more healthy when my body is craving all the extra calories that I used to consume. It’s tiresome and some days I cheat a bit – but I keep myself going every day. Starting again and counting out what I’m eating because I’m slowly becoming more aware. I want it. Finally – I actually want to do something.

    Guess like you – my point is that it’s okay to want but the expectation that within moments of wanting the change we (flawed humans) expect that it will automatically be programmed into our brain. (Totally wishful thinking.)

    Hm.. I guess that your post made me think of a lot of things. Thanks for the thoughtful and deep post. Cheers.


  8. great post, I agree with you that the change comes from continuous work and not by a click of fingers,the last year I’ve Learned to not pay attention to what people think of me, to say yes to new opportunities and to step out of my comfort zone xo


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